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when was the last time you flossed?

I just flossed tonight. I don’t do it very often because it’s so time time consuming and requires so much effort and I ran out of fruity flavoured floss a while back so I’m less inclined to give my teeth a thorough run through. but once you finish flossing your teeth, they feel slick, and clean. you should try it sometime, if you don’t do it often.

why the randoms?

because my sweetheart of a boyfriend commented to me on the phone tonight “you don’t update your page anymore!”. which I thought was cute enough to burst into a fit of giggles, but I’ll save myself the embarassment and not illustrate. so here I am, updating. hi hun!

and my week!

did I do this? well, friday I went to have lunch with james. I then proceeded to whoop his ass in our first and only game of jitz (we each scored a fluke shot in on ourselves) and we played a random game of bishi bashi. jimmy came to pick me up and we spent the entire afternoon visiting every fob hotspot in TO plus unionville. he bought himself a new motorola v220 (?) cellphone (I would go look up a picture and link for it, but my brother is bting again and so the process would take forever). we went to pmall first, and then to first markham. and then we went to commerce to play some games (I got to play bishi bashi again!) and I realised how um… weird that guitar game is. I guess it’s cuz I’m used to playing a real guitar. and it’s unfair when the other knows how the song is supposed to go and you’ve only heard it for the first time when you’re playing it! =P jimmy also played the drumming game…

and then we had some time to kill so we wandered to unionville to take a walk by toogood and snap some pictures of birds and miscellaneous stuff. the humidity became unbearable so we got back into the car, turned the A/C on full, and drove off to crazy sushi where I treated him to a yummy dinner. =)

I went to the ex on saturday, and if you haven’t been, go! it’s ten bucks admission, and there are so many exhibits to go check out! the farm, food and fun one is pretty good. there’s also a cool dog show and a.. .not so cool horse show. hahaha! and there’s this balloon world thing and this guy that balances rocks (ambrose explained the physics behind it, and it’s rediculously complex). and there’s shopping for all those who still have urges to spend cash. so much to do at the ex! go check it out!!

sunday I spent doing some random stuff at home and then heading to sauga to visit my hunnie for dinner. =) we watched ghost in the shell. it’s not scary… but it’s creepy.

I also baked pb cookies today. all in all, an eventful wknd.

so what did you guys do?

and you know what, I still have that mase song stuck in my head. STILL.

project revamp

I think it’s time my website got a facelift. I’ve decided that I should probably make it more professional looking since it does sit proudly on my resume for employers and potential employers to see. but my ideas to redesign the site are forming very slowly this time around, so changes might not be happening anytime soon. boo =( one of the most major changes will most likely be that the blog will not be the main page of the site. so um, when (if) the change comes, change your links accordingly.

on a completely different side note: how to feel like a million bucks
take one italian boy who was the most annoying kid in elementary school, but became an absolute delight after entering highschool.

mix in one italian you’ve met from a highschool theatrical production who is one of the sweetest and most well-behaved men you know.

blend well in a very busy sugar sack (in this case, cafe dimitri’s) and let the catching up begin. trust me, this recipe won’t let you down. *hugs*

overstaying your welcome

I would just like to say that it’s really unfair certain individuals take advantage of others. how can someone do something that will harm the welfare of another person and still be okay with themselves? how can they come home at the end of the day and feel like they’ve been a benefit to society when someone else comes home and realises that their life has been invaded and they’re suddenly so vulnerable that they lose faith in the goodness of others?

that is a sad state to be in.

to those who have abused the financial welfare of my family, I hate you. and I know I don’t use that word often, but you deserve it. perhaps you needed our money for something important, perhaps you needed to go to some hospital in a rediculously remote location for some strange healing process for some rare disease that one in a gazillion people get, but you had no right to take our money. I have never been so upset with society as am I tonight. you have left an ugly mark on this world, and you don’t deserve any kindness from anyone.

my family isn’t wealthy. we don’t have large amounts of money to throw away, and if we did we wouldn’t give it to you. I’m extremely hurt that you took advantage of us, and I hope you get caught, because you don’t deserve to live off the kindness of anyone.

week the first

my brother has discovered the joys of bittorrent, and so my internet connection is beyond messed. and worse, I don’t know how to use the bt software he’s using, so the only button that exists is CANCEL. why is there no stop, pause, resume?! garbage.

anyways, I have had an enjoyable first week home. after my nerd cru dinner on monday, I played some pool with the boys. clearly, I was the only girl. and clearly, everyone was being sexist cuz they were shooting all my balls in. hahaha, or it really could’ve been because elton’s a hustler.

tuesday I can’t remember what I did. I think I bummed at home, and cleaned up stuff. wednesday, I went shopping with my brother in the morning. I bought a pair of sandals from transit for 21 bucks (score!), and a pair of grey work pants and two pink skirts from suzy. this is what happens when you don’t shop for four months. I was supposed to meet up with jimmy in the afternoon, but he couldn’t haul his sore ass outta bed, so I bummed my evening.

