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West Bank Story

I saw this win the Best Live Action Short Film during the 2006 Academy Award and knew I just had to watch it: West Bank Story

It’s a musical based on (have you guessed it?) West Side Story, with a conflict between the Kosher King and Hummus Hut fast food joints. It’s funny, PLUS it’s got musical numbers. :) I suggest everyone go watch it!

For runners out there

I found this really interesting article on the web about running shoes and the negative effects they have on long-distance runners. It doesn’t target any one specific shoe company, so I think it’s a neat read. It’s also making me consider buying a proper pair of running shoes. Because my thoughts on “proper running shoes” is now changed.

Read all about it here: Athletic Footware and Running Injuries.

update: They had a pair of Nike Free 5.0.2 flat runners at the Nike Clinic today, so I thought I’d give them a try. While they felt a little strange at first (much more flexible than your regular runners and definetly not a lot of support), they were extremely comfortable after a quick walk around in them.

Sadly, I started feeling blisters on my way back, probably just over the 4k mark. But they were definetly comfortable for just walking, and probably runnng too if I got a different insole that didn’t have such a large arch-bump.

Anyways, kitty’s asleep on my couch, getting well rested for our concert tonight. :D

Fobbing it up on the westcoast

So at the last minute I’m going to a Justin Lo & Vincy (& many others) concert!! It’s this Sunday, and by some fortunate chance, I was able to get a ticket with Kitty, who had apparently bought a ticket with the same group my coworker Connie did. Huzzah!
[fob] ^^v [/fob]

In non-fob stuff, I went with Dan to the airport today to see if Joanne & Angela (Hydrohobics right-siders!) who were here for a week to visit. I felt bad for not spending more time with them :( But I hope they had lots of fun. Tomorrow I’m starting class 1 of a 6-class cooking course at the cookshop. John Sey & Wes are going too, so I’m sure this will be fun. Unless I suck.

Hope you’re all having a super weekend!

Happy birthday Mr. Wee!!!!


Usually for lent I give up meat. It’s extremely difficult, but I’ve decided this year to give up something else: chocolate.

That’s right. Chocolate-free tee starts today! No chocolate bars, no chocolate-chip cookies, and hopefully nothing with cocoa in it. Which throws out nutella, ovaltine, and milo. To compensate, I bought almond butter and stocked up on malt vitasoy, and took in Steph’s suggestion of sesame pocky. Plus, yesterday I ate a dark chocolate kit kat and enough chocolate pieces to make up a full bar of chocolate. I’m fairly confident I’m set for this year’s lent.

… you gonna finish that brownie?


So I wanted to blog about this video I saw on YouTube, but to do so I had to set up a YT account. So I tried to sign up my usual nickname, but it was taken! So I’m thinking, who the heck takes my nickname, it’s been original for ages!Curiousity got the better of me, and I searched for it, and I found THIS PERSON. WHO THE HELL!?!??!?!! John’s spreading it around the office now, that I’m a crazy person who does that in their free time. >_< Thanks a lot YouTube. So here’s the video I had intended to blog about.

Shakes fist.

Happy Pig Year!

So clearly I don’t check over my work when editing my page at 730am. I’ll shrink that webcam picture later. Anyways, Kitty came to visit me this weekend to take in CNY festivities. It consisted of eating food and watching festivities. Plus, I cleaned my house like maaad. Like, even cleaner than when I cleaned for clo. :shock:

I’ve got a lot of work to catch up on, but CNY pics can be viewed here. I totally want that little lion puppet that kid is playing with, it’s so so so cute! Plus, I ran into my friend Oliver by complete fluke (out of the gazillion parade groups out there with a lion…), but I didn’t have time to request a lion dance from his team for kitty & me.

I also heard a certain European hobo was in town this weekend but didn’t visit me… shakes fist! At least those who were with me got 10 cents in lucky money! HA!

I wish I was a kid again.

Remember when you were a kid and there was that one toy that defined awesomeness and yet you didn’t realize how cool it was until you’re at that age where you shouldn’t be playing with kids toys anymore unless you’re collecting them and keeping them sealed in their boxes in hopes that they’d bring you a gazillion dollars someday? May I present you with my awesome but underappreciated-until-now toy: the penguin racer! How cool is this? Except I could’ve sworn that the entire track was part of a mountain as oppose to its own racing strip, but maybe my model was out of Hong Kong or something.

And just for fun, John sent me an intelligence test. It’s pretty cool, except some of the things I’m off by one word or something or my spelling is wrong and it won’t let me get it. Boo. I’m at 15 right now. :oops:

update: It’s heart day! I made a bunch of cookies and cards to hand out at work. I’m so sleepies. See pictures in the photo album. All this drawing of cards had me reciting cheesy valentine lines all yesterday night:

a: I’m so stressed! It’s a good thing I have you here.
tee: don’t worry, I think you’re DINO-mite!
a: *groans and starts walking away*
tee: don’t leave! I can’t bear to be without you!



So I went to UVic on thursday to promote my company at a career fair, and let me tell you… bunnies galore! Bunnies are to UVic what .. geese are to UW. Way more awesome. :)

tee: [sarcasm] oooooh no, I forgot my running shoes at work. Looks like I won’t be able to make jogging sunday morning [/sarcasm]
a: didn’t you say that nike running place has running shoes you can borrow?
tee: …

And so it goes that I went jogging sunday morning. Steph sent out an e-mail the day before saying she wouldn’t be able to make it, and so I assume everyone felt that they could safely skip a jog day without incurring Steph’s wrath :). It was a small group consisting of just Jon, Ed and myself (Andrew came really late but caught up with us in the end anyways). We ran the 5k route, but it so happened that there was a half marathon race going on too and they also ran around the lost lagoon but in the opposite direction we wanted to go in, so we were pretty confused. But they had people cheering on the side which made us feel fantastic! So it was a good run all in all.

I also spent Saturday with Mich. I took her to Sushi Garden, and then we spent the next hour shopping around Metrotown. It was nice to spend some time with her, seeing how we’re in the same city and all. :) Kitty’s coming up this weekend and I promised her Chinese food galore and possibly some Chinese New Year festivities, so I’ll have to get to researching that… And I hear Ville will be in town! Plus, two of our lovely Hydrophobic Dragon right-siders will be visiting for a week!!! Excitement! :D

it’s february!

So it’s the second month of 2007. Things to note this week include:

The shopping: The coming-soon of the Giordano store at Aberdeen. When I saw it, my jaw dropped to the floor.

The jogging: I’m now almost able to run a full 5k without stopping, save about 500m. I’m pretty proud of myself, but I still have a new goal of trying to keep up with Connie when jogging at Central Park. Damn those hills!

The weather: It’s been super here for a few days, and today it poured. Plus, there’s supposed to be an earthquake coming sometime this week. I’d like to assume we’re prepared, but our place has everything stored vertically since it’s small which worries me a great deal…

The friends: I finally saw TK today after he’s moved here. In September. It was nice to see how he’s doing. He misses dim sum. Which reminds me, I’ll be seeing Mich this coming weekend. And KJeh will be up the weekend following. Plus, clo is still in town! Yay!

The health: … I’m baking brownies right now.

And now I ask – I have a free one-way ticket from Harmony Airways for continental North America which needs to be used by end of June. So where should A and I go? :D

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