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remind me again?

I got my butt kicked on my final yesterday. I could’ve sworn I signed up for a CS course, but it was like I was writing psych101. followed by some rediculous math.


it’s the weekend. and I’m cramming. I have three finals in three days. one of the three is extremely important to my average, but another one of the three is worth 60% of my overall mark. decisions.

happy birthday!

hurray! happy birthday to vivek :) to visit his page and throw birthday kisses, click on his name in the links. he’s lonely. and canadian. and that’s all the reasons you need.

belated birthday goes to fellow fat-camper ginny aka piggy! if she had a page, I’m sure PA fat campers would be leaving all sorts of stupid retarded msgs for her. but alas she doesn’t, and the day has passed so inappropriate msn names would look silly now :( especially if it were only me.

why won’t this end already!

alrite back to studying. mommy and daddy are coming in in a few hours to visit me, and to give me lots of comforting hugs and reassuring words. i love family.

… perhaps I should give the house a once-over cleaning before they get here. *glances at books* yeah, this can wait.

exams are driving me bonkers

I’m all freaked out about my finals. stupid finals.

carm and I watched amazing race today. my team (the brothers) got booted. I’m so disappointed :( I was hoping they’d be the underdogs and win the show. le sigh.

we have a building meeting in fifteeeeeeeeeen minutes. free pizza will be distributed. so I’m just patiently biding my time. *twiddles thumbs*

daddy will be home tomorrow, I hope he had a fun trip!

and… yeah. we ate a lot of almost expired food today (tofu, rice noodle rolls), plus some semi-moldy mushrooms. well, I’m pretty sure I removed most of the enoki mushrooms that had mold, but some of them might’ve slipped past my sight. we’ll see tonight when carm and I are both disgustingly sick and trying to hog the bathroom. fun times!

magical disappearance of stress

so yesterday at like 11pm I was feeling pretty good about this crazy assignment I busted my ass over. I had a few bugs left, but they were pretty much fixed, and I was a happy camper.

so when I went to submit my code, unix tells me the submission deadline had passed, and no lates were allowed. for those who don’t know, our assignments are usually due at 11:59pm. of course, I’m freaking out because I doubt anyone will be fixing this error in one hours time, and my last batch of code had errors. believe me, I got frekking pissed at my computer. and all my crazy efforts for this assignment! I went ALL OUT time time, I busted my ass over this. so in the last half hour of posting on the newsgroup and sending an email to the prof and twiddling my thumbs, someone comes up with the idea to tar my files before twelve to prove I didn’t change anything.

that’s good and all, but hwo the heck do I use the tar command? I’m not REALLY a nerd here!

in conclusion that one hour of my life caused more stress regarding this assignment than I’ve had all week. and even the whole not-sleeping bit wasn’t as bad.

on lighter news

now that I’m completely done my assignments, I took some time to browse the internet and look at what’s new this season. now only did I find a rediculously large amount of shoes I’d liek to purchase, I also found this:

Doraemon Limited Edition iPod mini Set (Custom Design Case, Wheel Protector) (Special Order)

awww! :)

wheee. okay I’m done. heading home today. about TIME!!! hope you kids have a spectacular wknd!

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