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what the world needs now

is love, sweet love. I can’t remember the rest of that song. but that line applies to people in toronto today. on my way home from waterloo with phil, I tried to wave at random people in cars on the highway. I thought since it was a traffic jam outside, people could use the cheering up.

my approach was to first make eye contact while smiling. once eye contact was established, the wave would follow. I only managed to wave to one person, and that one person did not wave back (although they might have looked away before the wave commenced). but yes, the attempt to spread joy was an utter failure.

I tried again today. after our fitness test run, all of daBoat was sitting outside the pavilion on lakeshore and cars driving by would stare at us because a bunch of asian kids (and two token white guys) sitting outside all sweaty and tired could only be up to no good. since they were all staring, I tried waving to a bunch of them, and no one waved back. they just. continued. staring. I looked like quite the retard. people these days are such jerks. no wonder no one tries to cheer anyone up anymore.

overall, my attempt to wave at people succeeded only ONCE. and that was because phil and I were stopped at some intersection on our way to practice and the guy beside us was driving a motorcycle. so I continued to stare at him until he looked over, and then I waved! and … I think he was confused and felt pressured to wave back because you know, I expected some sort of reaction, and since he’s right beside me, he can’t very well continue to stare. so he hesitantly waved. and then vroomed away when the light hit green. I guess that was a success.

more on the fitness test (and the gooey goodness of half-price sunnyside pizza) to follow when I get back to loo tomorrow.

it’s friiiiiday

postings is a pain in the ass.

I didn’t know the new 341 assignment came out, now I’m trying to work on it as much as possible before I head home for the weekend. it’s fitness tomorrow for PA. jimmy took me to the v2 gym yesterday to do bench presses, and I seriously think I’ve gotten worse!! I was benching the BAR (we couldn’t find the other 2.5lb weight) and it was HARD!

I’ve also been doing regular running (well, mostly regular running) at CIF with min. I apparently haven’t ran enough to be counted for 5k, I’ve only run 1.5 miles = 2.5 k and that really sucks cuz I know I can run at least 3.2 k but since the treadmill only measures in miles, and I don’t know the conversion rate, I never know how far I run. sucks.

I caught my gotcha person last night. we had a pizza night and… about 1/3 of our floor came out to eat pizza (I ate half a pizza all by myself, I was soooo hungry) and sergiy was there. without his odd number of socks (our safety), so I called him. now I hafta get this girl who’s name is jingna. but her nickname is nana.

phil came over yesterday too! he called me from slc and said he needed a place to study that was air conditioned and quiet, so I let him into my house. he worked on the couch in the living room, trying to write up his thesis (he’s on page five!!) while I wrote my cover letters. and then I brought him to pizza dinner. he took bonnie’s place. =) he played one level of mario bro 3, and then went back to work / watching me play (and get killed on) all the other levels.


random pictures are available for the following events:

2004 05 07: PA Events including bowling and the infamous club nite.
2004 05 12: nerd cru potluck with many hamham pics

and phil has bday pics on his website. vvn also has club nite pictures at imagestation somewhere but I can’t remember the address so… you’ll hafta put up with mine for now.

kay, I’ll be home this weekend doing dragonboating and nerding out so… I’ll talk to you all on monday. hopefully I’ll have some pictures put on my site by them (stupid UW not letting me access my ftps!)

coop is a pain in the ass

me: who should you address a cover letter to?
ed: To Whom It May Concern
me: alrite. so… um, do you wanna write the rest of my cover letter for me too? =)
To Whom It May Concern,

I really want this job. I will do anything to any person, place or thing needed to secure my position with your organization. I make great coffee and I have no will of my own. I have no sense of moral responsibility; you can tell me to poison the environment while killing a stranger and I will happily do it. Please give me this job, I will make it worthwhile (hint hint).

Most Desperate,

phil’s birthday = tuesday

damn, not being able to access my ftp really sucks, cuz I have so many pictures I want to put up but I can’t!

tuesday was phil’s birthday. =) I’ve known this guy for less than a year and I’ve always had so much fun with him! happy birthday dude! that party at chill’s was really fun, I can’t wait to see the pictures. especially the eyeliner!! hahahaha =) thanks for taking me out in my super sleepy state.

once I figure out how to get my ftp up, I will put up some pictures of phil. =(

potluck = wednesday

last night we had a very last minute potluck with the nerd cru. I sent out invites at 9am, and 530pm we were buying last minute food and stuff. it was a lot of fun, and I was pretty surprised at the turn out despite the crap planning (thank you guys for all showing up!)

highlights included:
- lisa bringing in her hamhams =)
- elton showing up when I was freaking out whether he got the invite
- dru bringing mean girls!

