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I love someone who loves eggs!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the egg song by now. ambrose’s roomie alex sent it out saying this should be ambrose’s theme song. =)

happy halloweeeeen! …. hello?

so, I was at ambrose’s today handing out candy for all the good lil kiddies. and what the heck! where are all the children this year? we had TONS of candy, his parents bought a box of 76 chips and I had 75 nestle chocolate bars at my house. and hardly any of it went away. seriously… I guess no one’s letting their children out to get candy now, which is really sad. my parents said the doorbell only rang about five times. FIVE! wow!! =(

I would love to let my kids go trick or treating, but I wonder if anyone will be doing it then…

how cool are my nerds?

my nerds are damn cool.

dru: did anyone get any replies about the waiting list status?
wayne: I haven

so that’s how it is

so I write about a crazy dream and you guys are all too scared to comment. well then.

newest development

to take my mind off the coughing and fleminess, my body has given me something new to analyse: my left eye is partially pink and gooey. it’s kinda sticky when I blink, and goes out of focus for a split second. its worse in the morning. just thought I’d let you all know.


ambrose caught me falling asleep in the car on sunday after my stair climb. we were on our way out to go shopping, but since he saw me fall asleep, he turned the car around and took me home to nap. I protested.

me: but I wasn’t sleeping
ambrose: oh really? then what were you doing?
me: I was… wishing?
ambrose: what?!
me: yeah. you close your eyes and wish really really hard and when you open your eyes, your wish should come true!
ambrose: so… just now in the car, you were wishing, and not sleeping
me: yes.
ambrose: and at work, you’re not falling asleep, you’re just “wishing”
me: um… yes…
ambrose: uh huh. and what do wish for at work?
me: um, that I’m sleeping?
ambrose: …

christmas wish list

books, preferably pop fiction
scarves & mittens

in your face CN Tower!

despite my sickness and disgusting dry, hacking cough, I made it up the CN tower in 22 mins 24 secs. in hindsight, I might have gotten a lot of people sick in that sweaty, humid stairwell but enh. of course, the whole waking up at 5am didn’t do me any good. and the fact that I went out for jap food the night before and drank lots of tea that kept me in and out of sleep all saturday night wasn’t a good thing either. so by the time I got to ambrose’s, I was about ready to pass out. and being the idiot that I am, I held out a little bit longer.

let me tell you all, if you’re sick and you do crazy physical activity on very little sleep, you get WHACK dreams. the kinda dreams where you wake up in a jolt with your eyes opened wide and think “what… the… f?” I took a nap at ambrose’s and I dreamed I was in this office building, and the cleaning lady looked like the crazy old big-headed lady in spirited away, and it was her birthday… so she got to do anything she wanted so long as she cleaned the building. so apparently if this woman with the big head stares at you, you DIE. and apparently, I’m frekkin eight years old. what the hell I say! and so I’m trying to run away from this killer maid, and I run into a CHICKEN MAN. except he was wearing tight pants and had boxing gloves. and he talked like a human. it was rediculous.

the one I had last night was even crazier. but you’re all thinking I’m on crack now, so I’m gonna go.


ah! ah! ah ah ah! min’s not online so I can’t send him the icq card. but I watched it again today for the first time since school term ended. I miss min.

grr on blogger (and evite)

for some reason, my blogs don’t post immediately after I write them. blogger takes it’s sweet ass time processing it and then it gives me an error, so it doesn’t get uploaded. and then I hafta remember the next day that “oh yeah, I wrote a blog yesterday” and go to the site and republish everything or else I’ll completely forget about the post the next time I write something up I’d be like “where the hell did that blog come from?!” it’s annoying.

evite has also gotten really annoying since they revamped their website. I can’t send someone else the login information because I used my personal password for it, but when I try to change it, I keep getting an error popping up telling me to check my errors. but they don’t point out any errors for me to check, so I have no clue what’s wrong, and it all looks correct. So, sorry phil, I’ll have the PA semi account to you tomorrow hopefully. if evite decides to be nice. those jerks.


I’m ill with whatever my mommy has. and I have the CN Tower Stair Climb on sunday, so… I’m trying not to do anything active at the moment. thus the whole “try to slim down the chest” seems to be on hold. this sucks.

in conclusion

my mood is clearly not that great. I dont’ think I have any interesting stories to tell anyone. oh, except today I learned that one time in the 1970s a bus driver had a brick thrown at his head. it’s not meant to be funny, it was actually quite shocking when I heard it. cuz my mommy was telling me that when she first came here people were really nice, they drove hitchhikers everywhere and stuff. my mommy hitched a ride to and from downtown when she first came here cuz she had to go to a job interview. so I thought people were really nice back then, and they’re all just jerks now (that poor little girl, picking up those fake flowers. shame on mean people!!). but apparently they’re just all jerks in general.

again, not very uplifting.

and now I go.

ps. jimmy informed me that test driving a GM will get you 50 air miles. we plan to try this out this wknd. =)

a question for all you gym people

I’m trying to slim down my chest area / upper body. dragonboating has given me a broad chest (I can almost associate it to a swimmer’s build), which I’m not fond of. at. all. any ideas from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

one sentence friendships

[ed] I love you, rolls and all (nurse, cancel my one o’clock)


thank you min for postcard #2!! thank you vannie for your postcard from your pretty building!

PA Winter Wonderland!!!

