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it’s good to be back in the cold cold country of canada. I arrived home on tuesday night, and I thought I posted something yesterday afternoon, but it seems to have disappeared. anyways… just letting everyone know I got back safe and sound and full of new goodies =)

you know what’s cheap to buy in hong kong? yarn. lots of pretty coloured, soft & fluffy, ginormous balls of yarn. (min: you went all the way to hong kong to buy YARN?!)

I also bought lots of clothes, random cheap toys and miscellaneous stuff (stephanie took me to the $10 shop, which is heaven I tell you!), and came home with a beautiful new cellphone! which means new phone number! those who would like to know, drop me a msg on my gmail, or leave a comment with your email.

my first outing!

yesterday min gives me a call at 1130pm and says “wanna do something?” normally, I wouldn’t even pick up the phone at 1130pm because I’d be out cold, but I have super jetlag and it’s frekkin morning in hong kong, so I say “shuuuuuuuuuure!!!!!” (yes, in exactly that tone). so min comes and picks me up, complains about how my street is so rediculously hidden, and we drive off to commerce to go drink some bbt and make fun of min’s drinking problem. when we get there, we call out wes, who comes and also makes fun of min’s drinking problem. all in all, a very good night out with my nerds. I’m so happy to see them, I can’t wait for next term!!! we’ll all go party at fed and I’ll be the one holding the camera (because we can’t trust it to wes, all we’ll get a pictures of the ceiling and the floor…)

my second outing!

tonight I shall be partying it up at ken’s withOUT ivano (cries) and WITH my significant other =). we will feast on a meal of… shrimp rings and five salads because it’s a potluck and because I know I’m bringing a shrimp ring. tomorrow will be spent at my hunnie’s house enjoying a bigass hotpot dinner with his family and spending some good ol QT with the one I love. I shall be moving into waterloo on the 2nd or the 3rd. I’m still in the process of unpacking and packing and it’s suddenly dawned on me that I really SHOULD get to the packing part…

so off I go!

happy holidays y’all!

ps. pictures of my trip to hong kong can be found here:
click me!

super shopping day!

greetings! the weather is currently sticky and humid in hong kong. I came here with all the wrong clothes. you know how canada is full of extremes, I either have sweaters (winter gear) or tank tops (summer gear). but here, it’s like… autumn. really, who wears autumn clothes? gay!

so I have tank tops and sweaters. but the weather is more like long sleeve shirts or t-shirts. both of which I don’t own, and don’t want to buy because as soon as I come home, I’ll never wear them.

anyways, the important part of this post is the super shopping I’ve done. I spent a total of 1500 HKD yesterday, and 700 HKD today. I hope customs doesn’t read blogs… I bought a LOT of clothes, one pair of shoes, some CDs and movies, and a few other things.

you know what’s in fashion here? skinny pants. and knee length skinny shorts. paired up with mid-calf sagging boots. and like, half an inch heel. and pointy-toed shoes. all things I’m NOT fond of. can you imagine how hard it is to find pants here? again, gay.

but you know waht else is in fashion here? mini pcs!! wheee! the one I’m using now at my family friend’s house is a pretty ASUS mini pc. oh, silly me…

RICKY!!! I’m currently at your house. your family is out talking with my parents, I’m being very anti-social so I can salvage my precious internet time =) I just got your comment, i’ll let everyone know you said hi!

another thing, they have TONS of cellphone brands. did you know ASUS makes cellphones? I didn’t… the selection is insane! they have this awesome new motorola phone where you can write on the keypad, and it picks up the drawing. it makes sense for those who write in chinese to use, but I guess I wouldn’t need such a thing unless I wanted to send lots of random doodles to people. ;)

the one thing I’m not too fond about is the amount of food outings I have to attend. every relative or family friend wants to treat us to dinner since we’re in town, and that means a lot of food. I actually don’t eat a lot here, but just the amount of time spent and uneaten food makes me =(

well, I’m about done. phils, I know you sent me your mailing address, but it’s stored at my email at home, you’ll hafta send it again to my gmail. alex, I got yours! pablo, thank you for your well-wishes, and I’m sorry I couldn’t fit you in the carry-on. besides, if I brought you, I’d have to bring seven other people. I think you’d run out of oxygen in there… at least you’d suffocate squished against another body. I can’t gaurantee that the other body would be a girl tho. bryan hahaha you remembered!!! that’s exactly what I thought of too! =) *huggies*

okay I should get going, I should go talk to people instead of sitting in this pretty room with a beautiful piano. rickie! why aren’t you back yet? =(


safe and alive

I’m in HK right now at my cousin’s. she’s the only family member I know that has internet, because every other aunt or uncle doesn’t have children living with them, and thus have no reason to connect through the world wide web. I miss internet.

