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A Warning

Hey kids,
I’ll be switching up my hosting in the next week or so, so the site might experience some down time. I’m sure you’ll all make do without my ramblings for a few days anyways ;)


It’s a tuesday!

Wikipedia Brown: This totally brings backs memories. And then confuses them all to hell. But entertaining none the less.

 Recap on Jay’s visiting to Vancouver after tomorrow afternoon, which is when my prototyping for the new project is due.

Don’t leave your pets with me!

tetleytee: speaking of plants, my orchid isn’t doing so well!
tetleytee: we keep the fireplace on, I’m not sure if it’s too hot in the house for it
mom:What happened to it
tetleytee: its leaves are getting wrinkly
tetleytee: and the two stems that were on it have now completely dried out!
tetleytee: okay, ALL of its leaves are wrinkly. and two leaves on the bottom are … probably dead
mom: It must be without the sun for too long and the water isn’t draining too well.
tetleytee: okay. I’ll try to keep it closer to the window. it’s very cloudy, i don’t know if it will get much sun!
mom: Don’t water it for a week or so
tetleytee: okay.
tetleytee: taking care of orchids are so hard :(
mom: In fact it is easy. We ‘ll tell you how when you get home
tetleytee: Okay! Thanks!!
mom: Daddy say the best thing to do is to buy a new one. Ha Ha

hahaa I love my parents. :D


Vancouver has a boil water advisory in effect starting today. What’s this you say? Well I’ve never heard about this either, until now. Apparently the excessive rain has caused our water taps to spew out this:


Yeah, I took that with my digicam. That’s the water coming out of my bathroom sink. Wanna see the other picture?

eww squared!

That’s my bath tub. Is that not gross? I started filling the tub with the water just to take this picture, and after I was done, I had to get A to drain it cuz I didn’t want to put my hand in it. Now I know, it’s not like it’s infested with disease and whatnot, I’m just a sissy that way. It’s times like these I really. really. REALLY. miss home.

It’s a good thing we have quite a few bottles of water stored around. I hope my company will have some available for handout tomorrow too. :shock:

In point form now…

  1. Rendy just informed me, Treyomi got married! Congratulations to her!
  2. Jay Y is coming to visit soon, he’ll be here on friday!
  3. I need to start Christmas shopping soon. Christmas shopping and Christmas cards. People who want Christmas cards should leave me an e-mail with their address. To the hotmail account pls.
  4. Remembrance day is a provincial holiday in BC. Except my company is excluded from this provincial holiday because it’s a national company. Which means I had to work on monday while the rest didn’t. And I wasn’t bothered one bit because I never had the day off in back home anyways.
  5. I watched a lot of movies over the last two weeks:
    • American History X :D
    • Requiem for a Dream :D
    • Cars :D
    • Pi :|
    • A Lot Like Love :)
    • The Lake House :|
    • Over the Hedge :)
    • K-PAX :|
    • You Me and Dupree :)
  6. Double Impact was on this weekend. If you’ve never seen it or can’t remember or don’t want to remember it, it stars Jean-Claude Van Damme. In the movie, his character has a twin brother, also played by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Also in the movie, there’s a scene where one of the twins, in a jealous rage, is imagining the other twin getting it on with first twin’s girlfriend. It was one of the worst movies ever, and it was probably made at the height of JCVD’s movie career, so he could call the shots: “I want a movie with TWO of me, and one of me gets to have a detailed rowdy scene, and the other one of me gets to get into a fight all greased up where my shirt gets ripped off so I can flex these babies (and win the fight, obviously).” It was made in 1991. Cheesiness at its best.

Bio Class with the work kids

connie: would you donate a kidney? cuz you can just grow it back right?
tee: you can’t grow back kidneys cons…
john: connie, you should donate both your kidneys, you’ll grow them back!
connie: you can’t? I thought you could grow back body parts!
john: chop your arm off?
cam: no part of the body grows back.
wesley: what about hair?
cam: … that grows back.
wesley: what about fingernails?
cam: that grows back too. what I meant to say is no organ grows back
tee: what about skin?
cam: …
connie: wait, so I can’t grow back a kidney?!

On a good day

My team moved back to Burnaby on October 31st, to a new floor with a sweeeeeet view.

view from my cube

The view is amazing! On a clear day I can see the mountains! A skytrain rumbles by every now and then, but the mountains! How beautiful is this? And if you’re wondering where this view is in relation to me…

my desk

That’s my desk, right beside that window, nothing blocking my view! How awesome! I love it! My cube area is shared with jsey and evgeny, and herman the new guy. :) Personally, I think we have the best cube area because we’re not too rowdy so we get a lot of work done, but we’re still in a good area where people can come over and chill when they feel like taking a break. And just because I’m a big big geek, we also all got sweet new monitors for our teams:

my monitors!

Oh yes. So that’s my area. There are about five other team mates that share this awesome view with me, and then some of my other team mates have a not so sweet non-window area but it’s nice to all be in the same group and back at the main office. I’m posting these pictures today becaues it’s the first day I’ve seen the mountains again since it rained, so I thought I’d share with everyone how happy I am today that it’s not a rain day. Reminder to self: need to buy real rain boots. and a rain jacket. Oi.

Yay weekend!

For your viewing pleasure: http://shadowdane.shackspace.com/cats.htm

This weekend was spent buying groceries, and eating a very expensive crab that hopefully will be expensed by my relocation money. :oops: It was also spent coding bug fixes for the app that was launched last week, and shopping for bakeware (I bought a new muffin tin and square cake pan, just looking for a springform pan now). I returned library books, got some photos developed, and watched K-PAX, which is quite an interesting movie.

In the end I’m pretty happy with my weekend, I’ll be coding for the rest of the week now, so I hope everyone’s going to have a better week than me! :D

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