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and super easy to make too, minus the dipping in chocolate bit. The only problem is I don’t have the necessary equipment to temper the chocolate, so these babies can’t leave the fridge otherwise they’ll get all gooey :(

delicious chocolate goodness.

delicious chocolate goodness.


Also, crab curry. But I didn’t take any pictures of it before I devoured the whole thing. :)

Father’s Day!

after hanging up the phone:

t: bonus points for calling my dad to wish him happy father’s day while he’s out for lunch with my cousin’s fam and our visiting relative!
a: and what are these points redeemable for? :)
t: … daddy hugs?

Wedding stuff. Like a Bachelorette?

On discussion the bachelorette party:

MOH: BTW, Nathan* has offered to strip for you.  I’ll make sure he starts working out more if you say yes.
A: At least you’ll finally get to see Nathan. You always complain that he’s like the polkaroo.

*Nathan is my fantastic MOH’s fiance

I’ve suddenly got a lot of ideas for the wedding and I’m not sure if I’ll finish them all before I head back to TO. I suppose I could also do them while I’m there, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be super distracted by family and possible work that I may have a freakout a week before.

Also – I threw out my back. Or something. I can’t run. I can’t play ultimate. It hurts to bend over to put on socks. Or walk up hills. Or walk down hills. I’m in such a sad state, especially when the ulti team needs girls :( But being back broken has given me lots of time to sit around and do wedding activities.

Also – I’m going down to Seattle next weekend as A has a conference there so we’re taking a trip and hanging out with my nerd friends (heart!) and doing some shopping? :) I’m really looking forward to it. We also shipped a lot of crap to their place to bring back, including Steph’s BM dress so I really should go pick it up soon. It probably needs alterations of sort.

I would post pictures but apparently they’re on the other computer. Having two laptops is sometimes extremely fustrating when it comes to coordinating things.  It’s even more fustrating when both laptops are kinda sucky.

Hugs to Steph & Gord for their beautiful wedding at Casa Loma. It looked fantastic!! :)

My third wedding nightmare

This seriously has to stop.

So it’s apparently past my wedding day and I’m in TO looking at pictures of the day only to realize that I was not wearing my wedding dress. I was wearing a wedding dress, but it wasn’t mine. So I’m furious, and start yelling at my parents: “why am I not wearing my own wedding dress! I can’t believe you let me go down the aisle in someone else’s dress!” to which my mom replies “how come you can’t tell your own dress from someone else’s!” (mom-1, tee-0).

I go to my closet and see the dress in there in it’s white covering and I’m fuming  “the dress is right here! you didn’t know that this is my dress! it’s in the dress cover and everything!” At this point, I call A, who’s staying at his parents (even after we get married, it’s all backwards I know) and I’m whining to him about the whole situation. A says “Are you sure it’s your wedding dress?” And I say “of course it’s my dress! How can you not tell a wedding dress from -” and I open the covering hanging in my closet and it’s a ridiculous pink prom dress in there. Apparently I wanted to get married in a pink prom dress.

And of course I stared at it while on the phone with A thinking “what in the hell was I thinking?”

Good thing I woke up before I saw my mom again, otherwise I’d have to listen to her smug “I told you so” (and no, that doesn’t up her score to 2).

My second wedding nightmare

Apparently it was June 19th and I was bumming around my house when my mom shows up at my door and asks why I’m not dressed yet. And I say “dressed for what?” and she says “your wedding”. Er?

Apparently I thought my wedding was supposed to be a week later on June 26th, but I was wrong and people were on their way over to our house as we spoke. To make matters worse, I realized that Steph’s dress was still in Seattle, so one of my bridesmaids had no dress to wear! Crap! And Elaine’s was still be altered! Double crap! So I’m running around in my jeans and plaid shirt (I dunno why, I don’t even own a plaid shirt anymore) wondering what to do when Steph shows up at my door all angry that I didn’t get her dress yet, and then she’s even more angry because she’s also wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, and again with the whole “my vendors aren’t around because I told them all june 26th” deal.

This sucks, I hate waking up angry. I seriously need to get on this planning bandwagon. Currently on my to-do list: music.

cake and coding go hand in hand.

jsey: so picture a DQ ice cream cake.
tee: okay.
jsey: the outside of the cake is the presentation layer. and the icing between cake layers is the middleware that holds everything together! that way the layers can interact together.
dubPR: i want a blizzard.
tee: don’t distract! I’m learning!
jsey: … and a blizzard is like cloud computing with everything mixed in.
dubPR: hey who wants to go get a blizzard?

Discussed over a Starbucks break.

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