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at the carwash yeah

crazy catchy song! omg, I love it! makes me wanna daaaaance! jimmy: you always wanna dance
=P the whole soundtrack rocks!

and my place? awesome awesome awesome. the beat is SO cool, tinlok was right. thank you jimmy for sending it to meeeee! I’m very slowly getting myself back in the music loop now. I need more music to fill a three hour gap for a dinner and possibly a bit of dancing afterwards? ;)

you know what’s a good video? world on fire. sarah is an amazing person! go watch go watch!

I need blank cds dammit!

today is house cleaning day. and the computer isn’t in my room, so I can’t hear all my music. boo urns! I wonder if my player can play cdrws.

my brain is mush right now. I have nothing interesting to say, I just wanted to post. I’m sorry. alrite, I’m done. I really should clean my room. ew…

coworkers are fun

for a good laugh, mix together a bunch of coworkers that are all dads but surprisingly immature. listen to them joke about anything and everything.

angie: see? you see what you’ve done! you’ve got sam sick and now you’ve gotten sean sick!
paul: hey, if sean didn’t want to get sick, he should never have kissed me
sean: well, you should never have LET me kiss you
me: *chuckle*
paul: well, I thought what the hell, it makes you happy.
me: *chokes on tea*

*sigh* to my childhood

one time in the lab while my group was slaving away our os project, we heard a lot of singing coming from down the hall. apparently ccf (chinese christian fellowship) was having their prayer night, where all they do is sing chuch songs. since min and wayne are regular church goers, and participate in their church youth groups, they knew all the songs that were being sung. me, on the other hand, had no idea what any of them were. I told them we used to learn songs in elementary school and highschool, but these were all new and strange to me.

then I started singing to them:
smile! don’tcha know God loves you! come to think of it, I love you too…

and they just stared at me. like deer in the headlights. stupid jerks. does anyone else remember this song? =(((

work is such a love hate relationship

I have been given lots to keep me busy with, and it’s enjoyable work. but during those lulls, I don’t know what to do. I finished my book yesterday at work, so today I had nothing to read. I just sat there and tried to look busy. I visited dave once, and eric twice (but both times he wasn’t there, the slacker!). min! this girl named kerri works at TTC, she said she worked at g&t with you! remember g&t? remember how you loooooved it there? heh heh heh…

but it’s nice to know SOME people care *cough*pablo*cough*

anyways, since I’m done my book, can anyone recommend something new for me to read? =)

and btw, life of pi is a good book. I found nothing disappointing in it, but it’s not one of those books which will leave you with an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment or anything. it’s one of those books that make you think. it’s a very good read though, the whole story is just amazing in itself.

hahaha… donna, I think YOU’RE pretty excited about the ttc too! =P I figure since I get a metropass I might as well make use of it. and at 4pm the busses and subways aren’t extremely crowded so I have time to explore.

I plan to go visit elaine sometime after work in the coming weeks. most likely after I let her know I plan to invade her new place.

and a quick laugh

best OLGC commercial to ever exist: pro-line muscle relaxers ed, I think you liked this one as much as I did no? =)
I keep laughing every time I watch this news report from iraq

take cares ppl!

you, you got what i neeeeed

you know you should update when you go to your own page and are disappointed to not see a new post. and THEN remember its your own page.

I haven’t been updating as of late, and for that I’m sorry. I’ve had all those computer problems and whatnot, and now that I sleep at 1030 latest, I have very little time to write blogs. I’m not saying I have no time to surf the internet, just to blog. you see, I have no internet at work. and I have no outgoing email. and so I’m cut off from society. by the time I get home, I’m craving to read blogs and go on msn to find min just to tell em I miss him and to find jimmy & ed to share our stories of nothingness. so there. perfectly good reason.

things to note:

I’m currently reading life of pi, and it is an amazing book. I bring it to work so that when my computer isn’t working / my software uninstalled itself / my query is taking a long time to load, I get to read.

dragonboating season is over. Hydrophobics ended the year with a Gold in E div (slight disappointment for me, seeing how we were C last year.. but hardware is hardware!) PA daBoat ended off at stratford on saturday with a first place finish in C div. congratulations to both teams!! I shall now devote much of my time to the PA semi formal (ed, are you coming back for it? you can bring a chick of you’d like. or… mack on one of the many hawks. don’t worry, none of them read this page)

my co-ops at work are a lot of fun. they’re really nice and outgoing and funny. so I look forward to 12pm as soon as I get into work. which is 8am. =(

I’ve been shopping a lot lately. I bought a new lamp from ikea. it’s absolutely adorable. I shall post pictures when I have time. I also bought the following for work:
- 2 dress shirts (black stripey and light blue) from Fairweather (non wrinkle!)
- 1 navy blue pullover tommy jeans sweater from the Bay
- 1 tommy girl ankle boots from the Bay
ah, the joys of shopping.

Since I get off work at 4pm, I’ve been trying to find the fastest and most comfortable route home. Now, 4pm is kinda early and I’m in no rush to do anything once I’m in my house, so I don’t mind exploring with transportation.
- route one: take the Bloor Subway east one stop from Bathurst to Spadina, and then ride the loop (meaning, go south) to finch. Ability to get a seat: =) Travel time: 2hrs. ergh.
- route two: take the Bloor Subway east from Bathurst to Bloor, and then north to finch. Ability to get a seat: =| Travel time: 1.4hrs
- route three: take the Bathurst bus to St Clair. Take the St. Clair streetcar from SCW to SC, and then head North on the subway to finch. Ability to get a seat: =\ Travel time: 1.5hrs
- route four (today): take the Bathurst bus north all the way to finch. Take the finch bus to finch stn. Ability to get a Seat: =| Travel time: 1.2hrs
Does anyone know of any other routes I can try? I’m starting at Bathurst and Davenport.

