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Elton’s Birthday – Recap

So imagine you’re sitting in your apartment living room at midnight on your birthday, writing up documentation for your networks assignment and ensuring you don’t have a recap of what happened two years ago

Elton 2003

Your brother already claimed he was tired and went to bed early, but you heard him get up and go to the bathroom and repeatedly flush the toilet. Suddenly, there’s a gentle knock on your door. Followed by silence. Following by extremely loud banging and someone shouting “Hey! Open the fucking door!”

Confused, you go over to the door and open it slightly, enough to peak out and see your seven friends each holding a whipped cream pie and grinning at you. All you can say is “shit” before slamming the door shut. But while you’re desperately trying to find a place to hide, your brother comes peeling out of the bathroom with a cream pie in HIS hands. All this dodging about, and the next thing you know your friends spill into your room like clowns coming out of a clown car and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

Elton 2005

We made a crazy mess in his living room and the common hallway with all the whipped cream, and all he could say was “my own brother sold me out!” Thanks so much Gord for getting in on the plan. Lots of nerdy concurrency jokes came about as well, and all my pictures can be found right about here. I’ll post Lis’ up when she sends me a link.

cs crew 2005

Next up, Matt! =[]

Elton’s Birthday!

Third year of pie-ing Elton! Don’t miss out on the fun!

E6LAM Birthday Class

void main() {
    for(int i=0; i

I know you're all curious. Pictures to come hopefully tomorrow.

AYCE Goodness!

Tonight, Eduardo and I will be going to The Rude Native in Waterloo for some All You Can Eat Mussels. I’m very excited about this, seeing how the last time we went for AYCE Mussels at WCRI Weaver’s Arms, they booted us after our 7th dish each. And then next year went out of business. :shocked: Regardless, this will most likely be the last meal I’ll have with my fatty friend before he leaves for his 8-month work term in Philly, so I’m realy looking forward to it.

Right after Mussels, we have our (last?) uwdbc practice of the term. I will be so sad when winter term starts and no one will be here to carry the tradition of monday night pool practices.

As I was surfing around, I saw a new movie that will be out this Christmas. It’s called Perhaps Love, and looks like a Chinese Moulin Rouge, complete with singing and amazing costumes. Plus, it stars my favourite Chinese singer, Jacky Cheung. I’m currently listening to the OST for the movie and it sounds spectacular! I’m so excited!

Another movie that looks interesting is Mok Gik: The Promise. The colours and cinematography in this trailer look absolutely amazing!

And the last movie I’d like to pitch: Pixar’s Cars. The story is a typical feel-good children’s movie, but with cars! Cute cars! Oh, speaking of animated movies… Happy Feet comes out next year. I don’t even know what it’s about, but dancing penguins? I’m sold!

Shut up and smile.

throw your arms around someone
(throw your arms around someone)
maybe spread a little love
I know it sounds a little dumb
(or maybe we’re a little drunk)
but all we need is some ice cream and a hug
bowling for soup

This album kicks. And this song makes me want hugs. and ice cream. But moreso hugs.

Shakes fist at the weather

Snow is good when it doesn’t interfere with my plans! I was supposed to see Vannie this weekend, which is why I’m still in Waterloo. Turns out the weather’s too crappy and unsafe for her to drive up to visit me. :( Now I’m in Waterloo with nothing to do. Lis, french toast party?

I have nothing interesting to report, I’ve had one of the most relaxing weeks this entire term. I know I probably shouldn’t have given myself so much free time, but frankly I feel I deserve it. Perhaps it’s from and overload of stress from last week. Regardless, I plan to have the DS assignment done by tomorrow and hopefully someone else will know how to start DB. :|

And, Christmas time is around the corner! This year, I’m wishing that everyone finds what their life has in store for them for the next few years. That we are without regrets and proud of our choices. I’m looking at you, mchong. Egads I’m getting old!

Yay Magic Tricks!

I’m sure you’ve all seen a few of the magic tricks that have been making their way across the Internet by Cyril Takayama. Check out all his crazy tricks, cuz they’re absolutely mind boggling! As an added bonus, they make the time go by really quickly, and now I have only ten minutes to get ready for class…

The fun stops here!

My last two CS assignments for the term came out over the weekend, so now it’s back to work mode. I tried doing databases on Saturday but ended up watching numerous television shows instead…

I’ve put up a random picture of me and Min, taken while he was somewhat drunk during his birthday bash at the Bomber. There’s supposed to be a frame around the image but it doesn’t show up and I don’t know why (hey Vivek, how do you get all your images to have a shadow?)

There’s been a problem with my e-mail forwarding so I can’t seem to reply to any e-mails at the moment. Christmas break starts on the 20th for me and probably ends on the 3rd? And potluck anywhere is okay with me!

The term is almost over, with one more to go and then I hit the real world. Time to make my last year here count.

And one last thing, RENT is out today! Go watch it!

There’s only us there’s only this
Forget regret or life is yours to miss
No other road no other way
No day but today

RENT is out!

Slowly getting the hang of it

Now that my super bad month of constant coding is over with, my life has been getting back on track. I’ve been able to spend quality time with the love of my life, catch up on all my missed television shows, and finally attend a uwdbc practice. Thanks to everyone who showed up!! Anyone interested can always come out every Monday for the next two weeks: PAC at 930pm!

Also, I was beginning to doubt that anyone was checking up on me anymore, but on the way home today, Jer told me he left me a comment on the new page. Apparently I have to screen my comments in case of spam messages before they’re viewed on my page, which is odd because who has time to do that?? Now I hafta find an option so that I get to do less work (I’m that lazy, yes).

And Vivek, I miss having the picture up too! Any suggestions on where the new picture can go with this spiffy layout? :D
[edit] Ah, I found the comment filter. Apparently anyone who has been previously approved for a comment will be approved in the future (going by IP). What a nifty feature! This, along with the “wait for approval if comment has more than two links in it”, helps reduce spam. Genius! But I’m going to take my comment spam feature off as I’ve never had spam issues before. When the time comes though, someone please remind me of this post…

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