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ah, the memories

as I was walking home from work yesterday afternoon, I noticed numerous earthworms squirming around on the ground, enjoying the cool wet sidewalk after a rainshower. I don’t mind earthworms at all, I actually appreciate them very much, what with all the work they do for my garden and stuff (which we learned about in OAC bio, but all I can remember is that cutting one up smelled absolutely horrible). so I respect them by not stepping on them, thus saving them from a torturous death, or splitting into two new earthworms that combined have a larger chance of being stepped on again. but you know what? there are a LOT of earthworms in my neighbourhood (and probably everywhere where soil is). like, SO many I think they probably outnumber us. after analysing all the places I could step without injuring a worm, I discovered that it left me with very few options, one of them being to walk on the road which I’ve learned since elementary school to NOT do. I don’t think I stepped on any, but it took me significantly longer to get home.

which reminded me back to the times of elementary school where we would have recess after a rainshower, and elaine and I would go outside to the track at st. gabriels, pick up two small sticks, and go on a mission to SAVE the earthworms from the immature, rude, nose-picking boys that go around stomping on insects & worms for fun. we would basically try to pick up the wriggling earthworm with our two sticks (utilising them as chopsticks) and toss them back on the field. now that I think about it, we probably ended up drowning them instead of saving their lives, but we had good intentions.

this morning as I walked to the busstop in the rain, I had a sudden urge to pick up two sticks and go around finding all the worms on the sidewalk infront of me and tossing them back onto the closest lawn. but back in elementary school I didn’t care about getting my clothes dirty (they were all hand-me-downs from my brother anyways), and now I was on my way to work so I decided that the earthworms would just have to fend for themselves. I tried not to step on them, but I’m sure I might have hit two or three.


that title was kinda useless. I couldn’t think of anything interesting to say. I went to play badmitten last night, I played three games in total. two with adi and this girl adi didn’t like. it was basically a game of the two of them smashing the bird DIRECTLY at each other. me and the other lady just stood around uncomfortably, hitting the bird gently when it came to us. and then I played a game against adi and some guy, and I had this really really good player on my side, and it felt like playing a mixed game with elton all over again (I dubbed my mixed team “elton and the other one”). but adi and her mate played a mean strategy which was basically called “drop the bird”. my thieghs were buuuuurning. but my mate was pretty nice about it, he’s just as encouraging as elton. and thus the game was fun. I didn’t get to play with the happy guy though. there’s this old chinese guy who is SO cheery, everytime you hit the bird (if you’re on his team) he’ll go “yeeeah!” it’s the most encouraging thing ever. and it’ll probably annoy the hell out of the other teams.

and then I went home early and watched an hour of k-pax. I heard good things about the movie from yada, but I didn’t get to finish it. =( and then I went to sleep, and I’m very exhausted this morning.

[chris] hahaha I didn’t say you were drunk aaaall the time. I said at 2am. =) but 1030 and not drunk is also somthing to be proud of I guess?

[jer] you broke your comments. =( yes, it is quite sad to know you’re going to die at such a young age. but testicular cancer usually attacks young men… as for the garden, I can’t take pictures yet cuz it’s still a mess. and besides, it doesn’t look anywhere as spectacular as ted’s!

to clear some confusiom

just to let you all know, the chris that commented on my page yesterday regarding the passing of vince is not the same chris that comments at 2am while drunk, despensing words of wisdom such as “I’m soooooo drunk” and “you know what? you’re alright” or something like that.

speaking of which, where is my wonderful friend chris? =(

if you’d like to learn more about the new chris that’s blogging on my page, you can access his fantabulous new link on the side or click here!!! I warn you though, blogger chris is a lot different from email cru chris. he uses a lot of big words in his blog, and writes about a lot of deep stuff that I can’t even comprehend. but on email cru, his conversations are usually anything about food, about being hungry, about the mcdonalds poster in his cubicle, and about defending his heterosexual manliness from the accusations of wes. in short sentences. with small words. that everyone can understand.

my yesterday

yesterday was spent cleaning the front garden. those of you who have visited over the last few summers and springs have probably looked the other way when coming to the front door because damn, our garden is a mess. so yesterday I decided it was time to do something about it. I love our garden, and I think I love it because it was one of the few things I remember my grandfather enjoyed here. he was constantly clearing out the weeds and watering the flowers, and I must admit that during the time he spent in our home, our garden had never looked better. my sweetheart gave me a lily plant last year for our one and a half year anniversary and I gave it a nice home in our front garden, and I am determined to make it bloom this year.

