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spread the smiles!

after stuffing myself silly at wing nite with the OLGC co-ops (yes, I only ate ELEVEN wings. AGAIN.), I was all smiles on my way home. at my stop, I said a thank you to the bus driver, who replied with a thank you and a smile, and a “have a nice evening!”.

after getting off the bus I noticed that, despite the red light telling me not to cross, there was no traffic whatsoever along finch. so I thought what the heck, and jaywalked. as I walked across, I noticed a car waiting to make a left on the street coming out of my neighbourhood, the driver looked fustrated with the red light and lack of traffic. so when I hit the sidewalk, I pressed the crosswalk button and gave him a glance. he was looking right at me and gave a huge grin and the thumbs up. I smiled back and waved as I walked passed.

I feel good. :)

plus, I passed networks. not a superb pass, but… a pass nonetheless! YAY!


after being haggled by the only reader of my blog, I decided to post an entry to say that I’m still alive and enjoying my free weeks.

nerd alert!

yesterday, we went out and celebrated the birthday of my former roomie and one of the craziest nerd friends ever.

just for her, I took a shot of warm sake (which tasted and smelled like rubbing alcohol). we devoured platefuls of beef ribs (just like back in loo) and she took lots of rediculous pictures with my wacky but loveable nerds. it was great to have the old gang together. too bad wes couldn’t make it, but I don’t feel particularly sorry because he’s out in florida enjoying the sun and disneyland that lucky bastard.


did I mention I spent 100 dollars at fairweather when I came home last week? I also went shopping at ikea on wednesday where my sweetheart bought me a new blue ghostie, and thursday I went shopping with my cousin serena at yorkdale where I picked up this awesome summer skirt from h&m for teeeen dollars and some flowered hairclips (lisa got me hooked!). I realised now I should’ve picked up sandals from old navy too, boo. :( and I still need a haircut!

bye min! bye matt! bye wes!

you boys know what to do. send postcards. that’s right. I’m excepting postcards! oh, and your safe return (of course). hope you kids have fun!!!

tonight’s feast

I’m making short ribs for family tonight. my daddy is making shark fin soup and mommy is preparing lamb and asparagus. tonight will be a delicious feast of family love. and I am excited!

okay, I shall be off to prepare some food now. byeeeeeeeeeee!!!

PS. happy earth day!!!!!!

I still love you!

honest, I haven’t been neglecting my blog just cuz I’m enjoying the thrills of TO. I actually spent the entire day in my room amid old clothes and 3 years of dust throwing out / packing up memories and making way for my newly accumulated hong kong / 3B term junk. ah, the cycle never ends.

my room is currently a pile of mess.

and my infamous yellow bracelet has (once again) gone missing. such is life.

clock’s ticking

min, matt & wess are leaving soon. I hope wes finishes faster so we can all go do something before he jets. :(


hydrophobics practice numero uno was absolute killer. two hours of 20 minute sets and 2 minute breaks has thrown my body into rediculous amounts of pain. and that “cool down” swim that cramped my leg up? not a lot of help.

and the cycle continues next week! at least the team is getting into shape again!

time to randomly surf the internet. and maybe fix up that hydrophobics site that phil’s been ragging me about. :)


3B, you and I are officially OVER!!!!!! that’s right, I’m breaking up with you! I’m moving on to bigger and better things, namely your friend 4A! HA!

I never really liked you much anyways 3B, I always gave you all I had, and you always screwed me over again and again. I tried so hard to get along with you, but you never let me enjoy my time here. so from here on in, we have. no. relationship.

wait, except for the co-op term. that’s 3B. okay, AFTER the co-op term, you and I are done.

and you can keep the term finals.

bon voyage mes amis!

a large number of friends are going to enjoy their free weeks out of this country. thus, I’m expecting postcards from:
[min & matt] vancouver
[min & matt] seattle
[wess] (belated) chicago
[wess] florida – disneyland
[jenn] cancun
[lis] new york
[min] san diego

but until they’re gone, we’ve still got a week in TO to shake down! we’ll see what happens. I miss you guys dearly already!!!!


so vivek found this site:
Steve Don’t Eat It.
well I’ll be, it really does exist. and it’s disGUSTing. gag.

yesterday’s msci caused my hand to cramp. tomorrow’s info sys is starting to sound difficult, I really should get my studying act together.


