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the sweet city of toronto

on my ride to work today, I witnessed a commotion at the front of the bus. this woman was making a scene because a rather large man had occupied one and a bit more seats, making it uncomfortable or possibly impossible for another person to sit beside him. as I was getting off the bus, I heard her say “you should be standing. it isn’t fair for you to take up the seats.”

because I hate conflicts, I most likely would not have intervened in this situation had I the opportunity, and I wonder how it turned out in the end. I hope someone gave that woman a stern talking to. I’m sure it does a lot of good to point out someone’s weight problem. it’s not like the guy could say “oh, sure I’ll just lose 50lbs right here so there’s enough room for you on that seat.” I suppose he could’ve gotten up, but can you imagine the embarassment?? and why SHOULD he get up in the first place? what gives that woman the right to insult a man and demand a seat just because he’s larger than the average population? she didn’t look like she was having trouble standing or was with a child or anything. she looked like your average business woman in her forties riding the bus to work. maybe someone switched her sugar for salt in her morning coffee. she deserved it.

tis the season!

I’m totally looking forward to my hong kong trip. I’ve got so much packing to do that it boggles the mind, I really should get some laundry done. mommy & daddy called today, and it was nice hearing from them. they disappeared from all radar signs for over a week until now. =) glad to hear they’re having so much fun.

the fantastic trip!

I’m crazy hooked to the amazing race. I felt so bad for the two girls in this episode, they kept busting out the hay bales and found nothing. and to think they were one of the first teams there. but this guy jonathan annoys the crap outta me. he keeps screaming at his poor girlfriend. for every one sentence of encouragement are like, ten sentences of “HURRY UP!” or “JUST LISTEN TO ME” or “LET ME TALK!!!!” and a lot of rubbing-it-in-your-face talk. it’s rediculous. I’m surprised the chick hasn’t had a full-blown meltdown yet on camera. I wonder if, while she’s watching the show now, she feels embarassed for letting her boyfriend scream at her on camera all the time. I wonder how her family and friends feel about him and his crazy superior attitude. I dunno, my parents would demand I kick the boy to the curb, and I probably would’ve done it by then too.


and now I sleep. gnites


in continuing my rave about the fantastic trip: alex (and all those who plan to catch the rerun), keep an eye out for this awesome scene. there’s the one couple competing and they’re pro wrestlers. so one of the tasks in the episode was to go to the worlds largest ikea in sweden and either count the number of items in three rediculously large bins full of little little stuffed toys, pots, and pans OR … build a desk. you’d be surprised at the number of people who chose to count. the winning number was 2304, which… really, that’s a lot of crap to number. guess which task the pro wrestlers chose? … if I said they were going to build a desk, this story obviously wouldn’t be going anywhere. so there’s this scene with the GUY, who’s name is BOLO (?!?!) and you see him counting little stuffed toys: “56… 57… 58… 59… 70… ” I burst out laughing so hard, it was hilarious. =) I swear, you all should watch. then everyone can comment about it. I don’t like being all by myself when it comes to tv shows. I hope shooey reads my blog again, then she and I can talk about gilmore girls!!


damn you blogger, publish my posts!!!!


soooo tired. I REALLY have to sleep earlier. but I was watching the amazing race last night (or as my 60-yr old coworker likes to call it, the fantastic trip). and you knooooow, that show is pretty damn exciting. despite the fact that I missed the first episode, I was still able to follow this one. I guess my tuesday nights will soon be booked, but this is bad because I need to sleep by 10. ergh. I was also flipping channels to see the biggest loser. =)


I just realised a dled the wrong fountains of wayne album. shakes fist. I’m hooked on the song “hey julie”. it’s not as funny as stacey’s mom, but it’s a really cute song and it’s still catchy!

