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KShum in town!

I forgot to bring my digicam out with me yesterday, but I bumped into Kitty while wandering around Daiso in Richmond, of all places. The story goes: I was supposed to meet up with Kitty & Allen for dinner on Saturday to celebrate the most important day in the world, but they called to say they would be late (boo!). So in the end, Allen tried like crazy to call and text me, and I tried… less than crazy to text Allen, but none of our messages got through to each other. Bizarre, I know.

I went about my Sunday doing the usual grocery shopping things, and as A and I stopped in Daiso so he could buy a bike lock just as the store was closing, I see someone standing there waving his arms like mad. As I’m easily distracted to these sorts of things, I look and it’s Allen! So I’m all excited and we try to find Kitty, who was on the other side of the gated store doors. You should’ve seen her expression when we saw each other, she practically tried to pry the gate open.

So apparently she didn’t come to my dinner because…. she got herself a car. Which, I guess, is a good reason. I mean, I feel okay being ousted by a big hunk of metal that can run me over (or drive me around when she comes to visit). Plus, she and Allen ended up treating me to dinner to make up for missing Saturday. And I got to eat my chinese-style spaghetti and cheese bolognaise sauce, Sweet Heart Cafe style.

And about the rest of the weekend: on friday I had a big eight to five meeting at the downtown office, where we talked about our quarter end projects and did some team bonding exercises. I got a cake out of it, and the team sang me happy birthday, and my parents called!!! For dinner, A took me out to Bin 941, a super awesome tapas place which is like, one minute away. The food there was amaaazing, and their mexican chocolate bailey’s creme brule was the best I’ve ever had!

Saturday A and I went to MEC and wandered around the camping stores there, where I picked up a cap for 3.75 to shield me from the sun while I go outrigger canoeing. We then came home, cleaned the house for a bit, and went out for dinner at Guu, a Japanese tapas restaurant. Each of the dishes are like, 5 – 10 bucks (anything from jellyfish-sharkfin salad to king crab), and they’re all small sharing portions. So my table of 10 sat around and stuffed ourselves on beef sashimi, tuna sashimi and avacado, duck breast, beef tongue, oysters, udon noodle with kimchi, and lots of other stuff. It was very very delicious.

Afterwards, we went out with everyone to go see the Celebration of Lights (better known in TO as the Symphony of Fire). They show it by the beaches here around downtown, so the crowd by the water is insane. But it’s great cuz you get to see the fireworks up close (I swear we had some of the best seats in the house), and China put on a great performance.

Okay I’ve pretty much written a whole load of stuff that most of you won’t be able to read through cuz it’s probably all boring stuff to you. But if you’ve gotten this far: everyone email me your mailing addresses. I want to be able to contact you by snail mail if given the option, cuz everyone likes getting mail! :)

K 7am, gotta get ready for work!

Marteegras fails again!

jzwu: I think its your birthday soon or something like that.
tee: “or something like that”??
jzwu: happy birthday!
tee: not quite, but thanks!

jsey: wut’s ur fav flavor of pie
tee: hahahahaa uh….. I dunno, how exotic can I go?
jsey: up to u
tee: kiwi sounds good? or peach, but I wonder… cuz I love nectarines. so I wonder if nectarines make good pies. probably not. or the lemon. I’m supposed to pick just one aren’t i?
jsey: yes
tee: hahahahaa
jsey: i was thinkin whip cream
tee: :shock: OBVIOUSLY NOT!
jsey: u act like u have a choice in the matter

plane tickets booked! I’m flying to cali for the weekend of the 19th August! :)

Mar Tee Gras :(

It’s so sad not having my nerds here to celebrate my birthday. :’( I would looooove to have some mar tee gras going.

to celebrate the start of mar tee gras, I went out and bought myself a beautiful baby bud orchid. I’ll post pictures of it soon, as well as pictures of my place once I clean it up enough to make it presentable. I also bought myself a new webcam for 27 dollars at Future Shop. that’s right, I’m gifting myself.

tomorrow we get TTV installed into our place. hopefully I will be able to catch up on all my shows now, since I’ve missed everything (I finally watched GG season finale… OMG!)

I worked all weekend long. I brought the lappie home and worked on my project. so sad. this will be my new reality. :(

Oh, I also joined up outrigger canoeing. So… that’s a good point. And that’s all i have to report. So yes, still alive and all that jazz. hope everyone’s doing well!

and since it’s already past 12 back home, Happy Birthday Laine. you go and rock out with your kwok out.


taken from my good buddy and temporary west coaster Annia, the good ol’ elementary school game of MASH. You know you wanna.

Your husband’s name is hunnie and you have 3 children. You’re a teacher who drives to work every day in a lavender beemer.

It’s truly a wonderful life when you consider the countless romantic nights you have spent with hunnie in your apartment in toronto.

Even MASH said I’d marry my hunnie! Score!

When in Rome

Hihihi!! I’m in beautiful Vancouver and it’s rainy today, but it’s the first day of rain since I’ve gotten here. It hadn’t hit me much before, but I’m starting to miss home. I guess it’s because I have internet and phone now, so I can talk to my friends and I realize that I’ve totally been missing out on their lives since I had no connection to the outside world for two weeks.

Kitty is making her move to Seattle this weekend, so hopefully I’ll get to see her! Since Mich has jumped ship and will be leaving for two weeks to visit Michelley in San Fran and will totally be missing out on my birthday!!! :(

At least I get to talk to Ed, he calls me while I’m at work and we just talk like we always do. I totally miss seeing him and talking to him, it’s great having stupid conversations, but it’s a bit harder since I’m working at the same time. I told him about my muffin incident and how I hobo-ed it out where the new Tiffany’s store is to be built, and he told me how he cheated and poured water all over himself to make his chest all shiny when the photographers snapped a photo of him during his triathalon (SPONSOR ED, BTW). I better be getting it as a christmas card!

I actually have another story to tell ed. It involves my boyfriend getting into a manly brawl and ended up with a flick on his forehead. That’s the story I tell everyone anyways.

Friday I will be going out to watch a BC Lions game, except they aren’t playing the Argos. We’ll see who I’ll check for. You never know, Saskatchewan might be good?

In conclusion, BC is nice, but I miss home. I miss family and I miss friends. It’s good here, and I’m meeting lots of new people, but I’m still trying to get used to it. I’ll keep you all updated.


Take care!

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