I went out for lunch at mr. sushi with rob and alex, two co-ops from TTC. it was nice catching up with them and stuff, always fun and always filled with awkward silences. hahahaha woooo….

expired food! (again!)

carm decided to make scrambled eggs with ambrose’s expired omega three eggs. she ended up using six eggs because three of them had gone bad and she threw them out. so really, we’re not EATING our expired food. but we ARE keeping a lookout for them!

slow cleanup

I’ll be coming home on saturday, and I’m excited!
see you all soon!

food to finish

- tupperware containers (2)
- oranges
- carrot juice [edit: done]
- lemon cake
- cucumbers
- brocolli
- fishballs (lots)
- sidekicks (1)

it doesn’t look like much, but really, that’s a lot of random food.


sadly, we haven’t been eating any almost-expiring food lately. we’ve been really good with eating our bought food in general since carm and i are usually home and snackish. i’m hoping to eat scrambled eggs with the expired omega-eggs later this morning if my boy is willing to cook me some. :)

“for breakfast I had pocky and an ass-raping”

today’s title provided by jonny, in reference to our networks final. I would’ve provided a warning for language content but it was just too funny that it deserved the post header.

has anyone else noticed that I tend to blog more when I’m stressed? I got four hours of sleep sunday night because of a final on monday morning, and last night I slept three hours while trying to cram my brain full of networks material and window shopping online for all the things I deserve to (and will) buy once I’m done this term. who wants to go shopping with me? :)

so my networks final was INSANE. not only am I already sporting a low average, but I’ve come to the sad conclusion that despite the fact this final was found difficult by everyone, this course will not be belled. because, with me as an exception, everyone in the course is sporting a low to mid 80s. this is NOT GOOD. I hate the idea of failure.

I have another final tomorrow evening (three in a row, my bad week isn’t getting any better), and I will study for that after I take a very well-deserved nap. and probably eat. unlike jonny, I didn’t have any pocky for breakfast.

I got mail!

so I checked the mailbox yesterday and elaine’s special surprise finally arrived. it’s a carlton card. of aaron carter. and it says “hangin’ with you is ALWAYS cool.” (open) “you’re my FLYEST friend!” that’s right, aaron carter thinks I’m his flyest friend. shut up, I know you’re all jealous.

it totally made my day. now I must find a card to top hers. the hunt is on!

soooo yeah. how’s everyone else doing?

spring forth and propagate the world!

… in whatever way you want. wink wink nudge nudge. yesterday was steph’s birthday, the infamous castrator sparrow. really boys, she’s nice! she’s currently enjoying her time in BC while working on her masters and baking all sorts of delicious goodies (I’ve honestly never heard of taro bread but it sounds sooo good!)

today is ernie’s birthday. the ernie that’s the first of the group to be engaged. hurrah! and it’s also jason lore’s birthday. who, I don’t have much to say about because I haven’t seen/heard of or spoken to him in ages so I really don’t remember much about him except he’s james’ friend and went to brebeuf.

contrary to what this blog portrays, I DO keep better track of my friends. really.

simon’s birthday is tomorrow. help me find him hot girls. preferably single, but you never know, he might not care about status.

exam crunch

crunch time has approached. I have less than nine hours before this final and I’m starting to freak out. I tried to do the whole “wake up early and start fresh” thing but I failed because I ended up taking a three hour nap at noon. dammit.

lisa went on a sobey’s run and brought back all sort of snack goodies, including mini rainbow chips a-hoy, soda-licious gummie snacks, ben and jerry’s brownie ice cream, oreos, pillsbury cookie dough, doritos jalepeno cheddar, and what we affectionately call “nacho sauce”, but the rest of world refers to it as salsa. you guys aren’t cool.

I should be studying.

lemme break it down for you

econ 302 final: 4 questions, 2.5 hours, 15 marks each, 60 marks total.

question 1: 10 minutes.
question 2: 15 minutes.
question 3: 45 minutes.
question 4: 1hr 20 minutes and still nothing.

what. the. hell.
I literally sat on my ass for an hour just staring. I think I fell asleep for 15 minutes. my pencil slipped out of my hand as I nodded off. the whole time I was trying to remember waht CHAPTER the question was from because honestly, I was clueless.

and on top of that, I don’t know if my answers for 1 – 3 will get me the full 15 marks each. my world is falling apart. FALLING. APART. and I don’t even have time to mope because my next final is tomorrow morning. and I’m really lacking sleep.

and food.

DC is full, gonna head home and eat.

ah procrastination

tee: carm, what chapter are you on?
carm: chapter two?
tee: but… we didn’t have to read chapter one…
carm: … I know.

carm: what chapter are you on? 11 still?
tee: no, I went to chapter 10, 11 was too confusing
carm: TEE! are you playing games??
tee: noooo! of course not, OBVIOUSLY because the game is still LOADING….

*hangs head in shame*

yay distracting games!

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