Min & Lis come home soon, I hope they have a safe trip!

My plane ride was okay. It was really uncomfortable so I couldn’t sleep. Instead, I watched four movies on their new video displays (situated infront of every seat). There was a large variety of films, but I ended up watching 2/3 of bourne supremacy (I fell asleep near the end), Eat Drink Man Woman, Pricess Diaries 2, and Without a Paddle. Plus one episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. They served a pretty good lunch, and it was followed by a delicious dessert of Mango Gelato. then there was cup noodles, and some more food that couldn’t really be called a dinner. out of the whole fifteen hours, I slept about two I guess.

Today I went to the JUMBO (bryan: !!!!). it’s so pretty!! We had some good dimsum there, including a koon tong gaw with shark fin. mmm! We walked to a few cementaries, and and now at my aunt’s. Tomorrow I’ll be going to an all-you-can-eat dimsum place, followed by another cemetary. Hopefully the shopping will come soon, I’ve already begun browsing a few cellphones.

I miss home a lot. I miss my chinchilla. I miss my hunnie. I hope both are doing well. =) *mwa*

Well, that’s all the updates I have for now. I’ll take more pictures throughout the week, but no one will see them til i get home. Hopefully I’ll get to blog a bit more too, depending on how often I hound my cousin. ;)

um, lis, how’s the housing situation going? lemme know pls!

Missing you all tons! PS, who wants postcards? email me!!

and so it ends

another work term come and gone. it’s been a strange one, this toronto transit placement. I dunnos, it had its ups and downs. the people were great. the co-ops had a massive all out email WAR. interesting to say the least. but I made a few new friends out of it, so in the end… it was very eventful.

now that work term is officially over, I will try to post more. sorry donna! =)

and the packing begins!

so now I’m throwing random junk into the suitcase. min advises against bringing three pairs of shoes to hong kong, and advises against bringing my cortez in. cuz hong kong’s dirty. so… I know he’s right, but still, boo-urns.

I spent yesterday house cleaning. I cleaned the upstairs bathroom, vaccuumed, and did laundry. I watched the apprentice and I basically chillaxed. we have no food in the house as well. that’s not good. I don’t know what to eat for dinner tonight. perhaps I’ll make dumplings!

catching up

this weekend I had breakkie with terry, war & jen. we woke jen outta bed just to come out with us, we’re such awesome friends. =) it was great seeing them again!!!

tuesday I had dinner with jimmy. so… very full. it was a good dinner, and good catching up time. =)

wednesday I went out with donna & iola to destiny for some bbt and stuffed meatball noodle soup. o_O that was fun as well, it’s so good to spend time with highschool buddies!!

tonight I shall be out with my infamous three body guards: ivano, marc & jamie. we’ll go out and enjoy some food and then catch a showing of ocean’s 12. excited! =))) I can’t wait to see my boys again!

tomorrow my baby is coming to visit me. and sunday I will be off to hong kong, land of cheap merchandise and seafood galore. wheeee!!!!!!

boys are sucky

I’m really fustrated at some guys at the moment. but there’s nothing I can do about it. shakes fist.


went out to play with ltun today at armadale. he came late, so we got like, 40 minutes of playtime. which is kinda… mediocre. I wanted to play a game, but cathy was a beginner so it wouldn’t have been fair. but it was nice seeing elton again. thank you everyone for your efforts in helping me get my partner’s new cellie number (yay tinlok!)

counting down

one week before I’m done my term at TTC, and nine days before I go to hong kong. gotta start packing!

I’m angry, but tim mcgraw is helping.

Back when a hoe was a hoe
Coke was a coke
And crack’s what you were doing
When you were cracking jokes
Back when a screw was a screw
The wind was all that blew
And when you said I’m down with that
Well it meant you had the flu
I miss back when
tim mcgraw

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