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My first wedding nightmare

I had a dream last night that it was my wedding day, and I was for some reason getting married at some old wooden church and all of my vendors were AWOL. So all my guests were seated at 10:55 and I’m downstairs waiting to make my grand entrance when someone tells me my minister isn’t here. And I’m like, wtf? But that’s okay, because I’m a church, and the minister of whatever parish this is can perform my ceremony for me! So I go on a hunt for the church minister in my wedding dress –

Oh, yeah and my wedding dress was my actual wedding dress, but for some reason the bottom hemming had come undone completely when I put it on at the church, so it held in place by safety pins and came out like a giant fishtail. It was… not pretty.

– so I’m running around trying to find the priest, and when I finally find him he says he can’t perform my ceremony because I’m not a member of the parish. And besides, didn’t I already have a minister booked? So I mentally shake my fist at him and decide to try and call the minister I booked to find out where the heck he is, only to take out my phone and realize it was completely dead. Angry and cursing to the sky, I pull out my bag to find the binder of contracts except it’s not there because I didn’t bring it. Genius.

So now I demand a computer (and at this point the priest cannot deny my request because I’m going bridezilla) to try and find his contact online because I’m sure it’s on some website somewhere, and while I’m scouring the internet, a groomsman comes by and timidly asks what to tell the guests who are getting antsy upstairs. The clock reads 11:30. I say just play some music in the meantime, and tell them we’re having some logistics issues. to which the groomsman replies, but the DJ isn’t here. And I have a complete freakout. All of my vendors apparently were a no-show, and I had no contacts for any of them, and everything was late and my guests were slowly getting up and leaving ahhahaa.

And in the middle of my freakout, I woke up completely angry and disoriented and it was completely dark outside and I had no idea what time it was.

So I drank some water and went back to bed. Angry.

Wedding Update

My wedding is kind of fast approaching. I’ve got a lot of things left on my plate, and it’s really hard to concentrate seeing how the weather is so nice outside. But I can share one random thing for my wedding, and that’s mason jars.

recycling mason jars

recycling mason jars

I’ve got about 15 so far sitting in my apartment (I didn’t think about the transporting bit yet, we’ll figure that hurdle out when we hit it). The crazy thing is I’m not entirely sure what to do with them. I did test them with candles and they held up fairly well, but I may need to revisit this. Right now I’m thinking of throwing flowers in them instead of candles, so that they’re easier to move around during the day (and who needs candles outdoors during daytime? what was I thinking!).

Inspiration for the wedding comes in waves. Some days I say “I’m so over this whole thing”, and some days I can’t stop thinking about it. I get excited over new ideas and pictures – it becomes an obsession. A is getting confused with my hot/cold relationship to our wedding. It may also have to do with the fact that we had this conversation recently:

tee: let’s go visit San Fran after our wedding for 2 weeks!
a: sure? like a mini honeymoon? what’s in San Fran?
tee: yes. also jason mraz is playing there end of august
a: omg *starts walking away*

Less than 3 months to my wedding. Working hard at just trying to keep an even tan, but my obsession with being on the water, 8k running, and 3 hour ultimate frisbee games will be the end of it, I’m so sure. I have no lines, but my shoulders are shades paler than my forearms. Boo.

Power Rangers 2009!

jsey: maybe if i always dressed in one color… i’d get an associated … giant robot to go with my style
tee: possibly. which animal would you get?
jsey:  mmm… thats like “if you were to get a power ranger robot animal, which one would it be?”
jsey: i think the animal that best match me would be…. a monkey. or a lemur
tee: omg, I’d be a penguin wouldn’t I? that’s … kinda useless.
jsey: yah wut would u do… slide around on ur stomach?


Mini Blog!

I’ve finally figured out how to get a mini blog working on my site. Now to fill it with random links. I wish there was a way to post some stories behind the links, but we’ll figure that one out later. Anyways, it’s late and I’m sleepy.

Jason Mraz, how could you!

Jason Mraz will start his new tour, the “Gratitude Café Tour,” in support of his third album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things., which went platinum last year, and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

August 2009
15 – Toronto, Ontario: Molson Amphitheater

Jason Mraz Announces Full Dates for New Tour

Even though I’ll be in the city on that day, I can’t even attend. Sad face!! Would it be wrong to blame A on this?


after sitting around on my ass for a really long time, I went to look up a photo on my page only to find that the whole thing just decided it didn’t want to be my website anymore and cleared itself out. okay not true, I had let my site sit on clo’s hosting service while I was on the hunt for a cheap host (read: forever) until he had to cancel his service. and being the thoughtful awesome friend he is, he sent me a backup of all my posts, but I suppose I was busy with something or another that I forgot his warning. But I finally pushed up my sleeves this weekend and recovered all my data so everything’s here again. Minus the template, which… um, I’ll figure it out soon. Cuz this one seriously is ten shades of lame. [edit: new layout in effect!]

I hope all is well with everyone. For those keeping track, I’m getting maaaaaaaaaaarried in four months. Which is exciting and absolutely scary all at the same time. Plus, I’ve decided that this is the year I try something new, so I signed up for ultimate frisbee. Which is really silly in terms of trying new things, I know, but I’ve always looked down on sports that require running from one side of the field/court just to run back to the other side, and I don’t like objects being thrown at my head (I’ve already bonked my nose twice during a PRACTICE with a frisbee) so this is seriously something different for me. Also, I hardly participate in team sports hahaha.

Oh I have so much more I want to post (it’s so good to be back) but my brain is telling me that the priority of things at the moment is:

  1. get a better layout
  2. get some sort of photos section working [edit: now I just need to upload more photos back in]
  3. get my links back up so I can start stalking all my friends again [edit: I went through a lot of my old links, and may of them are covered in dust. do people not update on blogs anymore?]
  4. something something something wedding stuff

The weather in Vancouver is a beautiful sunny 20c tank top and shorts beach weather.  Happy!

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