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run TO


twooooo days

until the nike RUN TO. I know it’s not like me to be supporting a non-charity event, but I bought into the hype with the pretty t-shirts and whatnot. regardless, I can’t do 10k, I don’t think I can even do 5k at the moment. so there will be more walking than running. maybe I’ll carry the camera and take photos. hahaha!

I have a practice right before the run too. sucks to be me. =(

comments galore!

I didn’t know aaron kwok was such a hot comments topic. I’ll keep that in mind! hahahaa! I still haven’t found anyone to take those tickets, nor have I found anyone who’s willing to go see aaron kwok with me (and drive, as I don’t know the way and don’t like driving to places I’ve never been to). what to do what to do.

work is fun!

minus the fact that it’s been 4 weeks and we haven’t seen a cent, work has been superfabulous! I love talking to the coworkers and I spent the majority of the week working less-than-hard because everyone was on vacation. only three coworkers out of my department of 8 have been in this week. it’s nice. =)


is a rerun. it’s the spanish flu episode. at first I thought it was plague city =P

home renovations!

who has seen my ugly-ass basement? who has ideas on what the hell I should do with it? putting in new carpet is a must. throwing out unnecessary junk is a must. we are very slowly fixing up the house. I painted the upstairs bathroom this weekend to a shade that is almost-white-but-not-quite. the kitchen will be the same colour. the downstairs bathroom will have some new tiled walls. the upstairs hallway will be painted a colour that we haven’t picked out yet.

bunnies + pancakes = awesomeness

jonny says I’m overkilling the pancake bunny. but it’s so damn cute. you be the judge.

short of words

this seasons’ finales are crazy drama! O’ve never been so glued to the tv in such a long time…

amazing race – super duper awesomeness
GG – wow! crazy crazy drama! 100% glued to the tv.
OC – draaaama! my eyes went misty eyed quite a few times, but no tears actually fell.
CSI – they HAD to kidnap the cute one. bah!
Apprentice – I think the odds are all for kendra (is that her name? I forgot… the one who’s not tana).

also a few things of note:

PLAGUE CITY – what the hell is this!??!?!!? plague city: toronto sounds rediculous! what garbage….
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory – because I heart johnny depp, I want to see this.
madagascar – I want to see just cuz it’s got penguins. and I love all things penguins. except for penguin poop.

as for myself

nothing extremely interesting to note. it’s almost long weekend, what are you kids up to? I’m itching to shop. but but but… I dunno. delimma.

for sale

two tickets to aaron kwok concert july 24th at casino rama. the story behind it is gay. they’re 68 each or best offer. lemme know.

hap-hap-haaaaaappy birthday!

wow, that sounded gay. happy birthday phils :) I hope you stuffed yourself silly at kbbq! come find me tomorrow for a free drink!

and for the rest of yous…


club nite fundraiser at cafe havana tomorrow night. tickets are 10 dollars in advance, 15 at the door. come support this great team and meet their hot paddlers!! :D

let’s make this quick!

grey’s anatomy is coming up really quick. I’d just like to mention a few things:

- remember tarzan dan? he used to do the hit list top 30 and have his own radio show and everything? he’s now on 1050 chum introducing oldies. I feel old.

- work is super. I love what I do, I love learning new things and my people are so much fun. we had an offsite meeting on thursday and got stuffed silly at lunch. the rest of the day was a blur with ice cream bars in between.

- I’ve been good with the shopping (or lack of). but I’m so itching to buy. itch.

- season 4 family guy episode 1 was absolutely awesome. “this whole incident has turned his life upside down face”. CLASSIC.

- amazing race season finale is coming up. who’s gonna win? go euychenna & joyce!!

and comments galore

you guys are so nice when I don’t post anything! I should do this more often!

[ville] I’m working at bay & bloor, so not exaaactly downtown. front & university isn’t… exactly in my area. but it’s close enough for a dinner sometime!

[chris] this update is juuuust for you.

[carmie] right. this update is for you as well. I miss you! SHOT SHOT SHOT! hahaha you’re probably watching grey’s anatomy right now too!!

[ed] you lie! I do not! dammit!! >_< saturday?


wow, am I bad with updating or what? sorry guys…

day 1 of many

my first day at BMO has me smiling about the next four months. not only do they have a project all ready for me to work on, but the other co-ops working there (on my floor!) are really nice too! bonus!

plus, bay & bloor has some of the best shopping eveeeer! I can’t WAIT to go shopping! the indigo is RIGHT under my building, I don’t even hafta go outside! indigo! wheeeeeeeeeee!!!


first db water practice

I’m rediculously sore. my back has been cracking all day at the slightest twist and turn because of all the built up pressure and tensed muscles or something. i feel old. and I had a meeting with my boss and a coworker and the angle at which I was watching them made my neck start hurting in a strange way that slight slight slight move would cause a twinge. weird. but still alive, and happy.

today I:

responded to some emails to members on hydrophobics.
found my chequebook and daybook.
wore the shirt I DIDN’T spend 40 mins ironing yesterday.
walked outside til it started hailing.
wandered around for an hour cuz i was early for work.
ate a big hunk of steak.

tomorrow I will:
get cracking on my access project.
hopefully pick up my nike race kit.

just now:

me: when did you two start dating?
friend: like a month ago
me: and this wasn’t mentioned during baked pasta?!?!
friend: it was a secret
friend: and it’d be weird
me: not as weird as the baked pasta
friend: LOL

jenn: don’t take offense babe, your baked pasta was interesting and tasty, but I guess it just didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to? hahaha we’ll do it again another time, and we’ll get it right!!! :D

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