I made last minute mashed potatoes (ergh!), min & chan brought chicken, matt & I bought an ice cream cake that said “spring 2004 nerd cru UW sucks”, wayne brought salad and kimchee, the girls brought meatballs, fried rice and jello, dru brought chicken wings, elton brought fried rice and porkchops, and bonnie had curry. we had a LOT of food!

pictures will be up on imagestation soon.

in the meantime, I’ve got some serious resume posting to do, so… bye!

on my way home today

I saw a squirrel outside the slice. it was licking out the insides to a margarine packet. can we say nast?

the weather in waterloo is amazing! I’m loving it soooo much! =) too bad the breeze is blowing away my papers, I guess it’s a sign that I shouldn’t be doing work!

gonna hit up cif later with min and jimmy.

oh hey! phil just asked me to go play badmitten with him and chill! looks like my evening is set!

note to self: phil’s birthday is TOMORROW!

I’m in a great mood, it must be the weather. thank you to jimmy for calling me up at night when the thunder storm was scaring me! =)
jessica simpson – in this skin

So tell me what is wrong with me
I’m the girl with everything
So why am I not strong enough
I wanna be strong enough
To tell you how I really feel
I know my talent is real
So don’t tell me
Don’t tell me
so I don’t weigh 102
I don’t have nothing to prove
So don’t tell me
Don’t tell me

Cause I am worthy
To feel beautiful in this skin
Be beautiful in this skin
Love me for me
Have confidence in this skin
Be real, be real
See the beauty indise this skin
I don’t have to hide this skin
I feel, I feel
An awakening in this skin
Stop forsaking me in this skin


update: I was going to insert a hot picture of vince so all the girls could see how adorable this boy is, but I think waterloo servers aren’t letting me access my site ftp *shakes fist* =( ed, can you upload a picture for me please?

vince is so hilarious! the cutest boy ever to exist!

vince: If ed and i were in a burning house and you only had enough time to save one of us, who would it be?
me: ….. is ed making you ask this?
vince: no
me: and neither of you is capable of getting yourselves out?
vince: nope
me: um… this is a hard choice. well, frankly I don’t think I can save either because I can’t carry either of you =(
vince: oh, I see
me: but I would try to haul one of you guys out, and I would put the other in a … tub of water? would that save the person from the fire?
vince: i’m pretty sure u could carry me
vince: Seriously! I went in for a body assessment and he said my bones are really light


I wonder if warren’s a fob!

I am 51% hong kong. test your hong-kong-ness


american idol & jimmy

jimmy came over on wednesday after we went for a workout at the new facilities in CIF and he was watching american idol. it was an elimination round, and the two that got the lowest votes were the cutie chick jasmine trias and the only guy left, george huff. jimmy was very upset because jasmine is a hot girl and he didn’t want her to get booted, so he kept saying “boot the guy!”

jimmy: omg, this guy is still here? I hate him!
me: really? I think he has a good voice
jimmy: no! look at his face! he’s got one of those faces!
me: what’s wrong with his face?
jimmy: he’s got one of those faces! that say, you know…
me: uh… no, I don’t know.
jimmy: his face says “punch me!”

here’s where I nearly choked on my spaghetti.

club night tonight!

those of you who can go, you rock =) those that can’t… *shakes fist*. those who are underaged, you’re forgiven. but really, none of you guys are underaged so don’t even try to pull that one over my head!

god damn!

this assignment is frekkin annoying. I’m hungry. I’ve got TONS of eggs in my fridge, so I’m gonna cook some brekkie!


it sucks cuz it’s raining and I don’t know how to do this bloody assignment. if anyone’s finished cs341 questions 4 & 6, lend a lil help over here!! =(

me: wait, is this a string? do we read it as a string?
min: yeah, so we need to parse it and declare it as a time
me: … bring it down a notch.
min: you need to cast it as a time. put a coat on it.
me: put a coat on it!?
min: put a coat on it, and then say “go!” *does a pushing motion*
me: “go make friends! go make friends with the time variables that won’t play with you cuz you’re a string!”
mlml: …

hahahaha… oh the nerdiness.

ps. thank you gary for giving me a ride home tomorrow! you rock!

jingle jingle jingle!

is what the happy change in my wallet sounds like. because yesterday I claimed back all twelve something dollars of miscellaneous fees and that makes me a very happy camper. that’s right imprint, wprig and radio! you may con those other kiddies but tee will NOT be fooled!not surprisingly, all the people giving back refunds were very very bitter. especially radio waterloo!! omg! and they have nothign to be bitter about! taking in mind that they charged 4.50 to everyone who’s on campus this term, there are also located in the most inconvenient place possible that people who would WANT to get their money back just wouldn’t bother making the trek.

