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Last. Fed. Ever.

Words can’t express the bittersweet night I had. We danced and partied it up (and I was as always responsible) like every other night, but the second the lights went on Min turned to me and said “this is never going to happen again”. It was over.

So strange while we were standing at the bar looking onto the floor where we didn’t recognize half the people in the club, and a good two-thirds of that half had an orange bracelet and a big X on their hand. I guess it’s time to start growing up.

My 4B term is coming to a close faster than I imagined. Classes are done, and exams start soon, and then it’ll all be over. One last trip to Europe and we’ll all be heading our seperate ways. I know it’s weird to be thinking this up at 330 in the morning. Perhaps I should sleep.

Good bye Federation Hall. You’ve brought many memories to my five years here, and I hope the incident at the end of the night of some angry drunk Asian kicking in your window before being sidelined by security won’t stop you from keeping your doors open to the exisiting and new UW kids.

Kitty’s Birthday!

I can’t give you diamonds girl…

… but I can give you all my world.

What a catchy song. I must admit, Justin’s new album has got some really good songs on it. There’s even an R&B song where the intro sounds like its straight out of a B2M song.

So yesterday I was up til 4am writing an oral for my Chinese course which I presented this morning at 10am. At 1am Bryan was up trying to help me with filler content and this is what he came up with:

Good morning everyone, my name is T. I am originally from Toronto, and am in my last year of study at the University of Waterloo. After graduation I plan on moving to Vancouver to work with Telus. I am very excited to beginning my job, but I will miss my family in Toronto.

At home, I live with my mother, father and older brother. When I am at home, we often have family activities such as playing mah jong and watching movies.

Usually my mother cooks dinner for us, but occasionally my father will make a special crab dinner. Sometimes he asks me to help, but I am afraid of the crab, and cannot put them into the boiling water. I have tried this before and could not do it.

I have had many interesting jobs in the past. One of my favourite was a volunteer job at the Hospital for Sick Children. I worked as an assistant and helped patients during their appointments. Often I had to deliver materials to different parts of the hospital, but would always get lost along the way.

I am not very good with directions.

I have always enjoyed school and extra-curricular activities. I participated in many extra-curricular activities in high school such as math club and Chinese Student Club. We would often arrange events where we would meet boys from other schools.

Right not I am finishing my degree in computer science. I enjoy programming but my courses require so much work that I am not sure if I enjoy programming as much as I did in the past.

Sometimes a chance to speak in front of the class is a much more enjoyable experience than spending many days in the computer lab trying to get a program to work. I am really enjoying this class and am happy with all the mandarin that I have learned.

I copied the first paragraph okay, but as I kept going, it got weirder. When I hit the part about crabs I burst out laughing. And then the part about MY directions being bad, I nearly spit out my fruitopia!

For those who don’t know, I met Bryan while volunteering at Sick Kids, he was an “Ask Me” person who people went to when they had questions about where to go and general info. So I had to find a room one day and as he is the person to go to when lost, he “led” the way… straight into a biohazard room. :shock:

… My directions… mutter.

Just cuz I’m new at this…

So I’ve looked at some Vancouver housing over the weekend and decided to try and submit a lease application for a nice one-bedroom suite complete with new appliances and close to a bus route and a has a built-in W/D and fireplace and full-size bathroom and a balcony. Sounds good eh?

So I’m filling out this application that’s asking for my personal information. Then it asks for my drivers license. Then it asks for my SIN. At this point, I’m thinking, I don’t think I have to give that to you… so I stop filling it out, and start scrolling down and see other sections that I guess is not unheard of to ask for when you’re attempting to lease a place for 1400 (things like previous stays and employment, and current employment and such).

Then there’s a section for credit references which requires me filling out my credit card number company. Following that, there’s a section that asks me to fill out my bank account information (including account number). So I’ve never filled out one of these forms before, but are they really allowed to ask you such information? I’m pretty sure I don’t have to give out my SIN information to anyone unless they’re going to hire me, but what about bank and credit info?

I should probably look into this quite a bit more before my CC bills come back with trips to Tahiti that I never cashed in on. :(

JYung’s Birthday!

Shooey’s Birthday!

Nerds looking for something to do this wknd?

The University of Waterloo is holding their annual FIRST Robotics competition in the main gym at the PAC this weekend. The competition brings together student teams from various highschools across North America where they compete with robots they built to complete a specific task outlined by the organizers.

I went to watch this last year, and it was a lot of fun. You’d think kids would be building robots in hopes that their machines would help the world someday, but we I saw robots that were out to beat up other robots. It was awesome!

So if you’re in town for the weekend, and don’t have much to do, check it out. Friday and Saturday, and admission is completely free. It’s a lot of fun, trust me!


Michie’s Birthday!

Warren’s Birthday!

Donkey Chains

If you don’t understand the title to this post, you’re obviously not watching enough of My Wife and Kids, and if you aren’t, then why the hell not? That show is hilarious.

I’ve been spending the majority of my weekend editing our group assignment for Krispy Kreme. I’m a little worried about how this is turning out, but I’m not sure how much I can fix it up. I also have to work my ass off on 450 because I’m getting screwed over for this course, and I’m running out of time and fuel.

That’s the quick update to my life. Also, if you haven’t yet donated to Ed’s charity triathalon, please do so. I’m so proud of him for trying to swim. The link is on the right. ;)

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