thursday I went to TTC in the morning for my preplacement medical, and to sign my contract and whatnot. erm, I tried to call wes to go out since I was done so early, but the boy didn’t even go to work yet! I came home, went to TD and got myself some more cheques (I only have three left), and really, how could I resist? 150 pretty pretty cheques. yay! I went to see bryan in the evening, I brought him cake too! we sat around and watched the family guy marathon on fox.

friday… I can’t remember what I did friday. oh, I was supposed to go shopping with jimmy, but he realised that day he had to go to wonderland, and my cousins called me that morning to go outlet shopping in niagara, so we rescheduled again. I ended up not going shopping, but we went to niagara for their buffet dinner of all you can eat crab. soooo good. especially with the melted butter. mmm! and they had fireworks! and I watched ser break even at the 15 minimum blackjack tables. I got quizzed at the entrance cuz I guess I don’t look like the photo on my ID. I was debating whether to whip out the OLGC card, but thought better of it.

saturday I went out for dimsum with family, and then ser and I decided at the last minute to hit up the outlet malls at 400 & 7. crazy, I should stop shopping… I bought a white sports tank top from club mon, another white tank plus orange halter from garage, and a pair of black pinstripe workpants from pantorama. the cheapest was the halter, it was five bucks. the white tank was ten, and the sports tank was 12. the pants were 30. I really should stop shopping…

today I went to sauga to visit my baby. he’s been feeling kinda glum since he finished finals, so I went to spend some qt with him. it was nice, we cooked breakfast and lunch and watched van helsing and talked a lot. came home early cuz he starts work tomorrow, and watched pay it forward. what an awesome movie. I’m all for the feel-good-to-the-bones fuzzy happy feeling, and this movie was all about that. added bonus: jon bon jovi.

so that’s my week. I should probably make posts with more substance. well, I’ll be putting up shopping pics soon. yay!

OH! min is safe in cali. not abducted, so no need to call the cops asking them to search for a 6 foot tall scrawny asian guy. =)

a series of events

so an update on the sarah concert is of course required, but I have a few more pressing matters to discuss first, so that will have to wait.


today is a double birthday for some nerds in waterloo. =)

~*~*happy birthday stevie!!!!*~*~

I’ve known stevie since highschool, where I first met him at queens. I have pictures of him in grade ten, but since I don’t have access to a working scanner, he is spared his cute pictures. =P stevie is now the lucky lucky boyfriend of my beautiful cousin. I wish him the best of luck in his old age, and *hugs* to the both of them. =D

~*~*happy birthday wes!!!!!*~*~

words cannot express how wes has touched my life. he was my best study buddy ever, the two of us used to party it up in DC during finals.

he always took care of me, always made sure I got home safe, and always poked me when I got sleepies in class (actually, he poked me even if I wasn’t sleepies…) I was very sad not having him in waterloo for the last four months, and even sadder thinking he would leave us to go to ivey, but the boy has chosen to stay at waterloo, so I will be enjoying his presence in four months time! *hugs*

and (some very belated) farewells…


again, no working scanner means no pictures of this beautiful beautiful girl (but that’s her on the right). I’ve known vannie since highschool, and ever since I met her she has always wanted to go into optometry. now she is persuing her dream, but far away from home in chicago. I miss her dearly, and I’m quite sad I didn’t get to wish her goodbye. I hope she takes care of herself, and remembers that friends are always there for her. *hugs* be good!

(you will see beside her is maggie, who has left for cali to persue HER dream of working for a big animation company. this picture was taken during a highschool reunion. ah, the memories.)


ed has already left for ottawa, but I know he has internet. I know he doesn’t have a place to live yet. but I hope he finds one soon. and for goodness sake, please stay away from those convenience stores that sell alcohol!!! *shakes fist*


FLOWERS!! FLOWERS!! lots of flowers!!

here’s a classic picture of lisa and I, acting as mature as possible when we see each other. for the last four months, others had to endure our constant pointing and screaming at each other, shouting random words like “FLOWERS!” or “EEEEH! EEEEEEH!” (thank you min). she leave for cali in two (?) weeks time for her co-op job. I can’t wait for her to send me lots of postcards, and for her to come home so we can annoy the hell out of each other during our four months in school. ;)

min!! … derel… nevermind

last but definetly not least, min leaves TOMORROW for cali. I suddenly wish he wasn’t leaving, but I know he will have lots of fun there and make lots of friends. min has been the best big brother to me for the last four months, keeping me in line with schoolwork and putting lots of faith into me. I have been truly blessed to receive his friendship, and I will miss him dearly. I wish him all the best, and hope he comes back with a REAL tan (because that glow from the computer monitor can’t be healthy…) it’s a strange transition, from seeing him every day in school to not being able to see him for the next four months. no one will be there to comfort me during my random accidents, and remind me of the good old times.

remember that time when we were in the lab? no… not that one. no, not that one either. I think it was after that one. you know, the one where we had candy. no, not that one…

yeah, THAT one. =)

and one last picture, for purely blackmail purposes…

jon and min, attempting to bond in their manly ways.

and so it ends

another term has ended, and now fewer nerds are in my general area. wes is going back to school in september, min and lis are in cali and ed has already settled somewhere in ottawa. it will be a lonely term, no doubt. but I know once january rolls around, this crew will be in full swing, busting out the nerdiness. and the flowers.

