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Jeff’s Birthday!

Matt’s Birthday!

Fire and Ice

I’m over at A’s at the moment because my poor boyfriend is stressed out over the work that’s due tomorrow that has to be redone because his USB key broke on him. :(

While he was playing some de-stressing music from a cd I’ve never seen before, Ben Harper’s Fire and Ice came on and I let out a gasp, followed by a (probably creepy) girlie squeel. “Did I send you this song?!” I demanded to know, and he says “no, I’ve always had this”.

And this just helps to confirm that he is “the one”. Swoon.


I am home home home home home home home! Yay! My trip to Vancouver was absolutely FUN. Muchos thanks to Mich & Justin for playing host and cooking us delicious meals! I had an amazing time checking out the city and the transit system, the campuses and Telus. More updates with pictures later, I just got back to waterloo and must put all my weeks worth of food away (mommy had an mj party yesterday so there’s tons left over for me! :D). Thank you hunnie for exploring the city with me, for following me around and letting me do tee stuff like wander aimlessly and go through kiddie-sized doors. Thank you mommy and daddy for taking me to the airport on a wednesday lunchhour and picking me up sunday morning rediculously early. More soon kids (I know I say that every time :oops:).

Destination: Vancouver!

So I’ve made it to the rainy but beautiful city of Vancouver. I spent my evening with Mich and Justin, and we’ve had a very relaxing night catching up on everything from Senior Kindergarden to yesterday. ;) Tomorrow A and I will be exploring SFU and Telus, and friday we will be heading to UBC.

To Inori (re: Chinese Tall Story OST) – I currently don’t have time to upload the album for you, but I promise you I will, it will just have to wait until my trip is over. Just in case you don’t know, the OST is just the musical score for the movie. :)

I hope you’re all enjoying your reading days!

Smart TV

So in my battle against the television in our living has ended with my white flag flying. I’m so fustrated that this TV is smarter than me, even though it’s not equipped with those chips and stuff. This damn television doesn’t match up the audio with the video for certain channels (not like, lagging one compared to the other, but like one channel video and some random channel audio plays at the same time). At first I was fine with that, since it’s just OMNI1 and Channel 26, whatever it is. But when I came home this weekend, I was shocked to find that my main channel for Olympics, CBC, lost all sound. It’s just mute. But that’s not the end of it. When commercials start playing, the sound comes back on. But as soon as the main CBC showing of the Olympics comes back on, the room goes silent. WHAT. THE. HELL. Fustration, I say.

A Good Man for a Good Cause

I’ve known Ed Kuo since my 2A work term, and not once have I ever not rubbed it in when given the chance that the boy can’t swim if his life depended on it. Oh yes, I would say, if the day ever occured and our dragon boat flipped, he’d be the first I’d abandon cuz man, I know he’d use me as a flutter board if needed, and I can’t support his weight plus mine.

But now Ed has taken on the most amazing challenge of his life, a real Triathalon: complete with the biking and the running and the swimming. He’s even taken swimming lessons to learn that it’s really okay to put your head in the water. His triathalon is part of a large-scale fundraising event for Team in Training to help those with Lukemia and Lymphoma.

I know I’m definetly short on cash at the moment, but I promise Ed that I will donate within the next week once I get my finances in order. In the meantime, I’d like you all to check out his personal letter and learn more about his desire to help the world. Please donate to his goal and ensure that he ends up truly doing a triathalon, with the whole “head in the water” swimming.

I’m so proud of you!

Snow Day!

So I had this post written up yesterday, but it somehow disappeared. We had an official snow day at the University yesterday, with little to no snow on the ground. Sure there was a rediculous rain storm at night and it was icy and stuff. But snow days are for snow! Regardless, everyone who had a DS midterm to write was either really relieved or really grumpy. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the day bumming around watching TV and cleaning up my room and going out with the nerds who were unfazed by the “snow”. We partied it up at KZone, with a decent showing of people and plenty of alcohol to go around.

And as usual, I spent the next day retelling the events of last night to those too drunk to remember. Min kept telling me to stop bringing back the memories of him screaming to Kitty “you are my superstar!”, and performing a “toss money out of the car because I will be so rich in five years I can smoke these bills” action. Hilariousness I tell you.

And today is friday which means in two hours I will be heading home to my wonderful family in TO, and spending some quality time on my self-proclaimed reading week. From Wednesday to Sunday I will be out in Vancouver with A checking out the schools and the city. :) As it’s a very short trip, I will most likely not have time to send out postcards (hey, where are those postcards from Hong Kong? They’re somewhere in my room. :oops: ). I’ll be crashing at Michie’s, who has so kindly let us stay in her living room. This will be fun times I tell you! Fun times!

So I hope you all enjoy your reading week. Or days, for those who have to write the rescheduled DS midterm on Tuesday :(. Take care, I want to hear stories when I come back!

As a quick update: My good friend Ken from highschool has now made a spiffy new website. It’s up on the side too.

Happy Heart Day!

frankie: bye dan!
dan: see ya
sandra: bye dan! happy valentine’s day!
frankie: oh yeah, happy valentine’s day!
sandra: did you just blow dan a kiss?
frankie: yeah. he BETTER have caught it!

Today has been a good day. It started out with getting flowers from my sweetheart. And then I went to write my China midterm which I think I did super in. And then I went to my CS class where the prof somehow mentioned the day before the midterm (!!) that it was an open book exam. Then I came home, set up my flowers in a ghetto vase, and got to see Frankie who was up for interviews, and Sandra and Dan.

All in all, a good day. Also known as self-appreciating day. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to stop by DC to steal chocolates from Lisa. Hoping there will be some left over for me tomorrow. :D

Valentine’s Day!

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