but I never realised how many weird plants we actually have in our garden. weird plants + weeds. I also raked the front lawn because the big ol chestnut tree had lots of chestnut shells all over the ground (damn those squirrels) and I was getting fed up with our lawn being brown from shells instead of green from grass.

after an hour of garden cleaning and raking the front lawn I had dinner with family, and then started the tedious journey of doing econ. this last chapter is damn hard, but hunnie showed me that it gets a lot easier once you actually understand and draw out the graphs for the question. so I very slowly started understanding my work. and that took up 1.5 hours (and we still aren’t done discussing answers)

speaking of econ, where the hell is that econ advisor? I’m still waiting for my override, I hope the course hasn’t filled up yet or I’m gonna be a very angry (and lonely!) person =(

I’m so sleepies. I think I’m getting sick. I woke up with a really bad sore throat. like really really bad and it hurt so much to swallow. and now my nose is all stuffy and the weather is icky, it feels like 7pm when I look out the window. I wanna go home and sleep. but badmitten is tonight. and there’s badmitten tomorrow night too. and then I’m definetly going to have to do some running, stupid fitness test! *shakes fist*


I forgot to add these two things in, they’re both waterloo related:

the not so important one is that dc will be closed for the summer. which means I need to find a new place to study.

the second and much sadder thing is that vince fazari passed away on thursday, march 25th. I must admit, I didn’t know him at all, I doubt I ever met him. but he was a classmate in ambrose’s SYaniDE class, and I’ve seen the concern his friends showed in regards to vince’s fight against testicular cancer. during the summer of 2002, SYaniDE fundraised 1300 by shaving their heads for vince. it’s sad to know so many people die so young, and any means of help just isn’t enough.

my wknd

omg, it’s monday and I’m oh-so-tired. today’s lunch consists of whatever leftovers my parents had yesterday, a banana, baby carrots, and four oreo cookies. =)

friday night I stayed home. I can’t really remember what I did… oh, I watched tv. there was this segment on dateline called “generation XL” and it was about three children battling obesity. quite interesting. and after that, I saw crimson rivers, a creepy movie about some weird nazi school (or something along those lines)

saturday I went to the PA practice, we had lots of fun watching the latecomers do this crazy burpies exercise. and phil complain about being early for practice! =P afterwards we went to axia to meet up with chill and karen. and I got to buy cute bandaids. =) came home, helped daddy build my new shelves, and enjoyed the rest of the night watching the chinese movie (“city of SARS”) with him.

sunday was a very exhausting day. I went to see my hun, found out my paddle is broken, went to the Y to go paddle with sweetie & his sister (without the use of pool paddles! ergh!), ran (80%) walked (20%) 2k, but I forgot to time it. had sushi for lunch (mmm! calis & eel!) and spent the afternoon with him and his family. they make yummy dinners =) came home and had a long talk with mommy and passed out around 1130.

I have nothing interesting to report. I am very saddened, but I thank alex for informing me.

I should go back to work. perhaps more will come later. =)

still kicking… not literally

It’s 1024, i’m typing with one hand while munching down a semi warm bagel for breakkie. I got in the office late today, with good reason! sorry to the morning readers who thought they had succeeded in killing me on my commute to work. =P but I had a dentist appt. just a routine checkup. lots of gum scraping, some flossing, some flouride, and a lecture about needing to floss more, followed by the discovery of a cavity. dammit. =(

so anyways, today is dress down day. *yay* and yada forgot =( but I didn’t! HA! the people at the dentistry clinic looked doubtful when I told them that I was on my way to work. oh, I also have a powerpuff girls bandaid on my hand, that might’ve gone into it too. … that bagel isn’t settling well in the tummy.

um, I have nothing interesting to report. I watched apprentice last night. and those boys just KILLED the girls. KILL. who the hell was that ten year old kid? what was he doing managing a show for the casino? he’s underage! what’s going on?! talk about crazy…

I’m so tired. oh so sleepies. I think now would be a good time to respond to comments. =)

[0=)] I’m still having no troubles with the game. in fact, it’s so damn addictive! whee! ar eyou suuuure it’s broken for you?

