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what what what?!

Fiance and I went out for a nice dinner to celebrate our upcoming 6 year anniversary :D City Dine was happening around the town, so I made a reservation at Stone Grill after a coworker mentioned it was great and healthy(er).

While sharing my cheesecake dessert, A & I talked about our time spent in Vancouver, and how to assess the worth of effort you put into something. The conversation ended up going something like this:

a: I mean, our camping trip to garibaldi, that was worth it. how many people do you know can say they hiked up the garibaldi? It’s something completely different. I’d say it was the highlight of my summer.

t: EXCUSE ME?!?!?! *fork with cheesecake on it halfway to my mouth*

a: eeer…. I mean… it was … one of… the highlights….

t: no. no it wasn’t. there is only ONE highlight of the summer. everything else is everything else.

a: okay, let’s just say garibaldi was a good experience

t: this dinner is so over! :mad:

In other news, I’m trying to assess the proper amount to be spent on the wedding & reception. Can one have two receptions – one for family and one for friends? Is that unheard of? My brain is full of a gazillion thought bubbles and if-then statements, nothing seems to be jumping out as inspiration though. I’m so glad we decided on 2009…

Planning for 2009

Momma Tee & Pappa Tee (thanks ML for the new naming of my parents) were disappointed that I had pretty much told my HK cousins (and thus the entire extended family in HK) that my fiance and I had decided to wed in two years time before I told them. In my defense, I could’ve swoooorn I had let them know first. But perhaps they thought I was only thinking about it, and wasn’t set on it yet.

Regardless, setting the date to be two years away (and not even a date, because I haven’t picked that yet!) has given me plenty of time to do nothing for the wedding. Which is kind of a lie, because pretty much all I do in my free time is look at wedding websites and think of ideas for my fun and memorable day. It also doesn’t help that while I have the childhood hopes of a grand cinderella (minus the dress, and I guess the shoes) thing in my head, I can also picture my poor student fiance crying in the corner while hugging his wallet.

An interesting website I found was tenthousandonly, a blogger who is considering the task of having a wedding for under ten thousand dollars in LA. Reading random blogs have inspired me to try and cut budget costs by making as much of it DIY as I can. I’ll keep you all updated as to how this spontaneous decision of mine goes.

Amazon Video Reviews!

I just wanted to let everyone know that my good friend and fellow nerd graduate has helped launch a new feature of Amazon.com: video reviews! Click on the link to watch the first vreview posted. :) Pretty awesome, I hope this feature becomes a hit!

 Good job nerds!

on giving

Fiance and I were having a conversation that spurred from wedding receptions:

a: see, when people give, they expect something in return. it’s redistribution of wealth & reciprocity, I learned it in anthropology.
t: so, what did you expect in return for my engagement ring? a ring and a half?

a: *looks at the ring* grow ring, grow!!!

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