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packing packing packing

packing up the compie soon. oooo… I REALLY haven’t done anything yet. this is gonna be tough!

thank you zamir for letting me keep season 2 of gilmore girls (gg!)

last day!

internal email crew is going craaaaaaaazy! I’m gonna miss these boys & one girl. =)

moving into loo tomorrow. I’ve got lots of packing to do tonight =P anyone wanna come help?

it’s been a chill term, see you guys back on campus!

don’t forget: club night!

and phil, I’m really sorry about stealing your neoprene glove.. =(

yay leafs!

in the words of dru: hip hop hurray! =)

work report

all that’s left is the exec summary and the letter of submittal. and I hafta remember how to put in appendices.

free ice cream! sort of…

well, iola drove herself in an out of waterloo yesterday because she was moving stuff back in, so she was too tired to go for ice cream *boo!* that left me and donna debating whether to go get ice cream somewhere up north so iola can come out from her house in the middle of nowhere (I’ve visited it now, I have a right to say that!). instead, we ended up surprising iola at her door. her house is really nice eh? it’s in a cookie cutter area, but the inside is quite pretty. especially that painted wall. and that big ball giraffe. that wasn’t really part of the house, but enh.

since we missed out on free ice cream night, iola served us some ice cream from her freezer. she even had mini m&ms (DARK chocolate!) for us to sprinkle on! wheee! I made everyone a little smilie out of m&ms, and then we devoured it.



gilmore girls wasn’t on yesterday. *shakes fist*

[pablo] hahahaha stop trying to cause trouble you!! =P are you still sick? hope you’re getting better!

[jer] haloscan’s charging you? I know a few people who are using haloscan and I don’t think they’ve had any troubles with it… and they get lots of comments. hrm. don’t forget ot send me postcards from japan!!

[phil] game 6 @ mcginnis? I’m IN! =) did you get a leafs flag for your car yet?? *gaah!*

free ice cream day!

yes, today is free ice cream day. I suggest everyone go out and get free ice cream =)

and other things

I discovered yesterday two blogs that I did not know existed until now. one is tiff’s, who’s blog hasn’t been linked yet because I left the url at home, but it’s a xanga and I think it’s… dot_tiff or something. I’ll hunt for it and put it up.

the second is a very special friend from highschool whom I haven’t talked to since the end of last term. finding it was a complete stumble, but I’m glad I looked for it. I don’t think I’ll link it just yet because I don’t know whether she’d appreciate everyone knowing about her page.

and even more other things

I’m at crunch-time on the work report. it’s almost done (yes, I did 70% of the damned thing yesterday) and I am so proud. but it’s times like this (super stress) that I wish I had more ambrose-things at work to keep me company. the only thing I have here is my lil pooh bear that nimy gave me (because the exact same one that my brother gave me stays on my bed with the big bear). I need a picture frame or something. I’m missing my boyfriend. =(


some very well-deserved girltime should be going down tonight. ice cream with donna & iola and hopefully jen, and then I dunno what cuz donna’s the most popular chick on the planet now and barely has room for her highschool friends *sniff* s’alrite, as long as I get to see them before I go.

lacking sleep

that title was pretty self explanatory. =) I stayed up late last night tryign to reformat my resume to match my tamagotchi’s (because seriously, his was SO nice!!) and so I’m all sleepies but I didn’t finish it so I’ll hafta do it tonight except sweetie tells me that jobmine screws up with the html conversion from word, and that I should use netscape composer, but who uses netscape things nowadays!? *shakes fist*


the end has come for the ec-crew. much laughter was shared these past four months, and I can’t wait to see eveyrone back on campus. I’ll miss you wes, ec admin!! =( people are ending their workterms so early! there’s only seven of us left in ec. =(

in closing

say it with a saymail. this saymail was sent to me from min, he’s encouraging me to do my work report. it’s so hilarious and creepy!! go see go see!

I got one from dru a long time ago, which was really funny cuz he used his own picture, but they expire after 14 days so it’s gone now =(


anyone looking for me next term will find me at MKW 305b. =)

work report deadline

I’ve set my deadline to be tomorrow. so that means no slacking today. not that I was slacking yesterday, but… damn john for sending out games!!

icq 4.0

ever since my icq messed up on me at the beginning of the work term, i’ve been too lazy to download it back. well, I decided that I would have to promote the club night over the q sooner or later, so I dled the newest version of IM, icq 4.0. let me say this now, icq 4.0 is garbage. I opened it up and there’s this sleek and sexy interface with the ability to put up pictures of yourself a la msn, but I just couldn’t for the life of me find the “send message to multiple people” button. what the hell I say! so I ended up sending out the blatent PA club night advertisement to everyone by HAND. open a message, ctrl v, close it up, and repeat. maybe there IS a multiple person button and I just can’t find it, but that only goes to show that the new icq interface doesn’t work for dumbasses like me!

club night

I don’t need to say much more about this. from the lack of comments on that post, I can see that no one likes advertisements on my page =( but I do hope that if you ever decided to go clubbing that night, you’ll come out for my event!


