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oh algorithms, you’re so cruel to us!

tinlok: i think i’ll just have to brute force this into my head
tinlok: somehow
me: HAHAHA… good luck!
tinlok: i hope i can do it in poly time

mar-TEE gras week

that phrase was coined by matt. basically it was the birthday that never ended, this entire WEEK has been a tee week and my nerds are the bestest people ever.

I got a call from bryan at midnight on my birthday. I heard that jamie also tried to call, but I was unavailable to answer. I talked to ed too, and all you people who wished me happy birthday: *HUGGIES* I got tons of msgs on icq, even one from vannie! =)

um, so yeah today was my second surprise party which I knew about a week in advance because I was around when ambrose checked his email from victor. there were also numerous hints along the way, one being when victor stopped by the cs lab that week and said “guys, respond to my email!” and the other where tiff asked me if I got an invitation to the party. =)

but it was a yummilicious dinner and the cake was good too! and my entire nerd cru showed up! just for me! *HUGGIES* again, you guys are the best! =) thank yoooou!!!

so yeah, my week is finally over and it’s pure exam crunch time. I MISS YOU WES! =( I have no study buddy!!! *CRIES*

I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend, I shall be finding myself a place to go nerd. ew.


PS. pictures from birthday week and whatnot will be up later.

PPS. my hunnie got me an mp3 player!!!


ish my birfday!!!!

my nerd cru is the best!!! so I showed up at min’s place at like, 10am to work on our design doc. and at 1045, matt creates a big commotion in the “living room” so min and I go see what’s up, and there was my nerd cru and a big big big ice cream cake! awwww!!! *HUGGIES* EEEEEH!! EEEEH!!!

thank you guys! you’re SO the best!! andrew, elton, bonnie, lis, wayne, min, matt, … lis’ hammie =) I love you guys! I had ice cream cake for breakfast! mmm!! hahaha wayne poked his head into min’s room too, and I was like “what the hell? why is wayne here? why is wayne AWAKE??” but everyone else was pretty good at sneaking in =)

wheee!!! my birthday is off to a good start!! the only bad part is that I didn’t have my camera handy, so I couldn’t take any pictures =((( booo! ambrose is taking me charcoal later tonight! YAY!! wow, this week has been great, people keep stuffing me with food!

thank you ville for treating me to a yummy yummy lunch yesterday, and to matt for treating me to wings on monday (and thanks to min, elton and andrew for coming out too!). my friends are awesomeeee!!


man, everyone’s born all at once eh? =)


I know this pic is old, but it’s the most recent one I have of you and it’s oh-so-cute! happy birthday!!! *HUGGIES* I hope you have all the fun in the world, and I hope I can call you tonight cuz I’ll most likely be doing os at the lab and it sucks there =( but HUGGIES! I miss you tons! =) can’t wait to come back to TO and see you! and we can have (yet another) cake night!!


oh hunnie! you’re 22!! you’re OOOOOOOLD hahaha *mwa* happy happy birthday! =) remember, I get to be the first person to wish you happy birthday, so you hafta cover your ears for the whole day! I love you!!!

I’m really sleepies, so I’m out for the night. ciaos!


I got TEN FREKKIN HOURS of sleep last night. I’m now back to my normal hyper childish attention-demanding self. mwahahahaha thank you min!!

so friday night I got home from the lab thinking that I should take a nice long relaxing sleep because my hunnie is out of town in montreal and the sooner I fall asleep the sooner I’ll stop missing him for the night. but I come home to find a bunch of drunk people in my suite. yes. drunk people. bonnie was having a drunk party. and drunk people are loud. all the yelling and screaming and .. .ergh. and I was TIRED. so I was debating what the hell to do, and jimmy offered me his room cuz he was doing work anyways. I politely declined.

until bonnie screamed “LET’S POP ALL OF BIG ROG’S BALLOONS!!!” big rog lives across the hall from us, and four days ago, for no reason whatsoever, his roomies decided to FILL his room with balloons. I was over there helping them blow up balloons for like, half an hour. but yeah, apparently bonnie and company moved all of big rog’s balloons into our suite and were going to turn their drunk party into a drunk balloon popping party. damn you drunk people!! shakes fist!!

