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Chinese lyrics

Don’t people realize that “I’ll just let the music make sweet love to you” doesn’t make sense in any logical way?!?!

Rickie’s Birthday!

Eurotrip pictures!

Crap, I’d love to post up mini pictures with little comments, but I lent my laptop to A so he’d have some form of communication while in Vancouver… and so you will all just have to go to Imagestation and check out my photos there. They’re ordered backwards but they all have proper captions that took me forever to write, so enjoy them dammit!

There are gems among the photos. Lots of building shots, and lots of stupid shots. The Vienna ones are totally worth the peak just for Schnitzel night. I think there were a few more dumb ones in Rome. Go look go look!

Girl’s Night Out!

That’s a big lie. My boyfriend has flown out to Vancouver for his USRA at UBC, and I will be heading out there in a month’s time. Annia heads out tonight too, so at least A will have a familiar friend over there.

A lot of people are heading to the west coast this summer too, apparently. Dan will be leaving the same time as me for his new job, and John Sey and Gerry will be heading over too. Sandra’s already there for her co-op term, Ed will be visiting near the end of July, my parents will be visiting in August as well as A’s aunt, and Jen and Ernie said they might come by too!

This whole moving thing is starting to hit me. I just realized I have so much to do and very little time to do it all in. I’m so impressed A was able to get so much done in his three days back from the Eurotrip.

Alright, I’m gonna spend my afternoon with Bryan looking for some nerdy sophisticated yet hawt eyeglasses. Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday!

Bye chinchilla!

Today I gave away my chinchilla to a nice family. They came in the morning I showed them what they needed to do to take care of my baby, and then we put him into a box and packed up the cage and sent him off.

I miss him already! The poor little guy was scared to death, I’m sure he already suspected that we were moving him away. He cried as we caught him and brought him out of his home to put into the box and tried so hard to hold onto his cage, I felt so heartbroken.

I hope the new family loves him as much as I did, and takes good care of him. I will miss him tons. :(

Anna P’s Birthday!

We’re Home!

I caught a cold while in London, but otherwise we’re all home and healthy! What an experience this trip was!! Anyone who’s ever wanted to travel around the world, go do it! And go do it with friends! Because it’s much more fun to hobo with people you know.

elton: he took hobo to the next level. he’s so far past the hobo line, the line is just a dot to him.

I don’t know where to begin to talk about all the things I’ve seen, it’s amazing to think that just a few weeks ago I was looking up at the sistine chapel and running through the louvre and standing in the hapsburg summer palace and gawking at michaelangelo’s david and watching the changing of the guards.

me: is it just me or did the number of dead bugs in the hallway grow overnight?
min: those are DEAD BUGS?!?!? this place is nast! why did you have to tell me?!

It’s been trials among friends and trials among my standards of cleanliness, but I think we all came out on top, and can even write a book about it! As I’m writing this entry, I’ve got a ton of pictures being uploading onto the computer, so when I’m done, you can go explore them until you’re bored of seeing five different angles of the coliseum.

To my eurotrip friends, you have made this trip amazing. With joys we’ve experienced them together, with hardships, we’ve complained to the nth degree. Thank you for sharing this part of my life with me, I will never forget our stupid photos, our cold showers, our early morning wake ups, and our stealing of breakfast foods.

wayne: hey pigeon, you see this foot? you see it? come here!

To my friends: it’s good to be home!!

Oh, and about postcards… erm. I bought them all, I wrote them all (with date!) but I didn’t mail them all.

bryan: you got a postcard from prague, vienna and london. I mailed the prague one in london yesterday, and I’ll mail your london one here (I was too poor to buy so many stamps :( )
ed: you got a postcard from venice that may or may not get to you cuz I stamped it with Italy and mailed it from the Vatican :( you also have a Paris one that I haven’t mailed yet.
yada: you have a postcard from Venice as well, but same situation as ed.
carm: I think you got a postcard from Florence, and I’m pretty sure I mailed it…
kalun & jer: I wrote you both postcards from barcelona and I put a stamp on it too, but I never got to mail it, so it’s sitting beside me right now :( I’ll mail it from home.

Okay I’ve got a lot of laundry to do, because I didn’t throw out all my stuff like Elton. So off I go to do my housekeeping.

Eurotrip Recap

End of the trip, and this calls for a recap:
Paris hostels have nothing but cold and dirty showers.
Elton and Min witnessed a man taking a crap in the metro in Paris.
We went to see Les Mis in London :D
Elton nearly got smashed by a bus today by running into the road.
So did I.
I heart Gaudi.
Elton heart Titian.
Wayne heart Michaelangelo’s Pieta.
Elton and A both heart Bernini.
I ran into Stephie, Simon and Cammie in Paris!
But most importantly:
I come home tomorrow :D

I heart you Toronto!

Mid trip highlights

1. Wayne broke his digicam by dropping it on the floor of the Duomo museumnce in Florence
2. Wayne bought a new digicam in Rome and has since been taking an even larger number of photos than usual
3. Elton has gotten bird crapped on in every city in Italy (Rome’s may or may not count as he actually sat in the crap)
4. Wayne sat ion a radiator in a museum in Venice, it made a big cracking noise, and he was then followed by security around the rest of the building
5. Wayne got yelled at by Security in Florence for taking photos in a NO PHOTO zone
6. Wayne got yelled at by the laundromat owner for using too much free detergent
7. A got his wallet lifted with zero dollars in it
8. Tomorrow we hit Barcelona

Phil’s Birthday!

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