I must be off now. I have to get ready for work, and I’m crossing my fingers that my brother took out the trash last night because it’s garbage day and frankly, I do everything else around the house, I think he should take out the trash / recycling.

my new purchases!

saturday, ambrose came over all set to do some massive research on biking shoe clips. we took a trip to enduro sport, where they were having an open house event. we got raffle tickets and stuff, but we left before the draws because I had to go meet my PA semi girls for some post-semi lunch. it was super fun!

and then I got home and took ambrose out again to enduro sport, where they were having their second out of three raffle draws, and while my hun wandered off to look at stuff, I won myself an adidas prize pack. YAY!

yes, that’s right. FREE SHOES. fitted just for me and everything. and they’re quite pretty to boot!

we then went to yorkdale to do some more shopping, and I remembered jenn mentioning that roots was having a customer appreciation sale, 25% off! now I love roots, but I’ll never buy their stuff unless it goes on sale. so here was my chance! I ended up purchasing a new rideau wallet in a pale pink colour, and a kids handbag in a brighter pink. both very cute and very useful. ambrose bought himself a pair of jeans at the bay for wonderfully cheap! hurray department stores!


I didn’t get to catch any glimpse of the santa clause parade, and I’m a little sad about that, especially since I was downtown the whole time. and I was SO good today, I didn’t spend any money except on food because I get really grumpy when I’m hungry.

in conclusion

I spent a really productive weekend with my hunnie. we did a lot of ambrosie stuff, I’m hoping next weekend will be spent doing more tee stuff like cooking a big ass meal and bumming around. I’m all about the bumming. but I’m really glad he had fun, I enjoyed seeing the happy smile on his face. =)

borrowing and most likely not returning

does anyone have any white paint (not primer) that I can use? I’d like to repaint my bathroom cupboards, and I think it’s a waste to buy a whole can (even if it’s a small one). please lemme know asap.

chengy’s a genius

Chengy: do you want white out instead?
tetleytee: hahaha… um… white out on all my bathroom cupboards might not be very practical in the long run. especially if you can pick it off
Chengy: oh u can buy those fat white out strips though
Chengy: i think it’ll be pretty quick application
Chengy: and then just saran wrap it on top to water proof it
tetleytee: hahaha genius!!
Chengy: you’re chinese, it’s ok to saran wrap furnitures
Chengy: and remote controls

hahahahaa!! but no, serious. white paint?

getting to work at 7am

that title pretty much summed up my morning. I woke up at 5am, left the house with my family at 6am to drop mommy & daddy off at terminal 1. and then ken dropped me off at work at 7am, so I could leave at 3pm. and let me tell YOU! the amount of work that gets done from 7am to 8am is -30. serious! we sit around and talk drink tea/coffee/water. and today of all days was a super write-off because there was a huge database maintenance thing going down, which meant all our servers were disabled. which meant that NO ONE in the office could work on our database project. and no, we have no backup work assigned.

so we went out for lunch.

and then I slept. I wasn’t supposed to sleep, but food and waking up early is a very dangerous combination. and the best part was, I still left at 3! yay! and you know, the subways are surprisingly FULL at 3pm. that’s retarded. =( but the good thing is that I got home at 4pm! I don’t know how that happened, and I’m wondering if that’s the norm, cuz it usually takes me 1.5 hours to get home at 4pm. I think I shall try this experiment again tomorrow to see if my results are the same.

so… lots of free time!

and with my arrival at home at 4pm, I decided to tackle on grocery shopping. because there weren’t a lot of cars on the road, and I had a good feeling that the T&T supermarket wouldn’t be so busy. SORRY IOLAAAAA!!! you replied so laaaaaaaaate! =( I went and bought almost everything I wanted. cucumbers were 2.50, slightly cheaper. but avacados were TWO for 1.50. HA! and chicken breast was cheaper and bigger, and vine tomatoes were cheaper. ah, it was good.

and now I’m home, already eating leftover foods for dinner (I wanted to eat chicken breast, but the leftovers’ll go bad if I don’t eat em first). day 1 is tackled.

and I’m REALLY tired.

shakes fist

blogger’s been acting up on me lately. I don’t even remember if I wrote about this in my last post because -LOOK!- it hasn’t been published. WELL THEN.


