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welcome to wireless!

I’m currently typing this entry in my living room on my new spiffy laptop with my new wireless router. awesomeness!! I’m almost all set to go back to loo with my new purchases once I get a mouse and …. a webcam.

so many nerd purchases! =D they make me happy.

work term encore!

I’ve been asked to stay for half a week a work. which is great because my project isn’t entirely finished yet and I really want to be the one to complete it. I can’t wait to go back on monday. I will be so sad when I leave on wednesday.

movie review

has anyone else seen crash? what an amazing movie! there’s a stellar cast: don cheadle, sandra bullock, brendan fraser, ryan phillipe, tony danza, matt dillon. it’s awesome how it displays racism and people deep in their hearts. anyone looking for a movie that will make you think should go pick this up.

so you like the runs eh?

I had dinner with bryan tonight. our five year friendship has been pretty amazing, we’ve stood through many ups and downs and he’s still by my side. we always have a good time when we’re together, and our maturity level always falls a few notches. I’m not old!

happy belated birthday dinner!!!

I threw out my back

bryan: how the hell did you do that?!
me: I was … stretching.

seriously. I threw out my back attempting to stretch. first I stretched forwards, touching my toes while standing. and then I stretched backwards, arching my back 90 degrees. and when I stood up again, I had a quick spasm of pain. and then suddenly, I couldn’t twist.

basically any movement that involves turning my chest to anywhere that’s NOT directly infront of me causes rediculous amounts of pain. all my muscles are strained.

and I hate telling people how it happened. so you all know. stop asking. :(

and the conversation starter

what’s your favourite four letter word?

the storm

did anyone catch the crazy storm that happened in TO yesterday? our roof was leaking throughout the night (my house is so old!) and all day at work the entire sky was dark as night. from the windows in the office we could look out and see the north end of the city covered with black clouds, it looked like a plague. flashes of lightning we also visible, it was actually pretty cool.

but the drive home was garbage. daddy and I were stuck in rediculous amounts of traffic, and pretty much all routes heading home had flooded streets. we cut through a ton of side streets (shaunnessy, brahmes, seneca hill, etc.) and each road had people directing traffic out because of floods or accidents. it was pretty chaotic to see a car stuck in a pool of water up to its windows. other people were trying to sweep water out from their flooded garages, and others were trying to figure out what to do with cars that had slipped and landed on their front yard.

we had to try three different routes before we could get into our neighbourhood block since each one was flooded, and in the end we made it home after driving through a bumper-high flood area on the street. apparently my neighbour had not been so lucky and tried to go through the same area when the water was higher and his car died. and later on in the evening we saw him bucketing water out from his back seats.

we had a super blackout for the rest of the evening. and that’s also when we realised we had only one working flashlight in the house. =P regardless, I went out later that night with ian goh to go get some yummy dessert. I had a lot of fun sitting around and just talking with him and watching him be stupid. highschool friends are awesome.

the calm

today I took my parents to go see Chun Yi: The Legend of Kung Fu, a Mirvish productions at the princess of wales theatre. tickets were advertised on rfd for $20 so I thought it’d be a nice family thing to do. the show is quite amazing, I really enjoyed it! If you guys get the chance, you should take your families to go see it!! my parents were quite happy. =)

later on in the day daddy and I went onto the roof to look at the damage from the storm and we found out our shingles were basically garbage. whoever did our roof nine years ago did a piss poor job and now we’re paying for it, which makes me uber angry. I spent the rest of the afternoon clearing our the eavestroughs that were filled with leaves and shingle rocks. our house is in desperate need for some loving.

and later

tomorrow I need to do nerd shopping.

that’s all the updates I have. I hope you guys are having a super wknd! I hope PA dirty oars are having fun, I hope team dangerous is ripping back some medals and I can’t wait to hear for results from london & oakville (make me proud boys!)

what? what? what? daaaaaangerous!!

flickr – let the fun begin!

yeah, I’m all crazy happy about flickr. this thing is awesomeness.

gang colours and gang clothing are not allowed at the rogers centre

a picture of all the postcards chris has sent me while on his trip around europe

TSO at Harbourfront

looking for something to do … tomorrow? haha, the Toronto Symphony Orcestra has their final free concert at the Harbourfront Centre. I went yesterday and it was amazing! The music was wonderful, and the evening weather was SO great! Thanks so much to Sandra for planning this event, it was a great after-work thing to do!

