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Toronto bids for dragon boat championships

more on the db front:
PA Stoufville pictures!! special appearances from the nerd that everyone misses tons:

people are morons

there are a bunch of boys racing each other down the halls of MKW. everytime I hear them run by (they’re very noisy), I am reminded of the time alex made himself famous by racing someone down the halls here and running himself INTO the door, shattering the glass and requiring a trip to Grand River Hospital an stitches on his arm. I want to yell at these boys, but frankly, I’m too tired to care.

chris says…

“clean clothes are overrated”

I would really really REALLY like to believe him on this one because I am just too bloody exhausted from my race on saturday to haul my laundry downstairs, throw stuff into a washer, wait half an hour, throw it into a dryer, wait another hour and come back upstairs.

but I think I’m on my last pair of socks.

actually, I think I have one more. ah, laundry tomorrow then! perhaps even in the morning! ooooo!!

musselman lake is preeeetties!

I really would love love love to tell you all about the joys of racing with PA at our first regatta of the year, but I’m so tired and sore all over that I just want to sit here and not do anythign that requires effort. so instead, you’ll just have to imagine the fun I had until I actually post something.

I’m now off to play solitaire showdown with min. =)

everybody’s got a story

some people think that I write stuff on my blog and I stretch out details and make it all fantastically amazing so much so, that it’s surreal.

well today I got stuck in my bathroom.

yes, that’s exactly how it was. my bathroom door handle at MKV has been broken since I moved in. if you tug too hard, the knob comes right off. I sent in a work request for it right away, but no one came to fix it =( my daddy dropped it on his foot last week and cursed about it for days!

so today I rush home hoping to pack and eat before phil came to pick me up. I went into my bathroom at around 1:45 and when I tried to get back out again, I couldn’t. the handle would turn, but no amount of pulling would make the door open! I panicked because I didn’t want to be stuck in my bathroom for hours, starving and wanting to go home to toronto.

and then I heard a noise in the suite. so I pounded on my door like mad!! and clara came running over thinking it was the suite door, and I screamed for her. I think it confused her greatly, especially when she opened the suite door and no one was there. but I told her my situation, and she ran off to get help.

she then came back and told me that someone from V1 is coming to fix it, and all I could do was wait. and so there I sat, with absolutely nothing to do, nothing to eat, and nothing to pass the time with. I sat on the lid of the toilet seat cover and debated about whether I should take a shower. or nap. or ask clara to slip some food under the door like she was sneaking it to me or something.

I honestly freaked out. I was so pissed off since it was friday, and phil was supposed to come pick me up soon, and I had no sense of time so I didn’t even know how long I was stuck in that bathroom. it was stuffy, there was no circulation and the bright bathroom lights were making it hotter. I will admit, I cried tears of fustration at one point.

and then, I heard a knock on the suite door. It was jimmy! he was obviously confused as hell as to how I got stuck in my own bloody bathroom, but he tried very hard to card the door open for me. it didn’t work, but the fact that someone was trying to do something useful for me even though he would miss his greyhound bus for TO me made me feel very humble. jimmy also told me it was 240. I had been stuck in the stupid room for a frekkin hour.

and THEN, the repair guy comes. and he busts open the lock in two minutes! what the hell I say! he had me sit in the bathroom for a whole hour just to do that!! I was so thankful and pissed all at the same time. by then, I had half an hour to eat and pack all my stuff for home. and the guy fixed my door handle FINALLY. stupid MKV people. jimmy says I won’t be able to sue them for emotional damage. the jerks.

so after being freed from the bathroom (and learning that jimmy tried to get the door open using his casino rama winners circle card… aw!) he fed me cookies and a granola bar and then I had to pack all my crap for the race on saturday. packing for home is usually a quick thing, but when you have to pack for dragonboating, especially a dragonboat RACE, you really need to think.

I hope I got everything.

so as a reward

after studying my ass off for the econ202 midterm that was this morning, I said I should go to a mall and celebrate. and after getting trapped in my bathroom for an hour, I said there is NO ONE in the world that can deny me shopping now. I SO deserve it.

except that when I got home, I realised that my mommy is having an mahjong party (she’s certainly enjoying her retirement!) and the only car in the driveway can only be opened by the two household members that AREN’T HOME. ARGH!!! *shakes fist* so I sat around my house for an hour waiting for someone to come home with a set of car keys so I could go shopping, and then when they DO come back, they tell me dinner will be in half an hour. which obviously doesn’t leave enough time for shopping.

and tomorrow is the Musselman races at Stoufville. and it lasts ALL DAY. which means no shopping. and sunday is hydrophobics practice. GAAAH!! I’m so mad I could explode! *nnngggghhhhhh*

I think I’ll go pass out on the living room couch now.

free night!!

