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On Compromising.

A and I spent our Christmas back east to see family, friends, and wedding reception venues. Oh the fun involved in wedding reception venue hunting. We visited a combined total of nine reception venues and two church venues. There was only one place that I really wanted to visit but didn’t get the chance to because they never returned my phone calls (I can only assume they took the Christmas break off). We came home to find that our ideal wedding reception of a modern place with a traditional meal would cost twice as much as a generic reception, that our estimated total guest list grew by 73%, that a few of the reception places we visited actually wouldn’t be able to accommodate our new estimated guest list, and that I’m making this wedding more for old people than for myself and A.

I know it’s our wedding and we should do what we want, but deep down inside, I know my parents want it to be a certain way and I love them and I don’t want them to feel heartbroken by being excluded or (even worse) embarassed by how untraditional it might be to the sea of old people. Such is my delimma. But it won’t be for long, because we need to pick a reception venue by the end of the month (my personal deadline) to ensure we don’t have to worry about it for the next six months. Yes, this is how I function.

Another thing that comes up with the word “compromise” is that A and I will be homeless in two months time. We received our two months notice on Tuesday from our landlord (it was just too good to last forever!) because he plans to move back into the apartment. I spent the entire next day whining and moping about how I don’t want to leave and how I’ll never be able to find another apartment as awesome as the one I’m in right now. I believe it was yesterday where we sat down seriously and listed out the wants and needs for our new rental place. While we try very hard to compromise, it seems like the place we want is still non-existant, and more compromising will have to be done. In the meantime, I received an awesome e-mail reply for a too-good-to-be-true apartment rental downtown for $700 from a woman currently in South Africa with poorly constructed English (strike one) who has no one around who can show me the apartment (strike two) but would like me to pay the first month and deposit up-front before mailing me the keys (can we say shady?). :| I will miss my place, and especially my landlord, who is completely awesome and understanding.

Wish me luck on my hunting!

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