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325 600 minutes

jen and I are slowly counting away the days until RENT comes out in theatres. sadly, its release date is so close to exam time that we might have to wait til christmas break to catch it.

tri-wizard tournament

on the upside, the harry potter movie comes out a week before, which means I can probably justify going to the theatre to watch it before studying for finals. yes, that’s how the priority dice rolls!

clean up this hole you call a home!

as the floor manager at my place at WCRI, I have the authority to fine people. for any reason. the power is amazing! today I laid down my first notices. apparently I have to give notices before I give fines. but the point is, the mens bathroom is apparently a disgusting sty. and for that reason, people will feel my wrath. I demand a clean living environment.

tv! precious precious tv!

a lot of season premieres have now begun, and I’m desperately trying to keep up! what am I missing from my schedule:
monday – prison break
tuesday – amazing race, scrubs
wednesday – gilmore girls
thursday – apprentice: martha stewart
friday – apprentice, numb3rs

did anyone catch the first apprentice? it was ten thousand times better than martha stewarts apprentice.


school has been going well. I attend all my classes, and take good notes.


we’re throwing together a dragon boat team at the U of W. if you wanna come out to paddle, lemme know! we’re welcoming any members whether its the first time or.. you know, not.


wow, i haven’t updated in ages, and I already have internet at home. I’ve just been super busy with school (I know it sounds like a lie, but really!). as of this morning, I’m officially enrolled in CHINA101R, intro to mandarin! I’m so excited, I’ve been wanting to take this course for aaages! :)

and resumes have been making me wonky. growing up is not fun!


my place at waterloo is… um, decent. it lacks a lot of necessities (just yesterday I had the mirror and door rack installed, both things that should’ve been there on moving day). My place is basically like res. without a meal plan. whcih means everyone cooks. which means the kitchen get super dirty super fast.

my place has:
- no screens on the windows that are big enough to throw a person out of
- no door on one of the three bathroom stalls for the girls on the floor
- no door on one of the two shower stalls for the girls on the floor
- no garbage bin
- no recycling bin
- no mail boxes
- no bike room

so you know…. it’s kinda shabby. but the ppl are great!


and happy belated birthday danny!

peking ducks at stratford!

frankie entered a PA alumni team into stratford to celebrate his *supposed* retirement from db (we’ll see next season….). this boat was stacked: mofos, imps, a long for the ride, pirahnas, and your friendly hydrophobics representative. :) for a team that never practiced together at all, we did surprisingly well in the water, landing a 2nd place finish in A cons, making peking ducks 6th out of 60ish boats in the regatta. woooo!!

but the best race to watch was the A finals, where hanelei took a total clean sweep, bust a boat-and-a-half past their three competitors, way before the finish. it was absolutely sexy. o_O

a firetruck can consume nine times its weight

I don’t have much else to report. I should be getting ready for class now. bye guys, I hope everyone is enjoying school / work.


doesn’t belong in my system. yesterday was fed101, and jer treated me to a vodka shot. and it went up my nose. and I was in pain the rest of the evening.


I’m in class right now because i have no internet at home and I’m sooo desperate to communicate to people. i hope you’re all doing super!


happy belated birthday to jon chan & donna!!! and happy birthday to derek! :)

and that’s all the time i have at the moment, i gotta pay attention in class.

ice caps at 8pm is BAD

so min came over yesterday evening to spend some quality time talking about the four months he abadoned us nerds for the hot hot weather of cali. it was an enjoyable evening that started with him appearing at the window like some creepy man who you know will kill the victims in a horror movie. that’s right. he’s creepy. and tall.

we went to the timmy’s at steeles and 404 where there was this commotion between some chinese kids. I wanted to take the table beside them to see what was going on, but min refused and so we ended up sitting further away, but there were talks of police coming and the story goes that one of the boys had apparently been caught in the girl’s bathroom. o_O min said that toronto was crazy, but I told him that spending four months in cali doesn’t make toronto NOT his home.

regardless, we had a lot of fun just talking about people and our lives and our jobs and our futures. min is a really bright guy, and I know he’ll have a super future. It was a blessing for me to meet someone as talented. next time us nerds should all go out, i haven’t seen lis in ages!

oh, min bought me an ice cap (because i had to claim the only other table in timmy’s that wasn’t beside the angry confrontation), and i was up til 2am from the caffiene.

last minute loose ends

I suck at this I know. I’m trying to get around to seeing some friends before I take off for eight months to go back to loo. and i only have…. two days to do so. because this weekend is the GWN competition at ontario place. oi.

conversation starter

what’s your favourite cookie? I seem to have a super sweet tooth, and so miss vickie’s chocolate chip minis are always delicious. mmm!

i’m an idiot

in regards to the rent trailer:
view here!

as a sidenote:

I get shivers watching the new trailer for RENT the movie. I watched the musical twice in highschool when it was in toronto, once on opening night with elaine and another time in the $20 cheap seats up front with michelle & company (when jen puked during intermission on some woman who refused to move aside despite the fact we warned her someone was nauseously ill). movie opens november 11th!!!

highschool nostalgia

so I’m clearing out some boxes in the basement and I find a bunch of old highschool agendas of mine. they’re all filled with notes from friends and song lyrics and poems and doodles. and I’m looking at the gazillion pictures I pasted in here of people I know and interesting things and bands I liked and I’m thinking about how I changed.

does anyone know what ever happened to the bands:
Made? Zuckerbaby? Change of Heart? Seven Mary Three? Glueleg? Vibrolux? Down by Law? Gandarvas?

I know Made had that one single “Hair Down” (I even remember the chorus), and I know I have the self-titled Zuckerbaby CD upstairs with their single “Andromeda”, but as for the rest I seriously can’t remember what one-hit-wonder song they had to find a place in my grade 10 agenda. The world is full of interesting memories that you just forgot about until something unearths them.

Apparently there’s a slew of birthday information in here too. This will definetly prove useful.

Also in this agenda, Adi has left many comments beside a lot of the pictures I have of band members. Most of them are arrows pointing to certain individuals with the caption “he’s so hot”. Hahahah, it’s pretty funny.

I remember in my grade nine agenda, I glued colourful fobby note paper into those pages that no one pays attention to (message from the principal, handy formulas, periodic table, etc.) so that my friends could write me notes. Sometime during the year my agenda got lost (I think I left it in a class by accident), and when I found it again, pretty much every pretty paper that had yet to be written on was ripped from my book, and those that couldn’t be ripped at least looked like someone put decent effort into trying. Pages that already had writing on them had the cute little characters cut off from it. I was so sad. =(

conversation starter:
what are a few one hit wonder songs / bands you used to listen to?

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