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coles notes: my week

- TIDBRF @ CI with Hydrophobics
- watched Magnolia with A

- 5th place in B division (11th overall) at CI =) wooo!!
- no bunnies at the petting zoo =(
- jumped into the CI fountain =)

- really tired
- not a happy day

- really tired
- also not a happy day

- still tired
- a better day
- went to a steps class
- bought a book to learn how to write chinese

- that would be today
- rediculously tired
- nothing really planned
- returning book on how to write SIMPLIFIED chinese =P

- canada day!
- celebrate at frankies with sappy korean movies
- hopefully have lunch with jer

that’s really all I’ve got.

random thoughts

I really like my job. it’s a lot of fun, and the people here are awesome.
I want to go out for lunch today. perhaps I will see if the coops feel like going to green mango. if not for the food, then at least for the view. ;)
I didn’t get to see who made it to canadian idol’s top ten. but I really hope that girl that sang the bonnie raitt song made it in. everytime I hear it I think of ericsson jeremy. I miss jeremy!
yesterday’s crossword in the 24 was uber hard. since tomorrow is a holiday, I hope today’s will be easier. yes the corelate somehow.
I want to dragon boat. right. now.

shakes fist!

Phils says: grate.
tetleytee says: cheese.
Phils says: smelly.
tetleytee says: you!
Phils says: smart
tetleytee says: me. wait! this is a trap!
Phils says: loser.
tetleytee says: dammit!
Phils says: slow.


and more

says my friend:
I’ll make you a tube top. No gaurantees on the shape or size of the tube. No gaurantees on it being a top either.

man this blog is neglected

so island races are coming up in … fiiiiiive days. last minute planning is never a good idea, and yet it’s so hard to break away from. summerlicious booking start today! I suggest everyone with an AE go out and get fatty at a nice restaurant. ;)

who wants to check out the opener for the TO street festival with me?

it’s past my bedtime. my eyes are closing as I type this.

my aaron kwok tickets are still up for grabs. and NO, they’re not selling for 5 cents each. I might as well go watch it myself then you cheap losers!

abbey girls where are you? let’s go get ice cream one of these hot summer days, I’m all missing you guys and stuff!

summer is here, everyone get off their butts and go outside already! ed needs to get healthy anyways.

frekking dammit!

The Bell City Chase

me and carmie have been looking to do some of these sorts of things all summer long! and I just found out about this one today. sadly, these things cost money. =( but I’m sure they’d be totally worth it just for the fun. I’m very sad.

if anyone knows of any other amazing race type of events happening in TO, PLEASE lemme know about it. or pass the news to carmie. we want to be the ex-roomies team.

so long as she can eat that 4 lbs of meat. there’s no way out carmz!!!

it’s gettin hot in hurrr

holy crap this weather is insane. the basement is my new haven. thank goodness I was too lazy to move the computer into my room! =D

the feasting wknd

today for lunch I had all-you-can-eat sushi (complete with sashimi!) at wasabi with the olgc coops. a good time was had by all while we talked about all the old memories those four months together gave us. ah how time flies. it’s cool how we can still get together and chill and talk. but then again, every work term that’s all we do. and ambrose doesn’t even have to worry about me chilling with five boys cuz all we ever talk about is:
1. the newest gadgets (psp, nintendo ds, etc)
2. star wars (how light sabers work)
3. angelina jolie’s boobs


wang leehom is my new hero

so I went to pmall today in hopes to buy a bday gift for a friend who’s dinner I’m going to tomorrow. but in the end I bought the new jj lin album for jimmy (his first REAL chinese cd) and in return he bought me the wang leehom music evolution album. hahaha… sorry terry! I did try, honest. I will have to get a gift later on this term. oi.

my cd is super. I’m so happy, now all I need to buy is the unbelievable album to complete my collection. or, I guess I would have to buy shangri-la too, but I dled it. eeps.

I know it’s dirt cheap to buy fake cds, but sometimes the artists are good enough to support. just like how jimmy likes jj lin. even though his album cover is gay (please don’t hurt me).

dressing up to the nines. or… threes?

not only do I not remember how that expression goes, but I don’t know what it means so there wasn’t any point in me trying to use it. regardless, I have a wedding dinner to go to tonight for a family friend. and in half an hour I will be leaving the house. and I don’t kno what to wear cuz it’s too hot outside. good thing there’s no one to impress.

oh that reminds me

one size doesn’t fit all

namely: me. hahahahaa! so jimmy and I were at pmall and I saw a dress in some store on the maniquin (I can’t spell) and I asked jimmy “how much do you think that costs?” jimmy’s guess was 150 and mine was 200, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out it only costs 55. and then I raised my eyebrow when she said one size fits all. okay. she might be blind, but I know for a fact that an outfit that sits on the display model has no way of making it past my rediculously large hips. gay.

and I’m an idiot for even trying it on.


okay off I go to find something to wear tonight.

hope everyone has a happy wknd!

getting ready for a-suing

c’mon kids, even if you AREN’T a fan of beach volleyball (and if not, what’s WRONG with you!?) you gotta check out this site: spikeTO | Who Spikes this Town?

summer sun means beach volleyball. so if you’re up for some fun and want to throw cash in for a good cause, sign up for the Paddlers Anonymous Beach Volleyball tourny. this thing was hella hard for organizers so sign up or come out to show your support!

good job on the site and the organizing PA, I hope your event is a suuuuuuccess!! =D

what to do for the summer

- summerlicious
- celebrate toronto festival
- buskerfest
- tastes of the danforth
- wonderlaaaand dammit!
- jays game!
- dragon boat (ooobviously)
- ?

anyone with any ideas or who cares to join me on my adventures leave a msg! let’s have some fun this summer!

hydrophobics does pickering!

or… more like pickering kicked hydrophobics in the butt and sent them home crying. okay not exactly crying. but I had hoped for a slightly better outcome of our races. and it’s not that my team wasn’t strong, it was that we threw our first race and were juuuuust shy of B division, which is where we belonged. sigh. that’s alright, we’ll take on island =)

my legs hurt

and I don’t know why. and I don’t know why I posted it either, just thought you’d like to know.

fun times with the hawks

thanks for chilling with me at pickering boys. and thanks Mark for your delicious sub that fed 1/10 of my boat. hahaha! =) *HUGS*

this week

I really must find myself a summer dress because the wedding dinner is saturday. anyone know of any cheap summer dress places to shop at in the yorkville area? =(

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