I woke myself up at 800 cuz my group made a date to go to the gym at 9am (we have such little free time that it’s very precious to us). of course, wayne bailed cuz he was up til 330 (!!) restringing his geetar. =P in the end, min and I went and since I was lacking on sleep for the last few days and last night didn’t help at all, I was really REALLY exhausted and tired and probably in the worst mood I’ve ever been in a while. even min was a little scared, and he’s seen me in foul moods. I felt even worse when I couldn’t even run 2.5 on the treadmill because my body felt like it hit a wall. it might also have to do with the fact taht I didn’t eat a proper breakfast, so I was lacking carbs to burn.

after gym, we went home, showered, ate lunch, and went to the lab, where I attempted to break code. breaking code is fun, but I think it’s harder when I don’t know how the code works. because I’m just making RANDOM test cases to break. but yeah. that was my afternoon. I got sleepies at a few times, but I never actually passed out. I was up a lot though, because I didn’t want to fall asleep.

I came home for dinner, ate, and took a nap. I woke up to the phone call of mommy (YAAAY!!) who had just gotten back from her cruise. awww, it was so nice to hear from parents again!! =) that’s when I checked the clock. it was TEN PM! holy crap! no one had called to wake me up! so I found my group online, and they said they wanted me to sleep, because they don’t want grumpy tee. AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! BEST GROUP EVER!!! so now I’m SO completely refreshed. =) *HUGGIES*

birthday pictures!!

and now, finishing this post quickly so I can read over some notes:


(that’s laine, the birthday girl, on the left. and derek on the right. both of whom I’ve known since elementary school) oh my god, I can’t believe I’ve known you forever! yes, forever = 20 years! sorry I couldn’t be home for your fantabulous birthday, but I know we’ll get together sometime during work term. I hope you have fun celebrating with nathan! =)

and for all the other birthdays that passed (except mommy’s cuz she doesn’t like he picture online):

zamir and yada-san!

ori, last year at center island, after she won herself a roll of TP =)

random pictures!!

and since I’m trying to dispense photos into my blog, here are some from PA’s dinner july 176th at philthy’s!

chill and his new cellphone. let’s hope he doesn’t loose THIS one in < 3 mths!!
my first picture with chill. aww!

my first picture of tk, my new friend. and yes, he does that. in EVERY PICTURE I’ve taken of him =(

oh, the hilarity!

min: damn you foo*! why can’t I find you!!
me: maybe cuz you’re mean. that’s why foo needs his own friends
min: I called him cripple. and fat. that’s right, foo’s a fat bastard
me: no wonder foo doesn’t want to be your friend
min: he should be LUCKY he even gets a piece of me
me: …

* foo = foo bar, the test string cs-ers seem to use for SOME reason, but I don’t know what. usually they use it for debugging purposes.


I was going to write a congratulatory note to myself for hitting my 1500 post, but as I logged in today at the UNIX terminals in school, I found out I’m at 1512 =( so… hurray to my belated 1500 post! the majority of them are meaningless randoms, but that’s besides the point.

my inner child

jimmy and I went to east sides on wednesday night for dinner. the lady seated us at a booth that fits four, so there was lots of space.

jimmy: what are you doing?
me: *fidgeting* nothing, I’m just trying to cross my legs
jimmy: oh
*here, I bang my knee against the table and jimmy watches, confused, until I settle into a comfortable position*
jimmy: you’re such a girly girl
me: what? am not! why would you say that?
jimmy: trying to cross your legs! well, not gracefully anyways…
me: oh, I’m not crossing my legs like that
jimmy: huh? then how are you sitting?
me: … um, you know when little kids sit on the floor? TAHT kind of cross-legged
jimmy: … oh my god, you’re joking right?
*he glances under the table*
jimmy: are those your SHOES?!?!

yes boys and girls, almost 22 and still a kid at heart. ah, the little joys in life. =)


I never realised my mommy’s birthday was so popular!

she’s on a cruise right now aroudn the mediterrean, so I hope she’ having lots of fun, and taking lots of pictures and sending me lots of postcards!

