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what the!

my first all nighter of the term. I can’t remember when I last did one of these. it’s 5 to eight and I haven’t slept yet. I saw the SUN RISE. this is insane.

ui is eating me alive.

oh meat! you’re so good to me!

lamb is delicious. oh so very delicious. tonight I will dine on steak. for those of you wondering about my sickness, I ate lamb and congee last night, the strangest mix. but at least I can say I made some attempt at eating comfort food. mmmm…

I will be at the lab today working on my UI assignment. all the people that were there yesterday were pretty much done. shakes fist.

I’m sleepies. I really want to nap. darn you 830 class that I missed but will have to attend at 430.

I’m very incoherent. I blame the sickness.

btw, it’s 6c today!!!! :D

happy easter!

so this weekend has proved to be much more of a time-waster than I originally predicted. I went to see the robotics competition on friday, and then cooked a nice vegetarian meal at home. lisa and I commented on how cold the house was because the heaters were off (which we don’t control, WCRI has centralized heating).

I then spent saturday at the mall with lisa and clo where I used my asian shopping skills to nap me three shirts for ten bucks at bluenotes. score! we then went grocery shopping where I bought a rediculously large amount of lamb in preparation for today. eeee!!

of course, I woke up this morning to lisa saying she’s really sick and can’t drive to church. which of course I wouldn’t want her to do anyways, sick people should always rest. and I went back to bed only to wake up at 130 (!!!) and to the most sexiest sick voice ever (just like phoebe in friends). of course it only lasted an hour, but the sore throat and stuffy nose is still kicking. apparently me and roomie are both sick. bah!

and we were gonna have an easter dinner at our place, which will now be cancelled because our house if full of crazy germs. :(

regardless, I bought lamb and I demand to eat it! so tonight I will enjoy my meat dinner and maybe tomorrow I’ll eat congee or smth.


hey kids!

it’s long wknd, and I’m still in loo. it’s very sad really. even more sad when i think about the code that’s not working. :( boooooo.

luckily for me, UW is full of interesting things this long weekend. today I will be checking out the Waterloo FIRST robotics competition happening at the PAC. don’t laugh, I think it looks really interesting! :P

tonight, donna and her entourage will be arriving in loo for the SOTF tourny *sniff* which I didn’t participate in because me and my longtime partner are both swamped with work. boo!! but there will be a dinner afterwards, hopefully of sushi (but most likely of hotpot) which i may or may not attend depending on what I can eat.

and lisa is also here in loo, so the two of us are having oodles of fun doing our respective assignments. but we plan to have an easter dinner when everyone comes in on sunday, depending on how much food we need to buy and how much it will cost.

surprisingly, a lot of ppl are still here (boyfriend included) for the weekend, and I was talking to mich who is also not home for the wknd because of work. but I’ve got more people around in the general area (roomie, PA peeps who came to practice last night, badmittten ppl who are coming IN for the tourny) that I think I will be okay.


daddy left this morning for a flight to the states, which connects him to HK to see my cousin timmy get married and dine on the feast that will be presented in the hong kong peninsula. I’m so very jealous, but even a peninsula dinner isn’t enough to make me ditch my finals. *sigh*

picture plethora!

I never thought I’d get to use that word…

so despite the fact that I have a headache, I’m overwhelmed to be experiencing my first day where I have nothing due in the immediate week. wow. so this is what semi freedom feels like. it’s so good!

and what to do with my free time when I should be napping since i had four hours of sleep and haven’t taken an advil for the migraine yet? why, upload pictures of course! because I had the most wonderful of wonderful weekends!

first off, this is my belated valentine’s wish.

8 blank red craft cards from ikea during their post-christmas sale: 50cents
gluestick from jonny.
and lots of love. which lead to a lack of midterm studying.
the one with the numerous heart flowers was my favourite, and so it went to ambrose. aww!

now on to more recent stuff.

so I arrived home saturday morning after my four hours of sleep and daily lab rituals of coding and swearing at unix. spent some good quality time with family. am extremely jealous at my daddy’s beautiful and healthy orchids.

mommy sent me to maxim’s bakery because she had a $10 coupon. I was a kid in a candy shop!! whee!! then I came home, and decided to do even more fun stuff, and made chocolate dipped strawberries for everyone to enjoy. because I love my family that much. :)

I took two and brought them out to war’s surprise birthday party! aaah, the highschool gang reunited, good planning job terry! good times!! happy birthday war!

came home exhausted and slept eight hours. best. sleep. ever. woke up in the morning and cleaned the house, had lunch with family, tried to work on that 480 assignment due today but I was really just bumming around waiting for the fun that would ensue later that evening.

~*~*congratulations erine and mike!!!*~*~

aren’t they the cutest? you can’t tell from the picture, but mike has wonderful blue eyes, and the nicest eyelashes ever! and he got along so well, I’m so happy for them! hehehe, I’m hoping jen will send me a picture of the ring later ;)

it was like grade school reunion. I didn’t get a picture of ali (boo!) but I got a great seat next to michie!
happy early birthday!!! remember when we used to think that today was your birthday? and then you found out in grade eight that it was actually the 22nd? :D

another birthday coming up is jen and jay’s. I didn’t get a good shot of jay, or many of the boys for that matter, so… here’s andi & jen, two of the sweetest chicks from abbey.