until then, everyone TAKE CAAAARE!!!!!!!!!! *HUGGIES*

oh. my. god.

been catching up on my regular web surfing now that I’m home and without work. and I just just JUST found out that CYS had a strip on my birthday that involves ice cream on the floor. ed will be rolling in laughter when he sees this:
Count Your Sheep – Wednesday July 28 2004

summertime lull

yes, now that I’m home and settled, I’m trying to think of things to keep myself amused before work starts. ambrose said he would come over today, but ended up not because we couldn’t agree on what to do. actually, I kept suggesting things and he kept saying “enh” so out of fustration I told him to stay home. and now I’m all lonely. *pout*

so to prepare myself for next time, I’ve been trying to think of stuff to do around toronto, despite the fact that my sweetie starts work on monday. if he won’t come out with me, I’ll just find other people. and whatever I plan dammit, will stick. cuz honestly, I want to go to the science centre. and the rom. and edwards garden. but now I hafta think of things that HE wants to do, so I guess I’ll end up struggling to bike my way downtown or something.

if anyone can score me cheap wonderland tickets before this wknd, please lemme know. and the ex is opening soon, I plan to attend that with PA. oh! and urinetown is still playing til labour day, so I’m trying to catch that too. there’s SO much to do in toronto, I can’t believe no one wants to explore this city. the busker festival is this wknd too! and my sarah concert is on thursday!

I need a hobby

frekkin, I want to build a new computer.

and some fond farewells

again, vannie’s post will be coming soon. I can’t seem to find any good pictures. ed has left for his work term in ottawa, I wish him the best of luck, and I hope he finds some good badminton places to go play at.


and that’s all I have to say today. now excuse me while I drool over the 2005 ikea catalogue I found, despite the good hiding abilites of my parents. ;)

I can be your friend (la la la)

that was an obscure veggie tales reference there. anyways, I’m back home in toronto, and I’ve finally got the computer set up. *phew* it took quite a bit of effort, as my house isn’t really wide open space just dying to be filled up. in fact, it’s really cramped here. I have a HUGE urge to just start throwing EVERYTHING outside. but then I keep reminding myself that old computer stuff can be recycled or donated to schools that need computers, so it just sits here. does anyone know of the number or organization which accepts old computer stuff in TO?

fanks phil!

after my exam on thursday night, I went back to mkv to “party it up” (as vince told me to) by cleaning out my kitchen and living room. I cleaned out as much of the fridge that was mine, I wiped down everything in there (and it was REALLY gross, let me tell you… I think someone spilled stuff in the fridge and never cleaned it), I cleaned the counter and mopped the floors, and then cleaned my bathroom and vaccuumed everything. by the time I was 80% done packing it was 3am, and I woke up at 7 on friday to finish up and sell min’s book at the used book store.

phil came at 1030 to help me haul my stuff to his civic and by 11 we were on our way HOME. YAY!

came home and did nothing, which was really really great cuz I was completely exhausted. I watched the olympic games opening, and that parade was AWESOME. omg! coolest thing ever!

the wknd

my parents left for a trip to boston for the wknd, which left me and my brother with the house. which was fine really, cuz we both had busy plans. I went to PA practice in the morning, came home with ambrose and we just bummed around for a bit, went to pmall for the sole purpose of buying pens, and then went to steph’s farewell party. I felt really bad taht I couldn’t stay tho =( I hope she has fun in UBC! and thanks for nothing ed, for not calling me.

afterwards, we went to jacky’s house, til about 12am. today I had lunch with ambrose’s family and his grandfather. I bumped into my coworker from OLGC, who apparently knows ambrose’s piano teacher, who apparently knows TK. crazy small world!


I will write an important post on this important person in a bit, once I find some imcriminating pictures. but I want her to know that she is always in my heart, no matter how far away she is.

and that’s it

tomorrow I shall be attending a farewell dinner for my nerd cru. min will be leaving for california in one week’s time, and lisa will be going to cancun and then cali in four days (I think). wayne has already took off for cali (what IS it with ppl and cali these days!?), followed by a trip to taiwan. wes will be finishing his 8 month coop term soon, and then heading back to waterloo. I shall go shopping tomorrow in hopes to find the perfect gift for everyone. wish me luck.

OS update

OS was passable. by how much, that’s a different story.

econ update

so. screwed.

food update

wth! my hunnie left me FOURTEEN eggs. what the heck am I going to do with 14 eggs?!?

packing update

random books
most of my electronics save the computer
most of my bathroom stuff save essentials

[aasiya] hahaa thanks for the well wishes. I’ve got some delicious chicken breast for lunch, but it’s still marinating so… I’ll hafta hold out for now. =)


less than 1.5 hrs until my impending doom and my nerves are rattling, let me tell you. last minute cramming isn’t gonna save me now. and what’s worse, I’m completely out of cereal, so I’m just eating yogurt for brekkie. I can already imagine my tummy being very upset with me during the exam. =(

lis: I’ve gotta talk to parents first, because I would need to get a new and much larger home for the three chins. but yeah, definetly interested!

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