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Good fun for a good cause

Hey all! I’m participating in the ride for Juvenile Diabetes in October this year. I’m captaining the coolest team ever: Team Hasselhoff’s Lifeguards. I am, obviously, The Hoff and Gerry is CJ (he picked it).

So here’s where you come in. I’m trying to raise $100 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for anyone with type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is not due to bad eating and lifestyle choices. Type 1 diabetes occurs when the immune system begins attacking insulin-making cells in the pancreas, leaving nothing to pick up the sugars in the blood and use them throughout the body. Children with type 1 diabetes must test themselves on average 6 times daily with finger pricking, and inject insulin on average 3 times daily. These children will grow to be dependent on insulin injection or pumps for the rest of their lives.

Please support me in finding a cure for juvenile diabetes! And if that wasn’t a good enough reason to support: Hasselhoff: Get In My Car

:) Support me by clicking here!

Hilariousness from Wong Fu

A message from Wong Fu Productions

Plus, Wong Fu Productions will be showing their new short film A Moment With You across the US and Canada (they’re stopping at Laurier & UT!), so do go support them!! I’m gonna try and get in on their UBC stop. :)

Kay back to nerding.

Jerk Alert!

e6lam: wess said “good one”
e6lam: when I told him to send you a postcard
e6lam: *jerk alert

Even across the country, they’re still the stupidest friends I know. I miss my nerds!

Once a dragonboater…

tsangf: and you know eric and michelles wedding is next weekend. i’m suppose to bind them together
me: next weekend?!?! wow!!!
tsangf: whatever that means.. I’m just showing up to the rehearsal
me: … you’re doing a what now?
tsangf: binding them together…could be a philipino thing. i’m suppose to put a sash around them.
i hope in the middle of it I don’t yell
finish hard
tsangf: or power

I know you dragon boaters will appreciate this. Especially those who know Mr. Tsang. :D


Jen F is coming to visit on Thursday! I’m so excited, not because she’s bringing stuff for me, but because I didn’t get to see her before I left (she wanted to meet on Father’s day! c’mooon!). Plus, I got an e-mail from Ernie telling me she’s coming to visit early October! Double yay!

What else: I went hiking over the long weekend up the Stawamus Chief, which is this big hill (or mountain, from my point of view) with three peaks and a great view of Squamish (you can see the McDonalds from the top!). The hike up to two peaks took us about 3 hours. :shock: And we were pretty exhausted by the end of it. I want to go climb the Grouse, but I guess I’ll have to find the right day and the right people.

In other news, I’m going on my first canoeing race this weekend! The Length of the Lake is a long long long OC-6 race in which 12 people paddle (in groups of 6, switching at specific areas) down the entire length of the Okanagan Lake, approx 100km, in one whole day. This already sounds painful.

I also went rock climbing last weekend (the day after the hiking) with Mich. And I realized how afraid of heights I am! I climbed maybe a quarter up the wall and then got scared, and had to come back down. By the fourth try, I was good enough to get to the top but only if I didn’t look down often, which is kind of hard, because you have to see which features are yours for your feet and such. Scary! But it was lots of fun. I might consider it again, although it’s kinda pricy.

My parents also came to visit a few weeks back. I have photos on the computer, but not uploaded yet. I’ll let you all know when I get them online!

I have nothing else to report. Two days from now it’ll be Donna’s birthday! So happy early birthday, because we all know I don’t blog very often and I’ll probably miss it :( And I don’t want to have another stupid thought like how I thought I missed Ed’s birthday because for some reason I thought it was August (this was five days ago) and started freaking out about how I should get him a card and stuff. Bah!

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