[dimples] aww, I like you too. you… well, I guess you make me laugh. I haven’t talked to you in a while though, so I don’t know whether you turned into some depressing person. let’s hope not… um. you make me laugh too!!

[square] I feel ashamed I don’t remember my simpson quotes =( which episode was that?

[pabl0] but… wouldn’t I get in trouble? you know, for all the assaulting and whatnot? and if I get my photo taken and posted everywhere with the words “do not sell tokens to this girl” underneath, I’m gonna kill someone!

[donna] so beef with a big side of mashed, followed by watermelon for dessert? hrm, that actually DOES sound like a good meal… *drool*

[phil] you wouldn’t shove me would you? I’m sorry I splashed you in the poooooool…. =(

[alex] hahaha involuntary muscle spasm! I guess I could blame it on that. it’s a disease? sounds like a plan, now all I have to do is find that girl…..

f-ing thursday

it’s really gloomy outside, and I am in a very bad mood. last night was the first night since I started my work term that I got less than seven hours of sleep. and I am so insanely tired. seeing how I played 3 hours of badmitten and then only slept three hours, this post might not make sense.

this morning on the subway, I was somehow lucky enough to have some girl come up behind me on the escalator who was extremely late to, I dunno, get to class or something? so there’s a giant pile up of people waiting a the escalator at finch station to get down to the trains, and when I finally get to the actual steps, I realise the pile up was because the escalator wasn’t working. so people were just walking down stairs. now, some people walk slower than others; maybe some guy has bad knees and he needs to walk slowly, which is why he opted for the escalator only to find it was broken. I have nothing against slow people, and besides, I have lots of time to kill for work (it’s only 845 now, and I usually get in at 830 to start at 9) so I don’t mind walking slowly behind others who walk slowly.

so back to this girl. she’s standing in the pile up and says very loudly “why is everyone so slooooow?” which is quite rude in the first place, and then she sees the broken escalator that people are clambering to get through and she say “oh my god, are you serious?” and I didn’t turn around to look, but I could totally feel her rolling her eyes. and the lady in front of me is wearing a long trenchcoat jacket which is dragging on the steps as she walks down, so I decide to be curteous and leave a step between the two of us so I don’t step on her coat and possible trip her down the stairs. of course, angry girl doesn’t appreciate this and is constantly saying “c’mon, move it move it!” and THEN, she starts to PUSH me. on a fucking down escalator. that’s crowded.

kay, I know she’s probably late for some important thing like getting to school before “O Canada” plays on the PA system or maybe (if she’s a surgeon, because I should always give people the benefit of the doubt… look at doogie howser) late to perform a big operation on some man with a rock in his … appendix, but it’s NOT my fault the escalator is not working, and it’s NOT my fault that people walk slowly and I’m not apologising to anyone because i want to be curteous and not step on soe woman’s jacket. shoving people in a crowded area is RUDE, especially when YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE SHOVING. I have the feeling that had I actually tripped and fell forward as a result of her shoving, and caused a domino effect down the escalator, she would simple step over all of us to catch the leaving train.

at the bottom of the escalator (I had TWO steps, literally) she sees a bus that looks like it’s going to take off, so she gives me one BIG shove, and says “excuse me!” in a curt tone. I had to take one GIANT step down the two stairs, which I wasn’t planning to do, and managed to not fall on my face as she ran to catch the subway. the SAME subway that I had enough time to catch as well before it left. what. the. hell. I’m sure all this could’ve been avoided had said girl actually woken up half an hour earlier and had plenty of time to get wherever she was going, instead of imposing her foul ass mood on sleepy people who are trying to get to work. biatch.

now then, my yesterday was very fun. I ended up at UTSC to play some badmitten with my brother and his friends and eeeeeelton =) I had tons of fun, although next time I would like to challenge my brother’s friend alex to a game. with elton, of course. =P um, yeah, I got home and twelve and didn’t have the energy to make a lunch for tomorrow. and I didn’t have the energy this morning either, so I’m lunchless. =(

and that’s my story. I’m still angry and being pushed. biatch.

[tinlok] hahaha where did weed come from? crap, I should’ve brought fruit. ergh. =((( bird feed?!

