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Potluck goodness!

Yesterday I went to Dan’s house with a giant vat of Chef Eric’s pistou soup (hand made pistou! delicious and tiring…). Steph brought a delicious salad with strawberries and mangos and spinach and a homemade dressing with coffee in it and it was so so good! Dan and Chris prepared an amazing dinner with a sweet potato casserole and maple syrup – soy sauce marinated salmon, and a dessert of vegan fudge brownies with boisonberry ice cream.

This also marked the first time EVER since moving to the west that I’ve actually set foot in Dan’s apartment (even though he’s been to mine about ten times already because he lives three. blocks. away). What an awesome view they had! Their apartment is right on Beach, and they’re on the 29th floor, so the entire living room has an awesome view of Granville Island. So. frekkin. awesome. And they have a sweet tv. And they have an xbox. Please don’t go rob their house :(

After dinner, we played a board game called Blockus. The very high level description would be that each of the four players (Chris sat out the first two games and Steph and I teamed up the next two) has their own set of coloured tetris like block pieces and you have to place as many of them on the board as possible in a strategic patterned sort of way. Much too complex to explain without the visuals, so you’ll have to trust me that this is an awesome game (but only good if you have exactly four).

dan: I’ll use my freakishly weird piece!
chris: I’m cupping your freakisly weird piece!
dan: :shock:

All in all, it was a great night spent with friends without having to get all fancied up and go to a club where you can’t hear what anyone is saying and there’s no room to sit and I’m hungry can’t we just go eat something somewhere. And I can proudly say I’ve been to Dan’s. Wohoo!


Japanese potty training video


thanks herman for the link.

SHARKWATER – In Theatres March 23, 2007

My coworker got tickets to attend the premiere of Sharkwater, a documentary on the overfishing of sharks by Canadian Rob Stewart. It follows Rob through a journey around the world to try and save these animals, and focuses on the issue of shark-finning or fishing for sharks and removing their fins (sometimes while the shark is still alive). This movie is absolutely amazing, and I suggest everyone go watch it. It’s a real eye-opener and I seriously hope that more awareness is raised about the cruelty to sharks.

Meet the Robinsons!

I’m so going to watch this when it comes out. in 3-D hopefully!

See the Trailer

I heart that dinosaur!

Postcard goodness.

I just got my two postcards from John yesterday, even though I see him every day because he sits in the same pod as me. He went to Calgary for two days and Kelowna for one (both for work), and was kind enough to mail me some postcards (after I complained that the last one he got me was given to me. by hand. four months after. with the message written on it while I was right beside him watching.)

Calgary: “hi teeeeeeeeeeeee. calgary has no rolling hills, it’s just flat. and it’s freezing here with lots of snow (it was 17c this afternoon). over all, this city is meh”*

Kelowna: “teeeeeeee. this is the hotel i stayed at. if you count up six floors, you can see my corner suite. kelowna is full of old people and hicks”

* Not his exact words, as I dont have the postcard here infront of me.

This week has been very uneventful. The massive rain and dampness has given me a few headaches that left me in bed until noon on somedays, 4pm on others. Tomorrow I’m going snow tubing with work people and I have no winter gear whatsoever, but I figure I can improvise. :) It will be fun! Timmy (Dan’s younger brother) is in town, but I have yet to see him (haha I think Steph has seen him twice now!) but hopefully there will be a dinner at Dan’s, so I can (finally) see his place.

No more free concert tickets to report, but crossing my fingers in hopes of winning Canuck tickets!

Darn youtube.

I still can’t get videos to post to my blog properly. If anyone knows how, please fill me in.

In the meantime, I went to the Christina Aguilera concert last night and it was spectacular. :) I got free concert tickets at the last minute, but it doesn’t matter cuz it was 1. free, 2. in the box seats, 3. complete with food, and 4. free! I took videos, but I’ll put them up later. What I reeeeally wanted to post about was the following videos:

 Click me for Natalie Imbruglia and the “Torn” mime!

 Click me for the latest in Apple inventions!

Check my photo album for pictures from the concert! :D I heart free stuff!

What a week!

So I had a pretty eventful week, even though I only have pictures of the last two days to show for it:

  • 25: S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Fundraising Concert with Kitty
  • 26: VSO Presents RussiaFest at the Orpheum with Dan
  • 28: The Producers at The Centre with A
  • 1: Kingston Taphouse for a Work Meet & Greet
  • 3: Vancouver Giants vs Calgary Hitmen at Pacific Coliseum
  • 4: Lunch & Stanley Park with Frankie

The Producers is a really funny musical, I definitely suggest it if you’re looking for a laugh. :D So I won two tickets to the Vancouver Giants game at the Taphouse event, and Connie gave me her tickets, so I invited the two people I knew who would get the most kick out of random Vancouver events:

chris & dan

Needless to say, we had a lot of fun. Right after the game, I went to meet up with Frankie, fresh from his flight out of the chilly Toronto weather into beautiful Vancouver. Apparently TK had greeted him earlier with lots of skewered meat and sake, so all that was left was gelato.


The next day (being today I guess), I had some rather stressful co-ordination issues which involved leaving my cell-phone at home so having to run back to get it after jogging, only to reach my apartment and realize that I left my keys at the runners lounge. Stressful. Thankfully, I was able to get everything sorted out AND enjoy some ramen at Kintaro with Old Man Frankie & TK. We then let the tourist call the shots and ended up at Stanley Park taking touristy pictures.

tee & tk

Have you seen the downed trees in Stanley Park? It’s quite heartbreaking to see them all tumbled over. You imagine such big trees to be majestic and awe-inspiring, being alive for so long. But once you see them on their side, humbled and embarassed, you just want to run and hug them all. There were so many downed trees all around the park, certain parking areas were just covered in broken branches and logs. :(
frankie & tree

Frankie took some nice photos as well, but I don’t think he’s had the chance to upload them as of yet becaaaaaaause… he’s probably in Whistler right now getting some good sleep / picking up chicks at the bar. He won’t be back til Wednesday night, when we will see him again and toast him for turning 18 on tuesday (the old man doesn’t look like he aged at all, I swear!).

After Frankie dropped us off, TK and I wandered around Robson. I was dead set on getting a new pair of casual shoes as my pink Nikes that I loved so dearly in 3rd year were looking pretty tattered. So I made an investment and dropped a bunch of money for these:



Pictures are all up in my photo album.

I heart George Takei

George Takei comments on anti-gay comments made by Tim Hardaway.


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