I saw you today, and I wished you happy birthday, so… yeah. hope you had fun! =))

I wanted to bring a cake to your class, but I didn’t have anything to bake, and the cookies I had made the day before were most likely devoured by ambrose’s housemates =( so I hope my text message was sufficient.

and randoms

GOOD LUCK to PA and Hydrophobics in their competition in montreal! whee! =) I hope you guys come back with hardware!

um, tee & ambrose’s birthdays are coming up. whee!

bourne identity free on thursday for mathsoc movies! I’ve never seen, but I’ve heard good things. who’s up to watching (if I can take an OS break)?


always a brides maid, never a bride eh min? ;) aaaah! *CLAP *CLAP

so I’m up really early today. and I thought I’d spend some time talking about random stuff. for one thing, maggie is now in cali, settled and getting used to work. she says it’s really hot there, and there are palm trees everywhere =)

wes is still on the fence about ivey.

everyone who’s anyone (in db world) is attending montreal fest. except for me and dan, who will be here coding OS like the nerds we don’t want to be. I’m sure it will be an eventful wknd nonetheless. ambrose promised me that if he ever went to see the biodome without me, he would have to kidnap a penguin and bring it home as an apology. the littler the better.

this is the pretty peacock we saw at center island, but I never had a chance to post. currently, this post is pretty inappropriate as it is just random crap, but what’s more random than a peacock looking for love? =) and besides, it’s a perfect lead in to these next few pictures from the erb farm petting zoo!!

BABY BUNNIES! awwww! aren’t they adorable? I want a bunnie!

and the infamous three-horned ram. it’s cool, in a creepy kind of way…

I’ve had a very stressful week in regards to english and assignments and whatnot. that english report killed me. curses to those who don’t care about getting marks. CURSES!! “A pox on you and your children!” (ed: uh, that’s pretty harsh…)

it sucks that I got up so early and haven’t done anything. I have nothing to show for it.

actually, I do. but it’s a surprise, and i can’t tell you. until after the surprise has been delivered. by then, I probably would’ve forgot to tell you all… so I shall leave you in agonizing suspense. I don’t intend to be mean, but I sure an forgetful!

[den] I’m so proud that your paper is so super amazing! wow, you’re an expert! all these nerds coming to you… they bow down to you! =)

class in 25 mins, gotta go get ready. ciao folks!

[donna] stop drinking

[0=)] make sure donna doesn’t drink so much

[ed] .. you’re just bad influence all around =) kidding! when are you free for more food???

all grown up

maggie leaves tomorrow for cali. maggie and I met in grade five, when she first came to st. gabes. at that time, I was doodling random drawings, probably the farm animals I still doodle now. maggie taught us how to draw this duck looking thing, and for the rest of the year that’s all we ever drew. big ducks, baby ducks, duck families, we were duck obsessed. =P

after highschool, maggie went to sheridan to persue her career in animation. she signed my yearbook, and told me she dreams to work for pixar. she wrote that she would spearhead a project there to make bug’s life 5, still using dave foley‘s voice even if he’s rediculously old. and ended the blurb with a quick sketch of flick.

now maggie’s all grown up and graduated and she’s been offered a job as a storyboard artist at dreamworks. she leave for cali this monday. I can’t express how happy I am for her to get a dream job so quickly after school. and I will really miss her. Wishing you all the best babe.

let the updates commence!

so, now that I have ftp working, I shall begin work on my hydrophobics site. YAY!

in the meantime, here is a picture of me and my new fob cut. for those of you who haven’t seen me in a while, there you go =) sorry for the light in the background, my webcam is positioned on the desk at a strange angle, and I’m too lazy to fix.

more pictures will appear, hopefully some from the petting zoo here in waterloo! kay gotta go have din with pa folks!!

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