Hey boys and girls! My dragonboating team is having a Semi Formal at Grand Baccus on November 12, 2004. And although the majority of you guys reading this aren’t part of my team, or… dragonboat in any way, you’re all more than welcome to come! Think of it as a recruiting session. heh… Tix are 45 if you’re interested, lemme know!

Oh, someone remind me taht I hafta send RJ his cheque….

and the random hello

HI TINLOK!!!!!! … or… um, tom weatcher or something? when are you gonna get your own email address?! of course, I shouldn’t be one to complain *hangs head in shame*

le sigh

I am poor and very very depressed.

pizza for a dollar! support united waaaay!

I forgot to mention to all you downtowners that I was participating in the pizza sales for united way at union station today. no wonder no one stopped by! hahaha =) but I had fun, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it next week tho, my boss might not sit well with me getting off work at 1 every wednesday. we raised a lot of money. everyone should buy pizza on wednesday to support united way!

my dvd!

my sweetie burned me a dvd! and it has gilmore girls!! =))) it also has quite a few movies (including battle royale) & my maroon 5 cd, all things I demanded to be downloaded on his bittorrent! he makes me happy!! *huggies*

ps I love you

the book was good. I wasn’t too thrilled with the writing style, but the overall story was heartwarming. I suggest anyone deep in love to consider reading it. thanks ed!

and other books

I just bought 5 people you meet in heaven, also suggested to ed. not my first choice, but 40% off was certainly a big purchasing factor. I’ll let you know how this one goes!

my train of thought

I was sitting at work thinking about the semi formal that I’ve been planning with some PA girls. this led to me, thinking I should contact phil to ask about online invitations and money collection, both of which he’s normally done in the past. and I thought about how he’s almost over the chicken pox now (the poor guy), and then I recalled reading his blog because he mentioned it there, and the post before that he wrote about seeing the banana boys play. the sudden recalling of that title reminded me of the book that the play was based on, and how I remembered that an acquaintance had reccommended it to me three or four years back. uh, my train of thought slowed here for a bit as I tried to remember the person’s name. the first thing I remembered was that his asian avenue name was jyama or… jyrama or something like that. and then I remembered his name was kevin hagino from smc. heh, and then I remembered how bryan told me he hated it when people said he looked like kevin hagino. and I miss bryan. I hope he’s doing okay.

*huggies* to wes!!

poor wes has been screwed over by UW administration. he has been completely unsuccessful in getting into any of the courses he wanted this term because UW thought he would be on coop in the winter. shakes fist =( I hope he gets into some classes with us!


who dresses up for halloween nowadays? I would like to, but I don’t really have any reason to. since I’m not a club going or a partier, I don’t feel the need to dress up much at nights. enh. there goes my childhood…

damn you 4th year students!

for some crazy reason, all my friends and I have late enrollments this term. john already enrolled on wednesday. and all my classes are full. so I’m freaking out. wes and I have appts at 9am tomorrow to get our schedule, and the cs courses we want to take have 10 spots or 4 spots left. FRICK. and to make matters worse, min and wayne don’t enroll til 11!

12 lbs of roast beef!

and we ate the whooooole thing! my parents had a big thanksgiving feast today. my hunnie came over, my brother’s friends vanessa and keith came over, and we ate a rediculously large amount of food: roast beef, quiche, pasta, mashed potatoes, salad, shrimp cocktail, cake, asparagus, bruschetta. so. much. food.

I love my boyfriend

it’s nice when you can sit alone with your sweetheart and talk about growing old together, and plan out a life. like really plan, not that “we’re gonna have kids take them to disneyland!” planning. more like “we should live here, and this is how old I’d like to be when we have children, and we need to save this much for a house and this much for a car” and all those other realistic things that make you realise that you two are really really willing to share the rest of your lives together. those are the moments to remember.

I showed him around unionville today (this time without getting lost), and we took a nice stroll down Main St. and ate gelato and acted all childish like it was our first date. we walked around talking, pointing out random stuff, and holding hands. you know, mushy stuff. he looks so good when he’s healthy and happy.

when then came home and stuffed ourselves silly with food. good times!

fix my parents computer!

ambrose came over with the gift of a cd burner for my parents. he bought himself a dvd writer, so he donated his old one to the “fix my parent’s computer” fund (donations are still being accepted if you have anything to give!). then we went out to bestbuy and I donated a usb port to their poor machine. now its completely capable of accepting pictures off a digital camera and burning them onto cd. which is one of the main things they wanted. I now need to find a way to hook them up to the internet. erm.

when we got back from our trip, we went straight to work on the computers. my sweetie looks just like a kid when he’s sitting on the floor prying open a computer tower. =) I know I said it already, but I’m truly truly grateful for having someone like him. not only did he donate stuff, he spent his time and energy to make my parent’s computer more useful. I know we could’ve spent the day doing ambrose-tee stuff (like watching movies or going to the park), but he decided to do this because he knew it meant a lot to my parents. and that means a lot to me. he’s the greatest!!

in conclusion

and now it’s 11pm and I need to sleep so I can wake up early and freak out about courses. and then go to cat’s house and make PA semi mementos. and then visit my baby.


it’s been three days now that I’ve gone without my ring. and I’m really REALLY grumpy and sad and fustrated. if anyone sees it (I know, that’s probably impossible, but STILL) please return it. I miss my ring. =*(

expired medicine is bad for you

I took expired advils the other day (not knowing they were expired, of course…) and I felt NAUSEOUS. like, puking on the subway nauseous. it’s not a fun feeling. and the whole time I thought I had food poisoning.

just thought I’d share my random thoughts with you all.

ed’s back in town!!

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