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So, not the weekend update…

I currently don’t have time to talk about the Chinese New Year weekend (boo!), but I can tell Carmie that Hollister Inc. is a very interesting store. The atmosphere is very beachy, the staff wear flipflops, the lighting is so dim it’s hard to see what you’re buying, and it’s quite pricy. Still, it’s an interesting experience, and if you’ve never been inside the store I suggest you go.

And also, my secret buddha give is wrapped in pink paper with pink bows. I figured this would help direct everyone to the fact that my gift is best given to a girl, but now that you say Secret Buddha is actually Secret Buddha Valentine’s, I’m worried some poor guy will end up with it. Eeps!

Dan: Secret Buddha is our way of playing Secret Santa, but… very belated. And Asian styles.

And on the last note of Hollister, A and I also went into Abercrombie and Fitch. Which leads me to this article: CEO of A&F is 61 years old, but looks insanely creepy. How on earth?

Aaaand, I’m done.

Happy Chinese New Year!


Happy Chinese New Year all! :) I hope you guys are having fun celebrating with family and friends. Except poor Wayne, I hope he’s having success studying and completing assignments :(

I’ll write about my weekend home in a bit. Interesting things for me to note:
- Hollister Inc.
- Secret Buddha
- Sony Connect
- Shopping while poor
- Body Worlds 2

Yes, that about sums up my weekend. That, and the huuuuge amount of food I ate. Yay home food!

Maggie’s Birthday!

James’ Birthday!

I heart Nerds

a: dinner at my place?
tee: hi i just got home *phew*
a: hi!!!! tired?
tee: haha yeah, i’m feeling sluggish.
a: what’s sluggish?
tee: like… slow. like… a slug?
a: what’s sluggish? you?
tee: yes. me.
a: internet can be sluggish, but i can’t see how a person can be sluggish
tee: people can be sluggish if they take longer than usual to do things, don’t move at their usual pace, etc.
a: oh i see. you’re on 56K? :D
tee: hahaha… dial up :(
a: hehe

I heart my boyfriend.

Assassins Update (because I know you care)

Alex was kind enough to send me a link to real life comics in regards to being a shirt ninja: clickie here!

I laughed so hard when I read it. It’s exactly what I will be doing for the day.

And now the good news, I will not be alone in my stupidity. For those who haven’t been keeping up constantly with the death toll, my dead sexy badminton nerd Elton has always been shot, and he must either dress up as a viking or wear a girl’s wig for a day. YES! Min (the tall one) got snowballed yesterday outside his house in the dark, but his punishment has yet to be determined. I hope it’s something like “wear a sandwichboard that says ‘Matt’s B*tch’ on it”. We’re evil in so many ways.

Tonight is wine-cheese-boardgame night for all us ECers. For those who are curious, EC stands for Email Crew, because during work terms we send out the most rediculous emails in a reply-all fashion. And those curious on a different level, 4B is actually not this easy. But we might as well enjoy the time we have left with each other! I’m bringing Havarti Tomato Basil cheese and no wine since I’m not a drinker. Hopefully someone will have brought, I dunno, cider. :?

I hope you guys are all enjoying your school as much as I am! Take care kids!

EC Assassins – Update!

Wow, this game is going awesome! John Sey got killed by a defensive swordsman, and there’s word out that two more killings have occured. It’s not safe outside anymore kids.

For all those who are curious about my fate in Assassins… I’m to either dress up as a ninja to class or wear a drawn-on mustache for the day. I’m only doing this on a day where someone else is doing something stupid too, so I’m not the only idiot. Idiots are stronger in numbers anyways. So help me out people, should I wear a t-shirt on my head like a ninja (please see the link in Asides), or have a fake mustache drawn on my face for a day? Vote now in the comments!!!

John Sey has been sentenced to grind up against a guy at the next Fed. So all you guys, it’d be best to stay home that night :shock:

Assassins – Dead Already?!

I got my ass shot on the first frekkin day of Assassins. This is what happens when you don’t check your escape route enough. The paranoia from this morning already took ten years off my life, I kid you not. But my killer apparently sat their butt outside my classroom and jumped me as I was heading for refuge in DC library.

What equally sucks is that I was already implementing my plot to kill my own victim, and now it will never be done. Shakes fist.

I also hear Min got busted too. Ah, the fun games we play.

Who waits outside classrooms for their victims! You’re in 4B, you should be nerding or something!!!! >_< I stole the picture from lis – I think she’s got more on her xanga. Keep an eye out, this game only gets more interesting. Hahaha! PS. VOTE! At Village One! _____ UPDATE: Min appealed his death and the council approved. So it looks like I’m the only one sitting out. Booo!!

Vote Day!

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