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Impending Doom!

So for some reason, I signed up for a half marathon happening this weekend. I had said early on in the year that I would want to do it, and went running every Sunday morning, but while in Hong Kong (not running and eating a boatload of food) I got an e-mail from Steph saying that sign up for the half marathon is now at $90 so you might as well sign up since you missed all the cheaper rates and in my fear of the price going up even higher (which it never did, drats!) I threw my name in with the rest of the runners (including the other girl with the exact same name as me but who’s arriving from California which probably means she’s a lot better than me. But that’s okay, cuz then I can pretend that her time is really my time!).

Now the half marathon is in two days and I’ve only been able to run 12k (and very poorly too). After my amazing Sun Run personal best of 57:53, I thought I was the shit! And so I didn’t do ANYTHING for the next week and a half. Until yesterday when I decided I should probably try and do something more than 10k since a half is 21… and Steph and I decided to run around her neighbourhood. Steph lives in an area called Little Mountain. But what it really should be called is Little Mountain and its 5000 children because there were hills all over the place. I swear we went up a hill, turned the corner and went up another hill, turned a corner and went down for five steps only to go up a huge incline. I felt like I was in some bizarre neighbourhood designed by Escher. And as a status update today, my thighs are really really sore.

So I’ve been looking at wedding details, and trying to be very serious with how I make my decisions: is it worth the money? What does the cost include? Will old people like it? Is it a practical decision? I’ve been trying to figure out what I want on this big important day of mine, and I honestly haven’t a clue. It’s like, where was I when everyone else was making those childhood dreams of a princess wedding? I blame my brother and his hogging the remote control so that I ended up watching a lot of GI Joe and He-Man. How much expectation is there from old people how the food is, how the location is, how the service is, how pretty it is, how traditional it is? I’m going crazy! And old people have one opinion, but young people have other opinions and even though everyone says it doesn’t matter because it’s supposed to be about the bride and groom, I have a feeling in my gut these sorts of things will always be talked about after the fact. It’s hard to try and please people, and even harder to try and please myself when I don’t know what I want.

Is it stupid to think that I’m trying too hard to please people? I could’ve sworn this whole planning for your wedding thing was supposed to go more enjoyably than this.

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