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elton: MIN! ORDER ME SOME FRIED DUMPLINGS! (from across the 20 person table at 3am)

min: no one touches my sack. you can only admire.
tee: it’s not even your sack
tinlok: yeah, it’s andy’s sack. And “Andrew” is closer to “Andy”, and our last names are closer than yours too. So it’s pratically my sack.

tinlok: wayne for president!

lis: not my gumdrop buttons!
tee: shuuuut up!

sheena: he ran my suitcase over a bone! and it got stuck! it was a BIG bone too!
tong: it wasn’t that big it was like a chicken bone
sheena: no it wasn’t! it was a huge thigh bone
tong: okay fine a turkey bone
sheena: I don’t want to stand so close to my suitcase anymore. it touched a dirty bone. that belonged to a hobo. a herpes infested hobo

(min: that must’ve been one well-fed hobo).
woooo! I had so much fun in New York with the nerds. Pictures to be up soon. Quotes up as I remember them.


it’s party weekeeeeeeeeeeend! EC nerds will be in NYC destroying l6ma’s place. seattle kids, I’ll see you in 7 hours. ed, I’ll see you sunday (you better come *shakes fist*)


Don’t Forget the Lyrics

So FOX has this new show out called Don’t Forget the Lyrics where you as a contestant go up on stage and finish off four words from a certain point of a previous or current number 1 hit to win up to one million dollars.

I believe the last contestant won $350,000 in the half-hour long show off of song lyric knowledge. Just song lyric knowledge. I emphasize that because the woman was such a bad singer.
Do you think Survivor series winners such as Yul Kwon and Jenna Morasca are watching this show and thinking “wtf! these people can win a million dollars by reciting random crap knowledge like song lyrics?! I had to eat bugs and smell like dirt for a month to get that kind of cash!”

The world is crazy, methinks.


this is naaaast.

Chinese ‘bao’ made from cardboard?!

Thanks lis for the post. eeeew.

Hungry Nerds

jsey: define: lunch
tee: lunch.setPriceMax(“$15″);
jsey: john.sey.stomach: NullPointerError
herman: #include < herman.h>

and yet we still haven’t decided where we’re going to eat yet *_O

hp4 is out today!

who’s going to go watch? If you can’t afford it, you’re probably better off going here:

buster’s school of magic tricks

whiteboards != productivity

So we all have whiteboards at the office. The original idea of getting them was to be able to keep an up-to-date urgent/important grid for productivity purposes. But it seems no one has been using them for that reason. Instead, they all have random messages from everyone, and people’s to-do lists include things like “get morning coffee” and “buy candy” and “throw things at [insert person's name]“. On my own whiteboard, I write down things that need to get done for respective projects I’m working on. It looked something like:

To Do:
- PPR!
- call back [name]
- meet with [name] re: rotation

- production!
- send out surveys

CDN Link:
- Herman: trunk side development
- Wendy: trunk side parsing for BC data
- Karen: send out confidentiality reports
- Tee: has no alibi

Of course, that last one was put there by Herman. Normally I’d want to kick his butt, but Herman’s my pod mate and he’s super cool and nerdy. I love everyone in my pod. I used to be with jsey, but he moved onto his rotation, so now we have Milton. And Milton is actually … like the original jsey. But less chill. We’ll break him down in time.

Tee day in T-25 days. I hope you all have it down in your calendars! I should send out meeting invites. Matt sent me my 1 month-in-advance birthday greeting as he’s done for the last three years. It makes me laugh every time. :)

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