I hope min doesn’t read this… hahaha! today I spent my morning (830 – 1100) at mins talking about our OS code. actually, we only did an hours worth of work and then we ate breakfast. it took me a long time to eat two slices of peanut butter toast cuz it was soooo sticky! and then we went to class and had such a hard time staying awake. I’m trying really really hard to not break my 8am wake up schedule, but damn. sleeping this late (it’s almost 1230am!) is making it really difficult!

after classes and engl tutorial (where we played bejewelled and tried to keep matt’s friend awake), OS group went to the lab to do more code. which we didn’t actually do. we made up great analogies for the lock mechanism (wayne’s not allowed to scribble on the picture I’m drawing because min won’t let him!) but we didn’t actually get any code done.

and then I called it an early night because I wanted to head home and eat and play badmitten. CIF is a great place to do gym workout, but their courts are gross! there’s no air conditioning in them, so it’s stuffy and disgustingly hot. I honestly didn’t do a lot of work during my three games of badminton, but I was just sweating buckets because of the heat. I guess that’s good, it made me LOOK like I did a lot of work! (thaaank you elton!)

the best part about playing with elton is that he’s so relaxed and carefree, it makes me feel like I don’t hafta try so hard. which, I know sounds back, but it makes me less stressed and I think people naturally play better when they enjoy the game. =)

after badminton, elton sprayed me with some of his axe deoderant and we hit up cove. we figured that we were all sweaty and smelly, people would naturally move away from us and we’d get to play all the games. but then we also noticed that since everyone is in math, they’ll all be sweaty and smelly too, so it wouldn’t work. =( we DID get to play a round of jitz with jimmy and eat free pizza! I also played that initial D game with elton, I suck at driving! hahaha too much coordination! =P we also played that shooting game, but I suck at that too, cuz I get too scared at the COMPUTER PEOPLE SHOOTING AT ME! *hangs head in shame* so jimmy finished the game with elton.

and then I came home to take a shower because I was feeling pretty gross.

oh! there was this guy playing jitz that knew elton, and he kept looking at me… and then he asked me “are you adi?” and I was like “what?!” elton explained to him that I’m adi’s cousin, and he said “you look SO much like her!” to which I obviously denied. but perhaps people who don’t know us that well, and saw us at glances would assume that we’re sisters? adi and I wouldn’t see it cuz we grew up together, and we can easily spot our differences. but we never honestly thought we looked so much alike to be confused as the SAME person! that was just kinda cool. and weird. but in a good way. cuz I love her. =)

kay seriously past my bedtime, and I’ve got so much crap to do tomorrow. so gnites!!

ps. I found the most amazing pair of shoes at winners and they didn’t have my size. excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out =*(

I love my group regardless!

me: where’s waaaayne?
min: well I called him again and nobody’s home. I don’t like how lazy this group has become.
me: I’m not lazy!! I’m just not bright. =(

song of the moment:
[avant] have some fun

just call me a dork!

so I decided it was high time I make use of the MD player at the gym (despite all my whining that it’s broken and doesn’t charge properly, which is probably completely my fault since I dropped it one too many times). so I open my box of “goodies” (aka computer and techie stuff, omg does that make me a nerd?!) to pull out the MD player and the charger.

I start picking at the contents in the box, since all AC adapters look alike and try to find the one that says “aiwa”. instead, I pull out one that says “vtech”. BAH. until…. wait for it… *lightbulb*

it’s the vtech adapter. for my vtech phone. which I thought I had lost and even got my supervisor at work to search through all the drawers of my cubicle for. and it was here. all along. in my stupid frekkin box.

overjoyed, I quickly got rid of the old cord phone (by “got rid of” I mean I unhooked it and tossed it into the box. and by “tossed” I mean gently placed) and, with an extreme amount of effort finding an available plug, assembled my trusty cordless and listened to the “low battery” beeps with a tingle of excitement. cordless! phone! oh how I’ve missed you!

I also ended up finding my MD charger. after finding my Palm charger. which I would also like to charge, but I’m lacking plug space =( unless I charge it in my baaathroom…. *hrm*

poor snail!

no one believes the snail can do 5k in 25 minutes? what if it was one of those gigantic snails? then maybe it could do 5k faster than me! you know what they say, slow and steady wins the race!

I still trying to figure out what exactly causes discussion on my website. writing about snails apparently is one of them. sadly, I can’t think of anything else snail-related to talk about, so I guess my comments will drop back to zero after this. =(

[stephie] I think rocket shoes are a little dangerous. and it would probably cause a lot of accidents. especially if I tried to use them. while holding a shovel…

[ed] giant african land snail! omg, what if it’s an underwater snail!!! and what are you complaining about, at least you can beat the snail!

[chris, chris, chris and chris] all you ahve to do is click the submit button ooooonce =) your marathon training is doing really well! and just between you and me (and all the other people that read my blog), I like your blog better now as oppose to before, because it’s SO much easier for me to read! =)

[simon] I think I’d be more worried about how gigantic a snail is than whether or not it can beat me in 5k. if worse comes to worse when I’m racing it, I’ll just step on it or something and said I didn’t see. but that would be mean. =( and gross.

