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my engagement story!

It seems a lot of people are curious as to how A proposed to me, and since I’d like to have it kept somewhere for my own history’s sake, you all get to hear the story!

A went into Waterloo on Friday to meet up with some of his professors and his old classmates who are doing masters at UW. Since I wasn’t interested in standing around trying to pay attention to the discussions that would go right over my head, I opted to take the greyhound in and meet up with A a little later to go check out the petting zoo and go to King Street Trio.

I was hoping I’d see a proposal happening then (seeing how we were back at our 1 month anniversary dinner place), so I was all excited getting off the greyhound bus. But there were no flowers to be seen with my boyfriend when he came to pick me up, so I decided this would just be another fun romantic night regardless of proposal happenings. We went to the Waterloo Petting Zoo, where I love to check out the new baby bunnies in June, but at this time there were fewer babies and … a new giant tortoise sharing the home. And my favourite 3-horned billy goat was no where to be seen. :(

After checking out the park we walked around a bit more and saw a very romantic garden area. I had a flutter in my heart thinking he would pull something spontaneous and propose there, but he didn’t. I think I was just getting my hopes up all the time. :P But we still took some pictures. :D

By now it was 730 and I was pretty hungry, so off we went to King Street Trio for a delicious steak dinner and some womderful discussions about our relationship together and all those good mushy things. At the end of the meal, A excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later (:shock:) I receive a note from our waitress:

:D All giddy and excited, I quickly jump away from the table and – as cool as possible – head outside to see my boyfriend disguised with a bandanna and sunglasses. At 830pm. He introduces himself as Prison Mike, and tells me that my boyfriend has been kidnapped by a secret society at UBC who knew he was a rival Waterloo Engineering student due to the fact that there was a UW Engineering sticker outside his window (randomly placed there) at his lab. My boyfriend was being held hostage and was very very hungry, but had the smarts to leave me a series of clues to help find him. Unfortunately my driver wouldn’t know the answers as the clues were all about my relationship with A, so he could only take me to where I tell him to go.

We got into the car and Prison Mike played some Bon Jovi to get me all psyched up while we headed to our first destination, the rooftop of the cafeteria at Village One. There on the rooftop was a beautiful bouquet of white roses

and a note

I said “I can call my boyfriend?” and Prison Mike said “I think the phone might be broken, there’s a note on the back of it.”

So we get back into the car and I tell the driver to take me to the Columbia Ice Fields. I then say “Is it okay to call my boyfriend?” and Prison Mike responds with “there’s very bad reception in the car, I think you should call only if you need to…”

We get to the Ice Fields at a round-about and my driver parks the car and we get out. It just so happened that a hockey game had just ended there, so there were a lot of people. My driver was suddenly extremely nervous with the number of people around, but followed me inside to the studio room without argument. The door was locked and no clue was to be seen, so Prison Mike suggested we find a janitor. There was one at the info kiosk so we stopped to talk to him.

tee: did anyone turn in a note with a red envelope?
janitor: hmm, maybe one did come in here yes
prison mike: didn’t the last clue come with… a bouquet of flowers?
janitor: yes, there’s a bouquet, but what colour are the roses?
tee: well, the last ones were white, so … white?
prison mike: if I had to guess, I’d say they were more of an orange
janitor: k, then I guess these are yours

There was also a mini flashlight included in the clue, but I returned it to A’s family in case they needed it in the future. ;)

tee: I know this one, it’s at A’s 2A place, but I have no clue how to get there…
prison mike: his 2A place?! :shock: erm, I think it’d be best if we tried to stay on campus
tee: really? but the answer should be his 2A place… >:(
prison mike: you’re probably right, cuz A’s memory isn’t that good, but I think he hid the next clue on campus
tee: okaaaaay well then, I don’t know where it could be!
prison mike: where did you study for your statistics final?
tee: … DC?

So off we went to DC library, only to find that the next clue was missing as well. We found another janitor (and a really shady looking man standing around the cafeteria who, as we approached him, constantly looked like he was debating whether to talk to people or to run out into the rainstorm happening outside) who told us that, while the the flowers were safely stored in the janitor storage room, the only person who had the key to said room was on lunch break and wouldn’t be back until 10pm. It was now 915pm. Crap!

I looked at Prison Mike, who quickly suggested that I give my boyfriend a call. He says that there is really good reception in the bathroom, so I should go in there to make my phone call. I run to the washrooms and I call the number he gave me.

a: hello?
tee: hun! are you okay?
a: oh tee! you got my note! I’m so hungry, come save me!
tee: I’m on my way, but someone picked up one of your clues and now I don’t know where to go :(
a: which clue do you have?
tee: I have the one where we studied stats, but I don’t have the one after it
a: I think the next one is the place where we eat roast beef dinners on thursday
tee: okay! I know where that is! I love you, I’ll come rescue you soon!
a: I love you too!!!

So at this point it’s pouring outside with a big lightning storm, so as we’re leaving DC I see a giant bolt of lightning hit the ground in the near distance, and I debate with Prison Mike whether I should continue my rescue while on the way to SLC. I argued that if my boyfriend really cared about me, he’d know I have a fear of lightning storms and so he’d understand if I didn’t come rescue him tonight. I think Prison Mike was at a loss for words.