my parents fly to hk tomorrow. my brother and I will have to fend for ourselves. I’m hoping I will have enough strength to do a full house cleaning makeover before I leave to join them, I’d like for them to be surprised when they get back. of course, this is all hoping that my brother will not mess the place up while I’m gone…

and other randoms

if you see me within the next two days, I give you permission to GENTLY tap my left arm if I’ve annoyed you in any way. because I just got my flu shot. I really hate that feeling after the shot where your arm just feels really heavy and you don’t want to lift it. it just hangs there. I somethings think that if I swung my shoulders, my arm would flail around like you see when people’s limbs go numb. it’s funny in my mind, but it actually hurts to try. not that I’ve tried. um.

operation cleanup

as mentioned above, I would like to tackle on the following things while I’m home:
[the upstairs bathroom] I would like to install some sort of cabinet doors to hide my dad’s TOOLS in the bathroom. it’s bizarre, I know.
[the computer room] my parents would like this to be turned back into a bedroom, and move the computer room elsewhere. this requires a lot of dumping of old stuff, but I’ve been too stubborn to part with my grade 10 math tests. oh how I’ve missed those 110% scores. *cries*
[the kitchen] I don’t know why we need 50 cups for four people in the house, but really, we don’t. I’d like to store them all someplace so that if we DO ever have a party, we can bust em out. but in the meantime, two cups per family member. wow, I’m starting to sound like a house nazi.
[the basement] okay, this is the one thing I’d REALLY like to get done, but the amount of CRAP that sits in that basement is frightening. I don’t know what to do with half the junk down there. I guess I can always do the grade two cleaning method: move all the boxes from one side of the room to the other, and tuck away the randoms. I hear couch bottoms are good for storage…

clearly, I’m not going to get half of the stuff done on this list, especially the stuff that requires handywork. but I’m good at cleaning!

crap, I need groceries.


that reminds me, I went to loblaws today with daddy after work to pick up a few essentials I might need over the next while. do you know that frikken english cucumbers are THREE DOLLARS at loblaws?! THREE! that’s insane. they used to be FIFTY CENTS! I was so angry. and avacados! 1.50! this is retarded. chicken breast was rediculously overpriced too. so I ended up purchasing three boxes of cereal (corn pops, fruit loops and frosted flakes, yay childhood!) and I plan to tackle on the T&T parking lot sometime this week/end. if anyone is up for some good old see-lai car park / shopping cart fighting, please come!


I just heard the new band aid II rerecording of “do they know it’s christmas” and let me just say… it’s CRAP compared to the original. what’s with that insane guitar riff at the end?! bah!


cavities are filled, and so I’m back to my usual chocolate loving self. I mean…. craving controlling self. hi min. *hangs head in shame* today was a beautiful day, so me and some coops went down to bay & bloor and checked into quiznos. student discount, yay! it was fun and filling. =)


christmas shopping is around the corner, and I’m debating what to get my cousins. should I go with the usual clothes, or will I get more girly stuff this year? =) gosh, I hope they don’t read this page… I LOVE christmas shopping, but all the things i REALLY want to get for people would cost me a good fortune and then some. =(


I think I will have to call up a few people to meet up with them before I jet for hong kong. large get-togethers are clearly not working out for me. small groupings might prove to be more effective. expect a call from me. hopefully.

regular cheerfulness

I’ve been in a great mood for the last two days (after the cavity, despite the fact my tooth was INSANELY sensitive and solid foods were not my friend. especially when the solid food was a yummy sweet & sour pork chop *pout*). I’ve cleaned up my room (mostly), been researching cousin christmas gifts, been planning out the many meals I will be eating on my own now, and just all around ME time. I think I haven’t had a lot of me time in a long while. and it’s apparently very good for your mood. and for those that have to put up with your mood. I can’t wait to see PA girls this weekend!


