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Chris is working night shifts?

Chris’ msn said “night shifts start today”, so I just had to ask.

tee: night shifts? for what?
chris: I’m a security guard
tee: seriously? =)
chris: yea I got fired from opg, and I decided my true dream all along was to be a rent-a-cop
tee: har har har
chris: im also 250 pounds now
tee: 250 pounds of RIPPLING MUSCLES
chris: no the nuclear plan operates on shifts… 3 days, 3 days off, 3 nights, 3 days off
chris: shifts are 12 hours tho
tee: what do you do while on shift?
tee: walk around with a night stick?
chris: chase bad guys

I heart bon jovi!

So while I’m trying to justify and cut costs to make this wedding of mine… realistic, I’m also waiting online for ticketmaster.ca to open the floodgates and let me buy bon jovi concert tickets for their show at GM place on December 15!!! Budgeting in my head works as follows:

can you go cheaper? < is it necessary? < is it for bon jovi? So while I'm whining over the cost of tickets ($47 for the cheapest seats! :( ) I'm also trying to see who will go watch the concert with me.

tee: I don't think I'll be able to see the seating prices until 10am
tee: the website just says $47 to $750 (750 is just retarded!)
ML: but for 750, u get to touch his hair !!
ML: woooo.. tempting now.. eh ?
tee: ....
tee: :shock:
tee: .... maybe i'll pay 750.................
ML: steal some hair from him...replicate his DNA and make good-lookin' babies.

A, I love you!! :oops:

UPDATE: I got my tickets!!!! I'm so so so so so excited!! I sent an meeting request to my fiance already for the concert. Yes, in December. Wheeeeeeeee!!!! :D

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