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Entering bootytown

I watched Music & Lyrics over the weekend. It’s another romantic comedy but I thought this one was absolutely awesome. The lines were hilarious, Hugh Grant’s character (although pretty much like all his characters) was believable, and the songs were great. I’m a sucker for anything with musicals. Little known fact – the writer of all the songs in this movie is the bassist from Fountains of Wayne (the geniuses behind the hit “Stacey’s Mom”).

Alex: The best time I’ve had in the last fifteen years was sitting at that piano with you.
Sophie: That’s wonderfully sensitive… especially from a man who wears such tight pants.
Alex: It forces all the blood to my heart.

Plus, the other character, Cora has the BEST songs ever. “Momma says I can’t / Daddy says I can / But my body just wants to slam.” Oh yes.

In other news, I went to the Eat! Vancouver festival this weekend. After our Sunday morning jog (in which Steph and I sucked big time, like bigger than we’ve ever sucked before in the last four months), we walked our way to BC Place and stood in a line for about 40 minutes that barely moved. Then the conversation went something like this:

Dan (looks at the sign showing events): Oh yeah, the Police are coming. When are they performing?
Scott (simultaneously looking at the front of the line): Hmm. The sign above the ticket box says “Police Fan Club Will Call”
Me: I think the Police are playing tomorrow?
Scott (to the person behind him): Excuse me, what is this line up for?
Person: What? (baffled look on his face)
Scott: Is this the line for the food festival?
Person: … No, this is… the line up for the Police Fan Club
Us: …

So apparently we spent 40 minutes lining up in the wrong line for a concert we’d have no chance of getting into anyways because we’re not part of the Police Fan Club. But then we went to GM Place and got full on delicious food samples. Dan, Steph and Scott each tried the African Hot Sauce (at the booth with a guy in full out African dress attire and displays of all the awards he won for how hot his hot sauce was), and I got a bag of rice as a sample. Cool.

Tee Alert: I’ll be back home from June 2 to June 10th. :) Just giving you all some fair warning!! Don’t be surprised when I call you at 10pm Vancouver time (1am Toronto time) demanding to head out. Yay home!

It’s random links!

I already sent this to herman, but it’s so funny I had to share:

During a screening interview, I was asked how I would design a bike fit for someone visually impaired. I responded something to the effect of, “What, like, for blind people?”, and she answered yes.

I thought for a moment and then I responded, “Well.. a blind person riding a bike doesn’t sound like a very safe idea, so I would make the bike stationary, maybe with a fan blowing in the person’s face. He probably wouldn’t even know the difference.”

She was speechless.

- from Job Interview 2.0: Now With Riddles!

Also something for fun: worst movie scenes ever

And for the man who likes his alcohol in public places: the beer belly

Ahhh, good links today. :D

I’ve also been asked about why I demand postcards from people and how many I actually have. To be honest, I don’t know. But I can always do with more! If you’re planning to take a trip anywhere and are willing to send a postcard out to me, let me know! :D

what’s with all these a&e posts?

I know I haven’t been posting anything important lately, and this is one of those posts, but I promise I’ll find more interesting things to blog about. Regardless, this is important to me:

CWTV is cancelling Gilmore Girls after 7 seasons! :( I’m so so so sad! I remember back in 2nd year at OLGC when I first met Zamir and he told us he watched Gilmore Girls and all the guys made fun of it but I watched a few episodes and was hooked. He was nice enough to burn all of season one and two for me and I’ve been watching ever since. I’ll be so sad when the show ends. :(

Last episode airs May 15!!


The acronyms above were inspired by HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother, obviously) on Monday, when Barney short-formed The Price Is Right to TPIR.

Jon Bon Jovi was on American Idol last night. I didn’t get to watch it because Gilmore Girls was on (and what an episode!) but I was able to catch Blake Lewis’ performance of Shot Through the Heart. If you haven’t seen it, go go go. It’s awesome. Although some might say otherwise since it’s not the original. But points for taking a risk!

So I’m watching the rest of the song clips and starting cracking up during Melinda Doolittle’s Have A Nice Day, because the cowbell reminded me of the hilarious SNL clip. Is it just me? “I’ve gotta have more cowbell!”

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