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I never ever ever use this term, but vanness’ new album is off the hook. I’m addicted to his first single: Never Let You Go. Even if you don’t speak mandarin (like me), it’s crazy catchy. It doesn’t hurt to mention that he is riiiiiiiipped. I know Ed’s gonna be clicking on that link now.
This post sounds like something I’d be saying when I was 17. Except I’d never say off the hook. Or ripped. So maybe not.

Anyways.  What is it about poppy japanese music that has cheesy dancing, and yet is insanely catchy? Clo, you might not want to click the link, because then you’ll yell at me for posting about some random jap boy band when they’re clearly not up to m-flo standards.

It’s late, and I have early morning meetings. Nites!

for your viewing pleasure

AWESOMENESS: wil wheaton gives a thumbs up to How I Met Your Mother. This show is so so so good. everyone should watch it. :D

30 minutes of 80s cartoon intros :)


this makes me laugh, every single time I watch it. every. time.

I’m seriously planning to get the nwa800, but everytime I look at this, I want it more and more.


eyezmaze (the maker of grow) put out an awesome puzzle game called dwarf complete: lineage ii. it’s so so so so good. :D

Sun Run!

Jer would be so proud of me – I completed the Vancouver Sun Run in under an hour! I ran the whole way (no stopping after the 2.5k :oops:)! I’m so so so proud. :D Many other friends of mine participated in this big big event and did really well: Scott and Steph came in with a time of 43 and 55 respectively, Sherman ran in at 47 I think? Dan completed it in 53 minutes! Way to go everyone!

L6ma’s birthday is coming up soon, I wonder how she’s planning on celebrating. Perhaps I should courier her a special package ;) Depending on whether the courier dude is hot or not. Or a dude or not.

Other than that, nothing new from my end. Summer is slowly approaching, and I’m enjoying the budding trees and flowers. from my window. at the office. Le sigh. OC will be starting soon, so that’s always exciting. I have many things that are sitting in my “to do” box that I really must take care of (including taxes, and cc bills…) so I guess this week will be purely house keeping for me. I’m also trying to find numerous numerous recipes for pork, now that we have tons. Any help?

Nerds @ work!

dave: I’m just cleaning up the site, so once I get that done we’ll deal with your  new project
tee: okay, so in the meantime I’ll just work on my local machine
dave: good idea. I should have this done by today
tee: ooo, even better! merci buckets!
dave: np-complete

:D I heart nerds!

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