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OMG! I’m horrible at this!

This is the post that was supposed to go up last week. I have one for this weekend, but I doubt everyone would want to read them both back to back. I’ll have pictures up asap!

I leaf toronto!

carmie and I spent our sunday running around toronto, collecting clues and answering questions in a race to the finish line for a fun-filled I leaf Toronto’s Race in the City.

This was honestly one of the best $20 dollars we’ve ever spent ($28 if you include the TTC Day Pass). The Race we entered, which was themed Movie Madness, took us everywhere from Greektown (where parts of the filming of My Big Fat Greek Wedding happened), to the Distillery District (for 2002 Best Picture Winner Chicago) to Roy Thompson Hall (the action hit X-Men), all in 4 hours time.

I would’ve suggested that anyone who has yet to give this a try really should consider, but I just checked the website (ileaftoronto.com) and they’re pretty much all filled up for registration until October. which is too bad because carm and I were thinking of entering into another one.

But let me tell you how the day went down:

All the teams gathered at 930am outside of Union Station to review the rules of the game. Carm and I surveyed our competition and realised that everyone was more prepared than we were. Not only did they have actual maps of the city (whereas we had the TTC transit map), they were also all in shorts and sports gear, one person had a knapsack, and some were even stretching. Carm and I had both worn jeans, I wore a regular tank top and she wore a polo tee. We could tell we were not going to win this.

Carm and I were the second team to leave (teams are staggered every three minutes for departure time). Our race route was:

1. Greektown
2. Roxborough Drive & Mount Pleasant
3. U of T St. George Campus
4. Yorkville
5. City Hall
6. Distillery District
7. Roy Thompson Hall
8. Planet Hollywood

Despite the (at times) heavy rainfall and the insane humidity, we had an awesome time. Many of us (me included) gave up on being self-concious about the sweat on our shirts while riding the subway. But the race was absolutely tons of fun, the people we met were really nice (no Rob & Amber team) and it was a great learning experience too! For example, did you know you could take the bus to the distillery district? I didn’t! And did you know that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had planned to purchase a house in Toronto just off of Mount Pleasant? Not me! Overall, we placed a respectable 7th place out of 13th teams.

Thanks Carm for doing this with me. We sure have a long way to go before getting ourselves onto the Amazing Race! =( Anyone who’s interested in learning more about this event, feel free to check out the website (ileaftoronto.com) or ask me about it!

Waterloo Dragon Boat Festival (aka the Waiting Game day)

Sadly, the highlighted event of our dragon boat season was rained out in waterloo as more than 30 cm of rain poured down upon the city. Each boat was able to hit the water once before crazy downpour and lightning surrounded us. There was already a morning delay of 1 hour because of rain, so teams such as the Waterhawks had to wait a rediculously long time before they could get their first race out of the way. The rain delay was kept up til 3pm when officials decided to call it a day. Awards will be handed out based on the first and only race times of many of the teams.

Which means that TCBA Jr Riptide took the event with a time of 2:10. Mofos came in a close second with a time of 2:11. I won’t say where Hydrophobics placed until I find out the official results. But I’m very proud of the team for their high spirits and positive attitude throughout the whole day.

Also thanks to Thomas for driving me home at 1030 at night because I’m sicklies and was with a massive migraine at the time and had to meet with Carm the next morning. Thanks for my sweetie for taking care of me despite the possible spreading of germs in his room.


Has anyone seen this movie? I think it didn’t get the attention that it deserved, as it has come and gone from theatres, and is now available on DVD. The movie was directed by Danny Boyle (of “28 Days Later” fame) and stars absolutely no one I know. It’s about a young boy who finds a load of cash and, thinking it’s a gift from God, finds ways to give it to poor people. I think it’s an amazing movie. The boy in the movie is a great actor, his honesty and innocense is what makes his character shine. I highly recommend this movie for anyone young at heart.

just a reminder

my term of two years officially expires today. I already renewed, so I’m hoping there will be zero delay in putting up the new blog. cross your fingers for me.

and carm, I have that update written, but I decided not to post it today in case the blog dies. if it’s still here tomorrow, the post will come up complete with pictures.

and chris, you’re a nerd. =D


I just renewed my domain at doteasy.com. I spent a long time debating whether I wanted to move to a host with database access, but after procrastinating too long I received an email today telling me my domain expires in five days. and so I quickly renewed it just now, but apparently the process takes “several days” to complete, so if my site goes offline in the coming week, you’ll know why.

just a warning.

a post about the fun & rain-filled weekend is coming, I typed it out at work and forgot to email it home to post. >_< let’s just say there was lots of rain. and I’m sick.

jeff is white and sad

the email I just got:

lucky rich azn parents…*grumble grumble*

this girl i work with is like “my parents want to buy me a bmw but i dont
want one, so im fighting to get a celica”

and im all like “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why am i white?!?!?!?!?!?”

my tickets are SOLD!