TSO at Harboufront

Back to School purchases

I bought myself a new laptop for school. I’m excited, and eagerly waiting for its arrival… I also bought myself super cheap textbooks (soft-cover, black and white international editions for less than half the price of the UW bookstore). and I bought some lined paper at Canadian Tire for 49cents a pack.

if anyone is thinking of selling a 40gig harddrive for cheap, lemme know! I would like one for my current computer, which will be given to my parents once I get my laptop. My current harddrive has resorted to giving me “emminent failure” warnings again, and I think mommy would freak out if she saw it. ;)


I like penguins. they’re cute, they walk funny, and the babies are adorable. which is why I insisted that A take me to go see March of the Penguins yesterday. what an amazing movie! the scenes were just breathtaking! the thousands of penguins that were shot during their mating season was so very cool, and there were many sad gasps as a penguin mommy cried over the loss of her newborn baby. it was sad. *sniffles*

overall, a super amazing movie for anyone who likes penguins. and even for those who don’t, because it’s very educational. =) go watch it!

and other things

I spent the majority of my weekend with A. we had a great time watching movies and eating food and going to dragonboat practices and talking some serious talk about our relationship. I don’t know why any of you guys would care, but it’s really important to me that relationships remain as open as possible. I’m just happy.


my project at work is almost done. I’m cutting it pretty close too, because I’m only there for two more weeks. two more weeks and I’ll be done, with no excuses to take long shopping lunch-hour walks and gossip with coops and coffee breaks with coworkers. BMO is a great place to work. the environment is friendly, the area is awesome (be prepared to drop some cash while there tho, those summer sales really get to you!), and the people are wonderful. *sigh* summer is coming to a close. and do you know what that means?


well, okay it’s a little early for that. I’ve got 8 more months of school and then I’m officially a waterloo grad. it’s scary to know that I’ll be out in the world so soon, and have to go through all the seriousness of finding a real fulltime job and stuff. I’m still a kid and enjoying my life, so it looks like I’m gonna have to put some serious effort into growing up. wish me luck!

the i <3th darth comic adventure

I suck at updating don’t I? it’s not that I’ve neglected the website, because really I just paid down 65 dollars for it, I’d love to make use of it. but since I spend 90% of my computer time at work, I never think it’s safe to go around blogging there. you know all the stories about people who lose their jobs because of blogging. it’s a dangerous world.

did I mention I went to montreal over the wknd? penguins are adorable. I also got hardware from dragonboating with PA, and spent some awesome time with the team and my hunnie.

which leads me to the next point, that my birthday was superb. thanks for all the well wishes. it’s (hopefully) going to be the best prime number age ever. I’m not a nerd!!

and lastly before I jet because it’s getting past the bedtime, I was very disappointed when a pair of shoes at the aldo outlet store weren’t in my size. boo! =( so does anyone know of any good shoe stores with some good sales? I’m looking for a pair of school shoes because my old one from aldos broke and school shoes are always afe interview shoes. =)

yay for hardware!I had the most eventful weekend of my summer in Montreal with my friends from PA. For my birthday, A treated me to the Montreal Dragonboating Festival with Paddlers Anonymous for the long weekend. When we arrived friday evening at our residence in McGill, bee and I took a walk around Old Port, walking from our residence to the waters and back (it’s a rediculously long and tiring walk…), but I ate a DELICIOUS dark chocolate and strawberry crepe, got my hands all covered in a chocolate mess (“I know how to feed myself…”), ended up washing my hands at a travelodge where athletes for FINA were staying at (ooo!) and passed out all ready for the next day’s races (minus the random wake up call of a drunk jeremy yelling “take the elevator!”).

the next morning, my milk didn’t smell like a trashed jer. but boy was jer trashed. We raced ourselves silly, saw Hydrophobics people there (what what what? DAAAAANGEROUS) and bummed around talking to people and stuff. Since our races ended early, A and I went to the biodome (EEEEE!!!!) where I got to see the cutest penguins and puffins around. SO. CUTE. eeheheheheee! we went back to residence (that hill to our place was SO STEEP, I sweated buckets just going up and down that hill), and went out with PA to Old Port again for a delicious dinner with friends.

Sunday was spent being extremely tired because our first race was at 740am, and many people took naps inbetween races. but not me! I spent the majority of the time awake and walking around. And the highlight of the weekend? HAAAAARDWARE!!! woooo hooo hooo hooooooO!!! PA came in 1st in the Rookie B division, so we each got cute little medals and one bigass trophy to share with the team. awwww =) many pictures were taken at this point.

bee and I stayed behind so he could race with Riptide Mens, so I spent THAT time sleeping in the hydrophobics tent. By the time Hydrophobics left the racegrounds, it was 7. and by the time we finished dinner and set off from Montreal, it was 10. I stayed awake the entire ride home in Simon’s car to ensure he didn’t fall asleep at the wheel, which was REALLY hard because we didn’t get back to A’s until 4am. >_< but now I'm back, had a day to somewhat recover, and am currently enjoying my halfday. =) so.... *HUGS* thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! you guys are great!!!!! hope everyone had a super civic holiday wknd!

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