I think that’s about it. I hope everyone is doing well. I miss you all, and hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to say at a later date! =)


I forgot to say happy birthday to her yesterday because I was all excited about the compie and whatnot. so… *HUGGIES* hope you had an awesome birthday babe!!

eduardo’s such a jerk

the first msg he sends me –
ed: ahhhhhHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ed: is your slut computer clean now?
me: you’re just a jerk!
ed: so it is? =)

my compie is up and running and virus free. clean slate! it’s good to be back!

I’m not calling you guns!

attendance to my page dropped big time after my computer broke. you guys just take and take and don’t give back eh? j*rks! =P

well, jimmy currently has my poor compie and he says it’s good as new (minus old parts, har har). he spent last night fixing it, but I have yet to get it back, and it looks like I won’t be having it for the wknd becaaaaause…. it’s GWN weekend! score! anyone up to watching some boats race against each other with twenty paddlers (the majority of the girls being hot, ask any dragonboater), come down to ontario place this wknd!

so I’ve hooked up my parents computer to all my stuff because I’ve been in internet withdrawal. since my computer broke, I haven’t had a chance to post about my new co-op placement. I don’t have internet there. I don’t have outside email access there. and although there are 16 other co-ops in the complex, I have only found three, all of which are not anywhere close to me. it is going to be a long LONG term.

btw, I got your postcard ed. thank you … very much. it’s… got a lovely display of … uh, canada. and yes, FEAR MY WRATH. that’s right, I’m still waiting for one from YOU min. and lis. wayne half-obeyed my wishes by buying me a postcard but was unable to mail it in time. =( and thank you ville for you postcard from finland! my first one! =)

okay, 10pm, and as much as I would LOVE to explore the internet and see what everyone’s been up to, I’m rediculously tired, and need to wake up early for tomorrow’s races. party at rob’s, 7pm! be there or be square! (haha ed, you’re a square!)

oh, I suppose I should mention why my computer broke. it’s cuz it caught a nice big worm. and all my efforts couldn’t fix it. but hurray for TRUE cs nerds like jimmy! I owe him big now. at least I gave him back his mastercard without using it. that should count for something!

missing you all tons. =)


if people are wondering whether I died or something, I’ve been trying to reformat my computer over the weekend. with HUGE failure. GINORMOUS failure. like, BUSTED COMPUTER failure. I need a REAL cser to help me out here.

call me pls!


montreal has crazy drivers

I took a road trip with my parents for a two day one night stay in montreal. the city itself is really really pretty, but the drivers there scare the crap outta me. especially during rush hour. and especially during areas on their highway transfers that don’t have lines on the road, so cars just pile up around each other trying to squeeze in. that’s insane! how do you not have lines on the road? four lanes are trying to squish into two and there are no lines! and the merge lanes! WHAT merge lanes? once you get on the highway, if you don’t go straight into moving traffic you hit the wall. insane I tell you. ppl should fix up montreal highways…

we went to a lot of places in montreal, and I’m kinda tired so I don’t want to go into detail about them all, but some highlights are:
- notre dame
- old montreal
- mont royal (aka make-out point)
- mary queen of the world cathedral
- biodome!!!!

the webcam picture is kinda dark. that’s me at the biodome going down a slide made for children. I was disappointed it was a short slide. and not very steep. how can kids have any fun on that? =P

me, outside Mary Queen of the World. it’s a replica of St. Peter’s in Rome. very pretty.

montreal biodome! the whole point of the roadtrip!! isn’t he CUTE?!?!?!

I wish I had a better picture. but it’s a puffin!!! he’s SO cuuuuuuute!!!! awwww!

all 91 pictures can be found here:
2004 09 02: Montreal!

and before I leave:

happy 35 mth anniversary to my hunnie!

me and my baby at the CNE!

the double lives of tee and min

late at night, when the rest of the world is sleeping, min and I prepare ourselves for our double lives. at night, the two of us areeeeee: absolute retards.

tonight’s msn picture was of me and min at the casa semi. after playing five rounds of solitaire showdown, I put up mr sunshine because I kept winning.

tetleytee: c’mon nerd! quit playing and come home!! says:
yeah? yeah… alrite then….. two can play at this game!
MC – I want to go home, I can’t take this workload… says:
tetleytee: c’mon nerd! quit playing and come home!! says:
ha! you’ve been replaced!
MC – I want to go home, I can’t take this workload… says:
MC – I want to go home, I can’t take this workload… says:
It’s mocking me with it’s big eyes!
tetleytee: c’mon nerd! quit playing and come home!! says:
happy happy mr sunshine!
MC – I want to go home, I can’t take this workload… says:
Watch when I throw a cloud at it, bye bye sunshine
MC – I want to go home, I can’t take this workload… says:
tetleytee: c’mon nerd! quit playing and come home!! says:
you’re just afraid of mr. sunshine. you need to be more accepting!
MC – I want to go home, I can’t take this workload… says:
no, I think he’s gay.
MC – I want to go home, I can’t take this workload… says:
I saw him touching my ass.
tetleytee: c’mon nerd! quit playing and come home!! says:
WHAT?! stop making false accusations!
MC – I want to go home, I can’t take this workload… says:
There was cupping.
tetleytee: c’mon nerd! quit playing and come home!! says:
he did nothing of the sort! you’re just jealous that he’s more popular than you!
MC – I want to go home, I can’t take this workload… says:
I can never be as bright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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