I’m sad that I won’t be able to attend this concert. I had actually been hoping that some miracle would happen where the following monday would be a holiday and we could go watch the concert, but sadly the world doesn’t like my logic.

fortunately for me, I was able to find a really nice person to buy my tickets. I hope he enjoys the concerts and tells me all about it when he gets back! thanks ken! … wait, did I spell fortunately right?

on other notes

fatty, do you wanna watch canadian idol? like how we SAID we would go? TWO YEARS AGO? before mikey bustos got booted?

fatty: do we still have to hold up signs for mikey bustos?
tee: yes.

yeah. go?

see, the thing with martee gras is…

no one really remembers your exact birthday, because you celebrate it for a week. my nerds call it the week that never ends.

tetleytee:are you coming out for martee gras
wayne: and when’s that agian?
tetleytee: you don’t know?!?!?!?!?!!?
wayne: …………………no………………………………..
wayne: 24th………?
wayne: no……….?
tetleytee: no =(
wayne: aiyah….
tetleytee: and don’t blame the fact that martee gras is a week long!
tetleytee: you should still know!
wayne: but it’s the whole week!!!!
wayne: one can easily get confused!!!!!

and when he finally got it:

wayne: [correct guess]………………..?
tetleytee: !
tetleytee: who told you?
wayne: pure memory tee
wayne: pure memory
tetleytee: HAHAHAHA
wayne: cuz i’m all heart

and then wess ratted him out:

wayne: i took another guess…….
wess: what did u guess?
wayne: GASP!!!! I THINK I GOT IT!!!!
wayne: WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
wayne: I’M A GENIUS!!!!!!!

it’s okay because wes didn’t get it right on the first try either. in fact, wes guessed 24 as well. and now min:

tetleytee :mchong! when’s my birthday?!
MC :what?
tetleytee :when’s. tee’s. bday.
MC :who are you?

o_O then he guesses the 24th, and tries to convince me that I’m wrong.

MC :24th
MC :no what are you talking about
tetleytee :……… noooooo
MC :what is going on
MC :I’m so confused!
MC :It is 24th what are you talking about
tetleytee :no it’s noooooooooooooooot. why would I lie about my own birthday!!! =(
MC :You’re crazy

so while my msn name was changed to “min doesn’t know tee’s birthday. :( ” I get a msg from jon the second he comes online:

JC13: … happpy birthday T!?
JC13: !

HAHAHAHAA! but don’t be fooled. apparently jon (who was still sleeping during my surprise party in his basement and who didn’t celebrate martee gras with us last year) got it right on the first guess. O_O

[edit] apparently jon got it right because min told him. ;P

summerlicious 1: FLOW

what awesomeness! this place is the shiet, if you want a super summerlicious meal then I recommend FLOW. it’s gorgeous, the service is pretty good (points deducted for not filling water fast enough), and the food is fantabulous.

appetizer: spicy shrimp
main: striploin
dessert: plantain spring rolls

more pictures:
2005 07 08: FLOW


I went to loo for a db practice with hydrophobics on saturday. after practice, the team had a bbq outside the A & B div quads in WCRI, and when everyone left my sweetie and I went to the petting zoo, our now-annual retreat. they have new baby bunnies! as well as baby peacocks and baby ducks. I suggest everyone go look at the pictures.

sunday was spent also in waterloo paddling with PA hawks. ed came out too, and we had lots of fun together. “woooo it’s hot in here, waves towel” o_O the next time we go back, sobey’s is going to have a sign saying “no towels allowed”. =P

for waterloo pictures of baby aminals and simon beating the crap out of a watermelon, click here:
2005 07 09: Waterloo Petting Zoo!

you know what?

I paid a visit to many a-friends’ blogs today after remembering they had one (sometimes I don’t link them on my page in case they want their thoughts to be private ones), and I just realised how mindless my thoughts are. seriously. people are writing journal entries that express their emotions and illustrate all sorts of problems or deep thoughts in their lives. and I’m writing about how jer is the worst person to watch a cry movie with. am I really that dumb? O_O

sven, don’t answer that you fatass.

jer isn’t sappy-movie-friendly

so we’re all watching a crazy amount of sappy movies at frankie’s house on canada day. we watched this first movie called ‘a moment to remember’ (but tif translated the cover to read ‘eraser in my head’), where I sat beside phil who was kind enough to pass me the kleenex box in case I needed it. awww.

and then I watched the second movie (‘windstruck’, the prequel to my sassy girl) sitting beside jer who is the woooooorst person to sit beside during a sappy movie. “why are there so many bullets in that gun?” “this is so gay” “who’s that ugly kid?” although I didn’t think the movie was sappy enough to begin with, jer was the absolute sappy movie killer.

and lastly we watched ‘a world without thieves’, which I’ve already seen before but still like so I enjoyed watching it again. frankie and chill and karen did a super job hosting the event with everything from a gazillion random junk food options to bbq lunch to kfc/pizza dinner to crazy fireworks!

and more interesting news

I have crazy allergies in my left eye at the moment. or maybe some eyeshadow fell into it. regardless, my constant rubbing has caused my eyeshadow to be completely removed from said left eye and now I just look like a hooker having a bad makeup day. or, good make up day, however you wish to look at it. shakes fist.

webcam changed

although I still liked the pancake bunny. eeheheheheee!! oh, the zoo had no baby bunnies this year, I was really sad. =( they only had one mommy bunny. and she looked uber lonely =(

where is everyone?!

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