map of the campus

open up the map and let me show you how rediculously far this place is. first, ambrose told me it’s just north of CIF (CIF is located in the bottom right hand corner of E1). so min, elton and I (seeing we have time to kill) go to CIF and ask the guy there “how do we get to radio waterloo?” so the guy says “just keep walking down the path, and you’ll see a giant radio tower infront of you. giant. you can’t miss it!”

easy enough. so we walk down that… small weird street that extends from F1 to G1 on the map, all along the way noting that the street has not yet been finished and there are dead end signs everywhere. and then we come to the end of the street where there is a building that is in the process of being built and in no way possible could have actual people working inside. and there’s no giant tower. so we stand there for a bit looking like absolute retards when min says “hey, there’s a big tower over THERE!”

and THERE being the building in I1. frekkin what the hell?! so since we’re at G1, we have to cut across this gigantic mushy field (the whole time min kept saying “sinking! sinking!” until we get to this building and it looks like a rundown storage facility, there were pipes being stored in the back and a bunch of dirt and sand mounds. which, according to the map, makes sense because the building is called BAU (Bauer Warehouse).

so min, elton and I were standing outside the building after having walked up a giant street with nothing on it and then across a giant sinking mushy field and we were so damn fustrated because this building did not look like a radio station except for the SEMI giant tower sticking out that you really COULD miss if you hadn’t been trying desperately to look for one.

but we see some guy on a bike ride past us and pull up to the building. so we stop and stare at him for the longest time, seeing whether or not he’s there to claim fees too. he gets off his bike, looks at a sheet of paper, looks at the door, and slowly goes inside. the three of charged towards the door like hungry wild animals, I kid you not.

and the woman inside giving us back our money… how annoying! she seemed all “you guys are so mean this is so unfair!” when she’s only had to return money to like, fifteen cheap students (including us three), and imprint, being located in the middle of the student life centre has had over 50 returns already. hahaha and first on the refund list was none other than my dear sweetie boyfriend. =)

wow. that was a long story. but I must admit, yesterday was an interesting day. I also went to my fist OS (operating systems) class. which was apparently in the wrong room. because they changed the rooms on us and didn’t tell anyone. I guess profs think that everyone checks quest daily on their regular internet surfing, I don’t know. but min and I showed up to the wrong class and there were five other kids sitting there too, one of whom I recognized so I thought everyone else was just bizarrely late. until it was actually 1130, and class was supposed to start and it was STILL just the seven of us. with no prof.

the rest of the story isn’t very funny, because usually people just like hearing about how me (and sometimes friends that I bring along) are randomly thrown into idiotic situations where we stand around looking like retards, but they don’t care how we get out of these situations cuz then we’re NOT retards and the whole story isn’t interesting anymore.

um… I have nothing else to report. oh wait, I lied. phil has decided not to come to waterloo this week so … I need a ride home. if anyone has room in their car for me to get to north york, that’d be greatly greatly appreciated. thanks so much!!

first day of classes!

so today was my first day of classes. and I went to aaaaall three of them! so proud =) mkv is a good place to be staying for the summer term. I’m really glad I decided to come back here. I know it’s a little awkward being with the froshies and all, but I’m trying my very best to be young at heart, so… maybe I won’t get shunned from any events because I’m too old =P

I’ve got insanely awesome roomies. bonnie is a 2A science major, and she’s got our whole suite looking so cool. we’ve got a tv, with dvd player, playstation, and snes. she also brought in a microwave, a 4-plate dish set, pot set, measuring cups and other baking needs, muffin tins, etc etc. clara is a 1B chem eng student and she’s really nice and a little shy, but she’s so adorable!

yes. I only have two roomies. that means *drumroll* I have a bathroom ALL to myself! yay! of course, having a bathroom all to myself makes me even more of a control neat freak because I like clean bathrooms, and this one I can control! I don’t have a lot of food in my fridge, apparently I didn’t consider shopping for groceries to last me a whole WEEK, but I’m going grocery shopping later today with ambrose.

plus, gary is on campus this term, so we’re all gonna go out for some pho later tonight =) YAY!

um… what else… oh, jimmy’s on my floor. I gave him a heart attack saturday night and said he wasn’t living on my floor because I never saw his nametag on any of the doors, but I apparently didn’t venture far enough down the hall where his room was (it’s too far from mine, and I’m lazy!) so yeah. he was whining all yesterday about lack of internet, so we killed time playing jitz. =)

kay my sweetie boyfriend is taking me out to get some groceries so I can cook enough to last the week. *huggies* talk to you all laters! =) don’t forget to call me and lemme know your number!

747 7175


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