[phil] perhaps the horse got tired out after the 3.5 mark? hahaha =) the tortoise beat the hare remember, because the hare got tired and took a nap? yeeeeah…

long weekend

the long weekend approacheth! and yet I’m spending it here. =( I’m missing out on the PA barbeque which I REALLY want to attend tonight but I have so much reading to do that I’m sitting my butt in stinky waterloo until I get it all done. *sniffles* maybe I’ll hit up CIF gym, it’s bound to be purely empty this wknd!

alrite, I should go read. god it’s early. I don’t have classes for another two hours!!

goooo snail!

chris has been training for a 5k run, with much better success than me. I found this on his page, it’s a chart of animals that run 5k from fastest to slowest time:

Cheetah < 17'00"
Gazelle 17’00″ – 17’59″
Ostrich 18’00″ – 18’59″
Hare 19’00″ – 19’59″
Horse 20’00″ – 20’59″
GreyHound 21’00″ – 21’59″
Deer 22’00″ – 22’59″
Tortise 23’00 – 23’59″
Snail 24’00 – 24’59″

first thought that might come to your mind is: snails don’t “run”. well, maybe they do and you just don’t know it. second thought that might come to your mind is: didn’t TEE finish her 5k run in 32 mins? why yes. yes I did.

I am slower than a snail. that’s really sad.

I just thought I’d share.

it’s hump day!

I haven’t had anything interesting to say in the last while. school has been draining me dry, and I haven’t been in the best of moods.

yesterday my cs group (min and wayne) and I installed nachOS on our unix machines. this is the start of the hardest project we’ve ever had to face. but it’s okay because we’ve already made a theme song. I’m sure you’ve all guessed right by now: “nacho nacho maaaaaan, I want to be a nacho man…” (we’re not that creative)

but after doing that for three hours, I came home and then philly wanted to go out to eat (I’ve always wanted to call him that!) so we went to some chinese food place that was clooooose (phil: “ding!”) and then we went for some sushi. I also bought coke bottles and a bubbo-t to keep me awake in the three hour class.

at the end of HRM we had a group assignment to do: write a job description. this was worth 5% of our over all mark. the whole time, min was trying to make suggestions but either they were not descriptive enough,

min: good leadership skills
me: kay, but think of another word for good
min: excellent
me: we already used that
min: wonderful. fantastic. great.
me: … *turns away*

or they just didn’t gel with the rest of the team. min, who we accused of having a personal agenda to join our team, ended up being a freeloader!

min: can you spell “freeloader”?
matt: m… i….

hahahaha! then I visited my sweetie. despite the fact that his place has no a/c, it wasn’t that bad because the temperature was cool and all the windows were thrown open. =)

I feel like cooking dinner tonight. I guess it all depends on how OS projects rolls along. I’ve got pasta and alfredo sauce, and shrimp and mushrooms. mmm!! I wonder how much work we’ll be doing today. I seriously need to do laundry. I did some laundry by hand yesterday so that ambrose wouldn’t be out of clothes (yes, I’m THAT sweet!)

thank you min for the mp3 cd! =))) yay! I finally have all the songs I want!! well, most of them. there are still a few albums I’m hunting for, but this gets me a lot closer. I also have the new nic tse album, but I didn’t get the jacky cheung one! boo!! =(

I ache. all. over

somehow I don’t remember the fitness test being this hard. after yesterday’s hydrophobics practice I just wanted to drop dead. I was sooooo tired. I was even too lazy to cook dinner and just reheated mommy’s food.

my thighs are sore (I struggle to walk down stairs), my abs ache (sneezing HURTS), my arms hurt (I refuse to reach for things above shoulder height), and my back is all stiff. this bites. and what bites even more is that there was so significant improvement to (1) my 5k run, (2) my cable pull and (3) my situps. *shakes fist*

the strange thing is, I actually FELT like I was doing better in my 5k run. I felt like I was going to beat my time, which of course was a kick to the tummy when I found out I didn’t. it was really really sad. I guess min & I have got to work harder on the treadmills. =(

… once I recover from all these pains.

hydrophobics practice was sooooo hard too. it’s always hard, I really don’t think I’ll be able to make back to back practices anymore. I’m SO glad next weekend is the long wknd and there will be no practices. I’m seriously debating staying in waterloo, because I never get work done when I go home. but three days by my lonesome in this bloody place will probably be very depressing.

what else. oh, pizza! all you paddlers should note: sunnyside cafe has half price pizza & salads for paddlers. and their pizza is SO good. especially the grilled veggie one and the cajun chicken. *drool* I wants more. =)

kay, I’ve gotta do some reading and stuff before classes to look keener, so I’ll talk to you all laters.

[0=)] *WAVES* =)))

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