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it’s so early. I went to bed at 1230 last night only to be awake til 2am. just. lying. there. imagine the fustration. I guess I’m sleeping in 349 & msci again.


speaking of 349, my assignment is about 2/3 complete. it’s due on wednesday and I have lots of other assignments I should be starting, but for some reason, I LIKE this assignment. despite the fact that it’s not working the way it should, I’m really looking forward to the (right) outcome. crosses fingers.


should I purchase a new laptop for 1200cdn? it’s a dell inspiron (sp?) 700m, and really… the specs aren’t that bad. now I have to decide how often I will use it, and would I still need the desktop. hrm.

return -1

I’m rambling a lot this morning, I’m extremely tired. but i have milk, so off I go to eat some cereal. =)

go see this!

everyone should go see Kung Fu Hustle right now. go watch it, if not for it’s great storyline and perfectly placed humour, at least for the awesomely cool dancing leader of the axe gang. especially the part at the beginning. hahaha it was good!!

I’m a woman, Lord knows it’s hard
I need a real man to give me what I need
sweet attention, love and tenderness
when it’s real it’s unconditional, I’m telling y’all

cause a man just ain’t a man
if he ain’t man enough
to love you when you’re right,
love you when you’re wrong
love you when you’re weak,
love you when you’re strong
take you higher
when the world got you feelin low.
he’s given you his last cuz he’s thinking of you first
given comfort when you’re thinking that you’re hurt
that’s what’s done when you really love someone
I’m telling y’all, I’m telling y’all.

– alicia keys

overwhelming stress

I flipped out today over the workload I currently have. within the next two weeks I’m juggling numerous assignments, midterms and interviews. I know this is not unlike your workload, but it’s definetly more than I’ve ever had in any of my terms at waterloo. those who said that CS 3A was hard must not have had my 3B combination before. I suppose it’s also a mix of disappointment, I had picked courses thinking some would be easier and provide a “cushion” for the harder ones. it turns out the easier courses are more tedious than the really hard ones, and I need to spend equal time on all my assignments now to ensure I do well.

after collection my emotions I called my boyfriend out and told him about my stress and how I was (or wasn’t) handling it very well. he gave me some very good tips on working efficiently as oppose to just working hard, which was actually quite insightful. But I’m still scared as I look at the february calendar infront of me:

feb 2: cs349 asst 1 due (which I’m currently working on)
feb 3: co-op duties supervising, BMO interview #1
feb 8: cs456 asst 1 due
feb 9: BMO interviews #2 and #3
feb 10: co-op duties supervising, econ302 MT
feb 11: cs480 asst 2 report due, 349 asst 2 due, BMO interview #4
feb 15: cs480 MT

two of the assts due are coding assignments, and I’m a weak coder. I’m currently struggling over the 349, and I’ve been working on it for three days now and still not even halfway done. I know the 456 will be extremely difficult.

I guess I should be thankful that my MTs are spread out very nicely throughout the month of february, but the amount of interviews popping up are really causing trouble for my work schedule. I feel bad that I haven’t had time to do anything else other than work, and the occassional television shows (the amazing race, american idol, and the apprentice are currently keeping my sanity in check).

I was also hoping to see my boyfriend this weekend, but since both our schedules are filled with so much homework, we’ve had to postpone our get together. this is extremely upsetting since I’ve never missed a week spending time with him. does that sound very immature of me? I suppose I should learn to grow up a little.

I think I need to start looking at life from a different perspective. all this negative stress is really causing me grief. I’m having a lot of trouble being happy and I think people are having trouble keeping me happy.

it’s just that a lot of things are currently in the negative zone: the fact that we are dangerously low on groceries in this house is really upsetting me, I haven’t been able to go to the gym in a long while, ed told me something that really bothered me today, rent is due soon and I’m so strapped for cash, and I haven’t been home in three weeks. someone needs to show me the brighter side of life, I seriously need something to look forward to.

thanks for listening.

end the hate

thank you for bringing this to my attention alex.

racist tsunami song

I hate spyware

that’s right! damn you! damn you and your sneaky ways of installing yourself onto my computer!! I wasted a good four hours last night clearing you out of here instead of learning how to implement my UI project and it’s entirely your fault!

at 1130pm I finally drew my first rectangle!
tee: AAAH!!! my rectangle!!!
jonny: what happened? did someone square it?

today I will try to animate a square. *crosses fingers*

ooooh my gosh!!


just doodling

since I’m not on da hawks this year or da wave, I felt it wouldn’t be wise to contribute my halfass drawings for their logo. but I had fun doodling them out!

so… how’s about you guys vote, and then I’ll post the most popular one on the PA forum to see whether or not they’ll like it.

granted, I think da.wave looks a lot nicer than any of da.hawks. but that’s just cuz I don’t know how to draw hawks. =(



oh no!

won’t someone PLEASE think of the penguins!!!

Massive iceberg creates penguin havoc

taking care of my free time

11 Somerset: it’s really fun, it’s like those puzzle adventure games =)


are jerks. the vast majority of yous. especially those lacking brain filters. shakes fist.

the roomies

all made/received big purchases while I was out. what the heck! I missed out on everything! I come back in the frekkin cold (thank you alex!) and the conversation goes:
tee: hallos? =)
carm: hi!!
tee: hey! how’s it going?
carm: good. I… bought a laptop?
tee: you.. WHAT?
then we proceeded to gush over the laptop for ten minutes
tee: this is so unfair! why does all the cool stuff happen when I’m gone??
carm: … um, lis got a snowboard?
tee: … WHAT?

in desperate need

does anyone have a copy of chapters.indigo.ca > Item >Computer Networking: A Top-down Approach Featuring The Internet that they’re willing to sell me for not-so-expensive? I’m too poor to buy a new book, and shipping from the states sounds quite costly. Lemme know, please and thanks! =)

more random PA Winter Retreat joys

jenn: you know that show starring ally mcbeal? what was that show called again?
me: um… ally… mcbeal?

plus, moses & mike luu (?) were helping us think of things we could write on our fatcamp shirts:
moses: congratulations on losing that double chin!
mike: only one more to go!

the weekend that just won’t get fun

can’t go home cuz I have two assignments due monday and one due tuesday. all three are for fluff courses, and yet the work is so tedious! shakes fist! plus, I need to get laundry done. I’ve been reluctant todo it because I have to trek to the building (that’s right beside mine, but it’s COLD OUTSIDE), and I have no detergent. and, I need food. I’m low on supplies and I can’t trust min to buy for me anymore cuz he thinks I’m rich or something. SEVEN DOLLAR CHEESE?! honestly!! who does that?!?!?

hurray for visitors!

I met ville’s girlfriend today. she is the CUTEST! I think she’s awesome, I totally with the two all the best in their relationship. plus, phil is coming in today to visit his prof and stuff, so we’re gonna meet up afterwards. =) yay!

UI assignment 1

my UI assignment 1 was brought to my attention in class today. basically, we ahve to build a really really REALLY simply version of lemmings. in which case our lemmings will be balls known as ninnies. but they basically perform the same functions. this sounds like fun, but the programming will be rediculously difficult. =( tutorial at 230! dammit…

kay have a good weekend guys!

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