… just wanted to say that I love him. very very much. sweetest boy ever =)


yep, that’s all I’ve got to say. club night, and … work report. oh, and icq 4.0. maybe I should switch back to 2003 pro, unless it messes up on me again. *shakes fist*

kay ciaos!


ice cream night on wednesday! bryan, are you free? =))

new orisinal game is quite fun!

PA presents…

c’mon people I know you’re all up to going out on a friday night! I made a mistake in my last entry, and I wrote the date as May 6th when it’s actually May 7th, which is two fridays from now. but the point IS: come out to support PA at Cafe Havana and to help tee save money! each ticket into the club comes gives you a free raffle ticket to be entered into our draw. we’ve got GREAT prizes (click here for a list of our sponsors) like a six session facial treatment at matis spa in yorkville, restaurant certificates to shanghai lily, passes to see kill bill 2 and (my absolute favourite!):

pussy wagon keychains!

so hey, for ten dollars (15 at the door), this isn’t a bad deal! I hardly ever push for any sort of social event (let alone clubbing) on my own website, so this is important to me. I’d really like all my friends to show up and help out my team! if you’re interested in tickets at all, leave me a msg or send an email to

tetleytee -at- gmail -dot- com

thanks people!! come out and help PA hit the road to montreal. and when I get a uniform for my team, you all can sign it!

how is it monday already?!

I woke up this morning thinking it was still sunday. this was because my house was eerily quiet (my daddy took the day off because of a headache), and because I didn’t get to do ANY paddling this weekend.

saturday I showed up early to phil’s place for practice. I rushed him out of the house as usual (I can’t help it if I’m paranoid, I don’t want to be late!) and ended up at the pool a half hour before warm ups. but it was a good thing we came early because we found out our pool permit had expired and the people there weren’t under any circumstances about to let us in. we ended up running around the track outside and then playing a nice game of soccer =) afterwards, a few of us went out for greek food and had lots of fun talking about the clubbing event and whatnot.

phil and I ended up going to chills house afterwards to finish some board games with karen and then we went out to world bowl to meet up with eric and michelle and rob! muchos fun, it was really nice seeing rob again =) and then bubbo-t afterwards. so now, um… how much do I owe you phil? =)

sunday I went all the way down to sunnyside despite high winds and rain, only to find that practice was cancelled. DAMMIT! so I went out to lunch with family and then over to ambroses. sweetie took me shopping (we did more ambrose shopping than tee shopping), and then we watched kill bill 2. what a FUN movie! =) and dinner afterwards, and then he took me home cuz I was sleepies.

so yeah. that was my wknd. comments time!

[chris] are you bitter cuz the sens lost? =) *hugs* although I have a feeling that leafs might not win this series, I definetly don’t think we’ll lose with a clean sweep! GO LEAFS!!

[0=)] crap, you’re right they probably don’t have practice anymore. DAMMIT!! =( kay I guess we wont’ go then. I feel kinda bad skipping out early on my last day of work anyways…

[donna] alrite, you’re impossible. so now the only available day is TOMORROW which means that YOU are in charge of planning. any pressures that were placed on iola have now been shifted to YOU because you are the most impossible one out of the three of us. *POUT*

[ed] if I keep you away from girls and alki, will you come? support our team!!! and if you get your mef back, didn’t you say they’ll close your email?

in closing…

come to Cafe Havana and support PA! if you’re really not up to the clubbing and chances to win prizes and all that fun stuff, but would still like to financially help out our team, you can donate to us by giving money to me. the money we earn is being split three ways: the PA waterhawks boat will use their money to get new uniforms, PA daBoat will use their money to help fundraise for montreal (I reeeeeeally don’t want to pay 150 to go) as well as hopefully cut costs of uniforms, and another portion of the earnings will go to help the S.H. Armstrong Community Centre, which is lacking funding for their childrens programs. if you’re not up to helping out my team, at least help out the community centre!!

ALRITE, a work report needs to be tackled so off I go. please support my dragonboat team!


alrite meanies! with the exception of ONE of you, I’ve received no emails to my gmail account. so I very well can’t make use of a search function on ONE email. =P c’mooooon… I have 1gig here!

mango ice cream

I went to baskin robbins (after completely missing the new friends episode, boo!) to pick up ice cream for bryan. I briefly browsed through their assortment of flavours before asking the scoop dude “what flavour is good for a guy that just got his wisdom teeth out and can’t chew? preferably fruity” so he suggested strawberries but I’m pretty sure it had strawberry chunks in it. not very bright. then we settled on mango because “it’s very lickable” (yes, those exact words).

so I got a hand-pack of mango and brought it over to bryan’s house. apparently he’s got five cars. I did not know that (I thought he was having a party or something). so I went inside his house and went into his kitchen.

me: where’s big turtle? *in a really happy voice while hunting around for the gigantic tortoise*
bryan: … er… big turtle died…
me: … what?
bryan: he died. like, two years ago.
me: … oh.


we went downstairs and watched the leafs game on bryans brand new big big big tv while eating mango ice cream. it was fuuuun. =) and then as I was leaving, he gave me this really cute red stuffed toy that looks like a mouse with black ear, but bryan keeps claiming it’s the head of an alien. psht, what does he know.

super advertising

this could probably be expressed better in a venn diagram, but I don’t know what the set is of all the people who read my page and who enjoy clubbing. if there even exists a set like that, then the following announcement is for you.

paddlers anonymous daBoat and Waterhawks crew have joined together to bring you FULL ON, PA’s clubbing fundraising event for the 2004 season. please support our team and help me pay less money for uniforms and races (pleeeeeeease!)