I’m shopping for a new handbag. preferably one I can take to HK with me (I know that sound retarded, why buy a bag here when I can get it for half the price over there?!). I want one that’s SECURE, durable, and not likely to fall apart after a month of use. and if the case may be, I’d like it to stay together if some crazy china man tries to grab my bag and run away and I put up a fight. I can picture me buying a purse in HK and suddenly all my belongings are flying in the air as me and some thief have a tug-of-war with my handbag. erm. yeah.


ambrose took me to woodbine fantasy centre on sunday, knowing that he promised me a long time and I guess he could sense I was overly stressed out. and BOY DID I HAVE FUN!!! I didn’t get to go on any rides because the number of children (and parents with children) in line were REDICULOUS, but I got my fill by just standing there staring at these FUN AND COLOURFUL rides in awe. free enjoyment, that’s the asian way! the whole car ride there I was all excited and kept reminding him “you hafta get off here. stay in this lane! it’s on your left side. LOOOOOOOK!!!!” and he’s wondering how the hell he’s gonna put up with me and two kids when we got to an amusement park later in our lives. ha!

guess who did something crazy today?

I permed my hair to a big poof wave. it’s more wavy than I’d like, but with a little bit of styling it should come out okay. this might take more transition time than I originally thought, since I’m so used to not doing anything with my hair. not even combing it. because it never tangles. pictures later.


I’ve decided to stop holding on to things that cause me anger. built up fustration is no good for anyone. the other day, I made plans to shop with a friend after work (blowing off coop kids that I’ve wanted to spend time with for a while now). we planned to meet at 5pm and the friend didn’t show up til six fucking forty. I was stuck at eaton centre by myself from 430 – 640. for the first half an hour I wandered the mall. and then I got tired and bought myself a book. and then some creepy man came up to me and tried to use religion as a pick-up line but I couldn’t understand half of what he was saying because he had a heavy accent and I felt it was too rude to simply continue reading as he talked. when this person came, I was angry for one minute. and then I just kept it inside. poor ambrose had to hear about when I got home.

one major thing that irks me is late people. semi formal committee girls know that. I am always early or on time for any meeting, and when I’m not, I call. if you’re even ten minutes late and I don’t get a phone call (and I’m the only one waiting), then I get pissed. one tim at tim hortons I was trying to hold down a table of seven and the place was PACKED and I was the only one sitting at the table waiting for these girls who were fifteen minutes late. fifteen might not seem like a big deal, but it is when an old couple comes up to me with a tray full of food and ask if they can sit with me because CLEARLY the table is occupied by only ME and the place is FULL and I have to say I’m holding it for someone. absolutely fustrating.

another thing that irks me is people who ask for advice and don’t care about it. if you didn’t want to hear what I had to say, then don’t ask. don’t come spilling your shit on me and then turn around like nothing happened. I got enough to deal with on my own. I bend easily to friends. they ask for something and I’ll see what I can do. if people need to talk about something, I will drop my priorities to see if I can be of any help. one time I took a walk with a friend who popped by my house and I even blew off ambrose to spend time with them (this is NOT pointing fingers at you, I really did appreciate you coming by to say hi and please do so more often). but if you coming running to me going “what do I do what do I do?” and I tell you not only what I believe to be the right thing, but what EVERYONE ELSE believes to be the right thing and you blow it off like nothing, then FUCK OFF. I don’t have time to sit and listen to problems if you don’t care for my company and my thoughts.

I’m especially irked at one friend who has become someone who I hate. just thinking about them makes me angry. I’ve decided that until I can simmer down and collect my thoughts properly, I don’t need the stress and the stupid antics of your drama. I don’t need the whining and the complaining and listening to nothing but “I need help” when there is nothing in return. not even a “how was your day” or “what are you doing this week”. the conversations always start with “:(” or “:*(” or some garbage that makes me think “oh crap, you’re in a horrible emotional state” when in fact you’re just crying for attention. and when you don’t get it, you storm off like a fucking drama*ueen. I DON’T NEED THIS.

I need to associate myself with people who appreciate me as much as I appreciate them. I feel bad for not keeping in touch with those who have made my life special, and who constantly send me random messages that make me feel like I’m valued in their life as a friend, who treat me and my thoughts with respect. for those who have stood by me in happy and dark times, I thank you. I promise to try and appreciate these friends more, and remind myself that certain friends just demand much more than I can give.

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