We arrived at SLC where my flowers were waiting for me at a far table. :D

Tylenol! For my migraines! The next clue led me to the north entrance of campus just across from Columbia Lake where in 2A we saw some amazing Canada Day fireworks. As we drove through the entrance, I saw my bouquet of flowers sitting outside waiting for me! I ran out of the car in the pouring rain to grab them and came back to read (with my flashlight!):

My heart was raaaaacing. So I told Prison Mike to drive me to the Petting Zoo following the directions on the map. Once we got there, my driver turned to me and said “I have to negotiate with the kidnappers to release your boyfriend, so you’ll have to wait here for a bit. In the mean time, your boyfriend left me with one last clue that I was supposed to give you only if you made it this far. (the look on my face: :shock:)” So I wait until Prison Mike has left the car and wandered out into the rain before tearing open my last letter

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D Words cannot express how excited I was!!! I kept reading and re-reading my letter again and again and again. After a while, I noticed that Prison Mike had been gone for quite some time. Afraid that some punk kids had mugged him, I decided to call A to see if he could check whether my driver was okay. After a little more waiting, Prison Mike comes back and asks me to put on a blind fold so that he can lead me to my boyfriend without compromising the kidnappers identity. I oblige, and then he carries me to the meeting place. I probably made some crack about how my boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate some guy from Prison acting like my boyfriend and carrying me around, but I can’t remember.

Prison Mike sets me down on a bench and tells me to wait while he gets A. After a few more seconds in the dark, A takes off my blindfold, and all I see is a beautiful night pond (complete with swans!), the rain pouring down around our little gazebo, and a hundred tea light candles tin pop cans spelled out to say “marry me”

(obviously this wasn’t taken at the gazebo, because I wasn’t in the proper mindset to bring a camera with me. But these are the candles!) I know you might think it’s lame, but my relationship with A started on a Mid-Autumn Festival day, and since we didn’t have a candle we made our own with half a tin pop can and a random tea light. Seeing all these candles made me cry!

And then I look to my right to see my boyfriend, down on one knee, with a bouquet of red roses for me and a beautiful, beautiful engagement ring

He said “will you mar-” and I said “yes” before he could even finish his sentence. But he asked it again, just to make sure and I’m pretty sure he said some more stuff but my brain went so blank and my heart felt like it was going to explode and I couldn’t stop crying that I really don’t remember what went on.
Next thing I knew, that beautiful ring was on my finger!

We spent the next half hour just standing in that gazebo with my candles (99 of them were blown out by the wind) and the rain pouring down around us, me wrapped in his arms (moreso to ensure the spiders around the gazebo didn’t come after me). I was still wiping away tears as he told me all his planning stories, and how he had to kick some kids with their bong out of the gazebo so he could use it for me (awww! :D).
At 1040pm, it dawned on me that I had to go pick up my missed flowers! So (sadly) we packed up all our stuff and ran back to the car. We made it back to DC in time to catch the janitor before she left for the night, and was able to retrieve my clue and flowers.

I was like “chocolate! and then you gave me tylenol! cuz chocolate gives me headaches!” and A said “I know! that’s why I planned it this way!” awww!!! I also noticed that I received 6 bouquets of flowers, one for each year we’ve been together, and he was pretty impressed I figured that one out. ;)
On our way out from Waterloo, I called my mom at 1230am at annouce that I got engaged. She was half asleep and a little groggy, but I’m pretty sure she was very happy for me. :D

And as for my ring? It’s absolutely gorgeous! It was designed by Jim Travers, a jeweller that my friend Matt recommended. He designed it off of the Birks NSEW design that I really liked. :D And the stone is beautiful, it bounces light everywhere, so I get pretty distracted at the office when I type and it sparkles. I’m easily distracted… :oops:

So that’s my story. I love my boyfriend fiance for putting in so much work to plan out this one moment in life. I am continually amazed at how much love he shows for me, and how much our relationship has grown over these last six years. I’m so excited to get to spend the rest of my life with someone as wonderful as him.

As for a wedding date, nothing’s been planned yet. We’re currently riding off the happy wave of jumping into the next step in our relationship, but we’re going to take things slowly just so we can enjoy it. :)

Thanks everyone for your warm wishes, it’s great to know I have so many friends who are supportive of me and my wonderful relationship with A!!


I’m engaged! I’m someone’s fiance! it’s so exciting to be taking a new step in life with someone who I care so much about :D I’ll fill in details later, today is A’s cousin’s wedding day and there’s much to be done!


Cleaning the house

I’m back in Toronto and trying to clean out my old room so that if my parents ever decide to move, they won’t open some random boxes in my house and find bizarre depressing letters about how lonely I was or how the world sucks.

Also, how I watched a gazillion movies back in highschool. And kept every. single. movie. stub. All 114 of them. I even wrote down who I saw the movie with on the back of each stub. What on earth was I thinking?! I don’t even know what these were about: Way of the Gun, Mission to Mars, A Life Less Ordinary, Playing by Heart, Forces of Nature

What things do I keep and not keep? as the years go on, some things just go from being sentimental to taking up space, but I wonder where I draw the line.

Three more days in Toronto and then back to Vancouver. I’m glad I got to see so many of you while I’m here, I’ll miss you all when I head back.

T minus 5 days til TO!

I’ll be home friday night! yay yay yay!!! I already have a few days planned, I’m so happy! :) And A’s cousin is getting married, so we get to party it up! If you have some free time, msg me!

NYC pictures are up, click on the pictures link! :) Also there are the Garibaldi pics from the hike I took on my birthday. It was painful, but gorgeous up at the top.

Tee day was spent (as you just read) up atop a big mountain. Tee Day 2 celebrations (because I cancelled the original plans for the hiking trip) was spent at Tropika for delicious Malaysian food dinner with friends, followed by karaoke and beer at Fantacity. Awesome English songs with horrible scenic backgrounds. One song someone was singing was “Numb” by Linkin Park and somewhere among the lyrics was some profane word but on the screen there was a short clip of a chipmunk eating some grass or something. It was bizarre. I’m sure the beer didn’t help.

:) See you all at home. I should go through the camera to find more pictures… anyways. it’s late, I’m sleepies.

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