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PA Semi 2006!

One of my beloved dragonboat clubs, Paddlers Anonymous, is holding their annual semi-formal in TO! Now I know a lot of you guys aren’t dragonboaters, but they always put on an awesome event, so I encourage all team members old and new to attend :) I would, if the plane ticket wasn’t so expensive :(

I just got back from a wavy evening of outrigger canoeing. I’m still feeling the waves. Plus, I wore cotton. Bad idea. Gonna go clean more stuff.


jsey: imma use pure emotes to talk to u today [shock]
jsey: [i agree]
tee: [disappointed]
jsey: [pizza] [coffee] [sick]
tee: [clock] [yawn]
jsey: [coffee]
tee: [its a deal]
tee: [pizza] ?
jsey: [person] [person] [person] [clock]

John also read my Q&A for the team newsletter and started making fun of me.

jsey: Q: How do you manage to handle stress?
A: When I get stressed, it means I’m not managing my time properly. I take some time out to re-prioritise my goals so that the important and urgent ones can get done first.

jsey: haha….
jsey: wut u really do is go >_<

I would argue, but it’s so true…

Pictures and summary of my four day trip in Cali (yes, I went to Cali) to be up as soon as I stop being lazy.


Oh my gosh, is that a new webcam picture? I believe it is!! KShum (westcoast ec nerd!) and I on convo day. *le sigh*

And more pictures for you, since you’re probably wondering whether I’ve becoming the fattest person in the world since I haven’t posted any photos recently. The answer is no. I’m not the fattest person in the world. Not yet anyways.

The beautiful birthday cake I bought my hunnie from the delicious bakery just down the street from work. It was so. frekkin. good.

The birthday gift I bought myself because I missed home and really wanted an orchid. It was pricy, but so beautiful!! And yes, it’s still alive. ;)

Awww, me and my parents at Niagara Falls before I left for TO, because I really wanted to go back one more time. I heart them so much!!

So I may or may not have mentioned, but Jen’s in town and she leaves tomorrow (but Iola’s coming tomorrow! Excitement!). Over the weekend we went to Whistler to hike around (oh, I did mention it, since I wrote that we saw that bear…) Elementary school friends rock!

And lastly, I’m going to San Fran for four days this weekend to attend my cousin’s wedding and enjoy a family reunion with not only my immediate family but everyone on my dad’s side. This will be super fun. And so, which dress should I wear to the wedding dinner?

Dress #1: Some china store, no returns, $33

Dress #2: Jacob, $90

Obviously the Jacob dress is much more well made than the other one, but they’re both really pretty. So… help me pick? I had two anonymous friends pick for me already, but their opinions conflicted. And A is defaulted to say everything looks gorgeous on me.

tee: hey, are you busy?
anonymous friend: what’s up
tee: help me pick a dress for the wedding this wknd?
anonymous friend: yeah sure
anonymous friend: wait, this sounds awefully gay, don’t msn that i’m doing this!

Hope all is well with everyone! And more pictures to come! Oh, Kev’s Dash Point camping pictures from the long weekend are now up on my Flickr. So you can go look at those.


gerry: what’s wrong with you, why do you keep scratching yourself?
john: she’s got three insanely huge moquito bites
gerry dude! those aren’t mosquito bites! they’re like marks of the devil or something! it looks like you got pelted with golf balls!
me: …

I’ll take a picture tonight to show you all.

The weekend.

su jin: so my friend has an ironing board cover of a head to toe picture of a hunky male model with only a pair of speedos on. and as you iron away, the heat makes certain parts of the picture disappear. guess what part fades?
matt c: his… beard?

My team had a bbbq on friday at Jericho beach. Our super helped with the cooking, so he wore an apron of a frontal shot of Michaelangelo’s David. My super is cool.

jen: can I take a picture?
while we we slowly backing away from the big big big black bear that noticed us and came around to our trail to investigate in Whistler with no one else around.

On Saturday, we rented a car and drove up with Whistler with Mich & Jen. We hiked for pretty much half the day, and along the way saw a big black bear that was just strolling around at an intersecting trail. It’s a good thing A saw it, otherwise we would’ve walked right into the trail, I would’ve screamed like the sissy girl that I am, and the bear would’ve freaked out. Instead, we all stopped dead on our tracks and let the bear go hide itself before we were brave enough to go out.

But I got to see a real big black bear. Coolness.

And I’m done my Banana Boys. Does anyone have any reading suggestions for me?

Just like Waterloo

Tonight I had a wing night with some of the coworkers, and I ended up being the only girl even though two others were invited to join in (even one who really liked wings! what the heck!) It was like I was in loo all over again!

gerry: dude, I had shrimp sashimi for the first time yesterday. They even left the heads on and everything!
ryan: did you suck out the brains?
mike: WHAT?!?
ryan: you know, you take the head off and suck out the stuff inside
mike: … that’s… absolutely disgusting!
ryan: what?! it’s the same as if the shrimp was cooked! don’t you suck out the brains from cooked shrimp?
mike: … I’m WHITE.

Camping pictures to come soon!

Camping in Washington

Kevin W to Kevin Y: hit me with some weiners

My long weekend was spent with co-workers in Dash Point State Park, camping for a one-nighter. We had a lot of fun just getting to know each other and eating all sorts of egg-covered items for breakfast (egg-covered sausages, egg-soaked english muffins, egg-covered marshmallows). There was also a lot of shopping involved, which is always fun.

Thanks to Kev for driving us in, letting us tour Seattle really quickly, and keeping us awake with your awesome singing. Now hurry and upload those pictures.

Treasure Hunters!

Is anyone else watching this show??

This show is insanely good! Why you ask? Because of the teams! Although it leaves the rest of us kind of like “aww, we’ll never get to be part of a show like this”, you have to admit that teams they compiled are very impressive: Ex-CIA, Air Force, Miss USA to name a few.

So yeah, if you’re interested go watch! Monday nights. I think they’re up to episode 8 by now though?

If you don’t want to be so far behind, Project Runway just started and is on its fourth episode :)

happy birthday ed

birthday shouts to my favourite fatty, cuz it’s… past 12am in toronto time? wishing you all the best. hope you got my card. not like laine’s card that got sent to the wrong address. :(

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