FULL ON will take place Friday May 6th at Club Havana. Tix are ten bucks in advance, with $1000+ in raffle prizes to be won. hopefully I will be able to attend, and if I do, then I think all of you should come with me! c’mon, how often do you ever get to see me drink and (possibly) make an ass of myself? that in itself is quite priceless, so I think ten bucks is a small amount to pay ;)

more information regarding FULL ON will be posted shortly (including the flyer) so staaaay tuned!

work report progress

the comparison …

[ed] wow, you still read my paaage! awww, I’m touched! are you going to the club night? you should coooome! =) as for my endowment fund.. I guess I’ll have to keep it. those bastards. I heard they DON’T lock you out tho… that’s just the rumour. I had someone collect their money last term, and they didn’t seem to have any problems…

[donna] alrite BUSY. what the heck I say. I bet you’re going out to all these places with your yubc friends =( well, I’m only going to be around for another week *sniff* so if you’re too busy to see tee then I’ll just hang out with iola! I’m kidding, hope you have fun. I guess I’ll plan something with iola then, really. cuz I wanna spend time with you chicks before I head back to the sauna known as UW.

[0=)] looks like it’s just you and me! are you going to the abbey next friday? =) you never got your place subletted? for summer? you should try and make it for as cheap as possible, because seriously, having it rented out for 100 a month is better than not having it rented at all. =(

[phil] ride! oh, yes please! I was going to call you about that tonight, because… um, I assumed you were in loo all week right? and you usually don’t get back until tonight. but yes, ride please!! merci buckets!

one more thing

I’ve signed up for gmail. and I’m like to test this service out.
so if everyone has some time, please send me an email at
tetleytee [at] gmail [dot] com

you can write whatever you want, and if you can’t think of anything to write, then cut and paste your blog into the email or something. don’t send an email there expecting a fast reply, I want to accumulate emails to see how well the search feature works. =) merci buckets!
last update!

iola’s gonna kill me soon =)

click me! someone stop me from playing games. seriously. it’s hindering my work report (currently two words long: “the comparison”)

oh crappers

damn. I’ve got donna’s weirdass blog posting layout. I was going to comment on it this morning because yesterday I logged into the wish-list blog to see what I’ve posted in the past, and I got the weird layout, and I thought “wow, so donna really WASN’T smoking anything…” but yeah, now it happened to me. of course, the wish-list blog never screwed up on me when I posted, so I don’t think my website will break. interesting post layout none-the-less.

something I forgot to mention yesterday

I saw mr. schmidt on my way home at union stn. he apparently had tickets to go watch the leafs game with his family. I am filled with rage and jealousy. I didn’t know whether he would remember me or not, but I decided not to take any risk and so I hid behind six-foot yada and almost six-foot zamir. it’s nice to have tall friends.

today I will go from happy wealthy to miserably poor

that’s right, today is tuition day. it’s also payday. and this makes me sad. my tuition (including residence) for this term is $5303.42 this is rediculous and I hate being poor. with that in mind, how many of my stupid fees can I get back? does anyone know how to get the math endowment fund (31.42) back?? and what’s this student co-ordinated plan?! and since I’m paying so much damned money, why the hell am I not enrolled in econ202 yet?!? *shakes fist at the UW*


that’s what bryan sounded like when I called him after work. I didn’t talk to him for very long because he was all groggy from the meds and his mouth was full of gauze so nothing made sense. but he called me last night and we talked and he sounds a lot better! so… yay! =) and he’s loving that ensure!! mmm! I shall visit him tonight bearing gifts of ice cream!


I’m officially poor. and yet I still want sushi.

the work report

… has not been started yet. hopefully it will be started today. I don’t even know who’s going to read through it, the person who I usually do work for will be on vacation for the last week, and so… all by myself I am.


I’m pretty much done today’s post. the big thing was paying off tuition. which is done. stupid tuition.

[0=)] I’m glad everyone got home safe. and… thanks for driving at whatnot =) tee’s poor. =(

[pablo] baseball is kinda slow to watch. but when you have good friends are that heckle people, the time passes quite quickly. as for the baseball bat, urm….

[donna] fine! don’t appreciate my incoherent msgs! ungrateful! =P and hey! badmitten girls gettogether?!?!?!

tee’s officially enrolled in econ202!! YAY!!!!

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