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Family trips work as such.

You see relatives. And they say “wow, you look… so much… bigger. When is your wedding?”

You see your parents. And they say “why are your arms so huge? Have you picked a wedding date yet?”

You see your brother. And he says “gimme twenty bucks.”
You see your friends. And they’re awesome.

All in all, my trip back to Hong Kong was really fun, if not really tiring. I regret not convincing A enough to come back with me, since I had to bear the hounding of wedding-related issues by myself. If only he came and met all those relatives, then he’d realize how many people there are on my side of the family! HK Carmie would understand!

My highlights include Hong Kong Disneyland with Clo, the awesome wedding of my cousin Carrie to Leonard at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Serena’s one-night stay at the Langham which I got to mooch, Carmie’s appearance at our family dinner (she’s now the part of the family), and dinner with Rendy. It was so great to see family and friends again and be on vacation mode, it was like summer break. I completely forgot what that felt like, to wake up when I wanted, to go out and do stuff when I wanted, to not have to sit in an office waiting for the hours to tick away, to stay out til late, to hug my parents every day. I should take vacations more often.

On a side note, people in Hong Kong (even when working for a reputable global employer), work stupid hours til 7pm (on a good day), and Saturdays as well. When I told Petula that we get off work at 3pm on a Friday if we have nothing to do her jaw dropped to the floor. It was weird.

I got back on Saturday. Today is Wednesday. I’m still jetlagged. And thus this post has no substance what-so-ever. But now that every family member on the face of the planet has nagged me about my wedding and when it is and where it is and whether they’re coming with their children and their children’s children, I have vowed to bust my ass and get started with planning. Let the games begin!

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