I left michie’s party favour on the table since i was in a rush to leave :( I hope someone took it for me and … mails it to me? 0:) I didn’t even take a picture! *sigh* but the main story: hurray to ernie and mike. and hurray to old school memories. *HUGS*

and lastly before I go, I had my first taste of starfruit this weekend. it was… interesting. I’ll stick to my nectarines.

really pissed

so I went to pick up my midterm yesterday and found an obvious marking error that would’ve gained me back four marks out of sixty. obviously I submit it for remarking cuz I didn’t do so hot.

today my prof tells us all that instead of going through with remarking because random people submitted stupid remarking reasons, he’s decided to give the entire class four marks, and those that still wish for remarking wouldn’t be able to get those four marks.

which is all fine for those that submitted ass remarkings, and for those that have no issues with their marks, I’m HELLA pissed. because my remark reason was obviously legit (even the prof said so himself when I asked him yesterday, he said I should’ve gotten those four marks no question). so here I am listening to him talk as the average for the midterm is bumped up by four marks, and I’m no better off than when I started even though I clearly have an error.

and everyone in the class is sitting around going “oh that’s fair that’s fair”, when really I feel like I’ve been stabbed. I DESERVE those four marks, I’m not submitting a remark because I didn’t write the proper answer but I’m blaming markers I’m submitting a remark because I’ve HONESTLY been missed out on four marks.

so what the fuck. everyone is up four marks, but that doesn’t change the fact taht I’ve been cheated out of four marks. it just means that he made the final out of 56 instead of 60.

what the hell am I doing here trying to hard for anyways? I’ve been busting my ass this term and I have nothing to show for it. I feel like everything I do just isn’t good enough, and I’m sick of pretending it doesn’t matter.

I should’ve switched out of my program a long time ago.


sorry sorry sorry, I know I’ve been sucking with the updates. but I have no interesting stories to tell you all, and I’ve been spending a lot of time at the labs again. I’ve realised that working from home is just not possible, and it’s a lot easier to ask someone for help if they’re sitting right beside you coding the same thing too. thanks jonny!

I’ve spent the last week in and out of the lab or with my sweetie doing work work work work work. one time I went out for half price appetizers for dinner with jonny at mcginnis and we stuffed ourselves silly. and then halfway while walking home I realised I left my shiny new three hundred dollar cell on the frekking table and had to run back. luckily for me it was still there.

and just yesterday I spent the entire evening coding in the lab with jonny and then realised after arriving at ambrose’s and settling in to do some homework that i had left my entire term binder on the computer table in the lab. frekkiiiiiiiiin….. >_< jonny is making me stupider. on the other hand, I’m getting myself a pretty new laptop. it’s decided. although I spent a long time debating which model of mine to get, and whether I could really justify spending an extra 170 for more RAM and another 20gigs. and a pentium M. but really, I don’t need anything super high-tech. so it’s settled. yay, more toys to play with! my orchid is in full bloom, and it’s absolutely beautiful. ambrose says I care more about the plant than I do about him, he catches me tending to the plant (and sometimes talking to it) when I’m supposed to be doing work… four out of five buds have become pretty pretty flowers, and I’m just waiting for the late bloomer to show before I take more pictures! :)

that’s about all the randomness I have for today. perhaps tomorrow I shall make french toast with the expired bread. but don’t tell lisa!!!

last thursday

me: hey lisa, want some french toast?
lis: mmm!!!
carm: alrite, we finally got rid of those eggs!
lis: wait!! the EXPIRED eggs?
carm: … technically that’s just the date they should be off the shelves
me: yeah, the bread’s still good. and if one of us gets sick, we ALL get sick. misery loves company!
lis: ….

“tee off!” – a phrase coined by matt.

[bry] I’m not old!! not ooooold!! :(
[chris] I got your dublin card!! :) and you just wait til YOU get married! mwahahhaaa!!


a heartfelt congratulations to my wonderful friend erine for getting engaged to her boyfriend mike. I’m absolutely estatic that one of the girls is taking such a big step in her life, and our circle of friends is still close enough to celebrate it with her.




my mood fluctuates a great deal depend on current stress loads. today I’m happy because we had a fun msci tutorial which involved counting numbers, and when I came home I found my computer desk laden with autographed photos of mikey bustos curtesy of carm and lawrence. :)

I was also relieved to see that my plant was still alive.

my weekend extrodinaire

I went home for a day on friday and spent some well-needed time with family. it was really nice seeing my parents, my brother, and my aunt. I’ve been worried about them for a while nice, so I’m relieved that everyone is smiling despite all the hardships.

so now I’m back in my room trying to… you know, actually do work. we’ll see how that goes.

I hope everyone had a super wknd!

oh the idiocy

so the good thing about my 830 networks class is that it’s only on monday and wednesday, and we have no classes on friday. today is friday. if you put two and two together, it means that i’m a FOOL who woke up at 8am to get to class this morning when really I could’ve slept in another two hours. I’m really pissed off at myself because my body is really lacking energy from 6 hours of sleep after a pool practice.


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