[donna] watermelon… why am I not surprised? =) should I also bring mashed potatoes? so the best dinner ot ever serve donna is watermelon with a side of mashed? that sounds kinda gross……

[alex] I can’t open that link at work, so hopefully I’ll remember to look at it tonight. unless someone would like to fill me in?

[square] beautiful women? isn’t yugioh like some kid that turns into an adult only when he goes into a card match? wouldn’t… you know, sleeping with a bunch of beautiful women therefore be illegal? but pile of money is acceptable. =) hey! today’s payday!


the social committee just sent out this email to everyone at the office advertising a 50/50 raffle draw. the tickets were 1 for $1 or 3 for $5. after some confusion from the smart co-ops here, I emailed the lady who sent out the email (this is all in email format, with the hi ____ and then my name at the bottom):

me: I don’t understand the 5 for $3. Is this a typo? Since one ticket is $1…
her: there is a “discount” for buying more than one ticket…

then john informed me that I asked the wrong question, which is why she responded with such a condescending tone (not the quotations a la friends episode). so I emailed her back.

me: But, if one ticket is one dollar, shouldn’t I buy five tickets for five dollars, as oppose to buying three tickets for five dollars?
her: you are right…we’ll make the change and re-issue

and so another email comes out at the draw is now: $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00

they upped the price, those sneaky bastards! that’s what you get for being smart. I was hoping it would be 1 for $1 and 5 for $3, but yeah, we are very VERY disappointed. =(

it’s only wednesday?!

I swear it should be thursday by now.

I didn’t do very much yesterday. I went to the community centre and went running, I passed on the badmitten cuz I wasn’t in the mood. but tonight my brother’s taking me out to UTSC to play with him and his friends, so I think I’ll head out.

oh, and another thing: if you liked motas and crimson room, I think you’ll like true love. actually, the boys might like it less, who knows. you pick a character, and then apparently your true love has disappeared in the middle of the night and you have to go find him/her. it’s another problem solving game, and I was playing it all evening. it’s a heck of a lot bigger than motas, and you can save your game and everything. the only catch is that I think it’s endorsed by some choco bar brand, so you see them lying around everywhere =) but yeah, it’s very puzzling and fun. if you wanna be cheap, you can get the walkthrough too =P

um… yeah, so I have nothing else to write about. does nayone have any ideas about what I can bring to work for healthy snacks? nothing with a lot of carbs (so no chips, bagels, etc) I bought baby carrots, but I now need a container to store dressing because baby carrots on their own taste kinda gross after about five. I also have a cucumber salad, my favourite =) I’m trying ot be more healthy now that db season is getting into full swing (that, and there’s a fitness test coming up where I have to go on the scale, and frankly I’m embarrassed)

[shooey] my comments probably have cookies so it stored your information =) and in case you didn’t read, tinlok wants your hair to fall out =)

[pablo] yes, you could very well be the next edison =) hahahahaaa…

[jer] awww, grumpy bear =) he sits on my bed and keeps me company when I’m not happy. and he misses you!! hahaha *huggies* do you still have that “cannons” bmp? =)

[0=)] I actually don’t think any of the singers can sing. really… the only one I really like and respect is jacky cheung. he’s quite talented, in my opinion =) everyone else is kinda… enh. catchy pop tunes, but enh.

wooooork time! =)

oh if only I didn’t care about my exams: then I’d be like this guy

gloomy tuesday

I’ve been feeling kinda sad lately about friends in general. I think I’ve lost a lot of friends since heading to university and I’ve found a lot of new ones, but I still feel stuck in the middle. I always miss the ones that are gone, and my head is full of “what if”s and “could I have”s and junk, but it get so awkward that I don’t know if fixing is a possibility. I had a really great friend once. we talked about everything, and we did all sorts of stupid shit together and we had fun acting like 2 year olds. now the conversations are short and to the point, no need for extra talk that would lead off-topic. if there was no reason to talk to them, we wouldn’t talk at all. suddenly I feel like we’re acquaintances, like we know each other, but we don’t really know each other. and everytime I see them I think back to all the crazy memories and realise that this is the same person. how can so much change?

maybe it’s just me. and maybe it’s jus the weather. I don’t know.


today is jen’s birthday. =) and yesterday was michie’s birthday. my two favourite daughters. *hugs* cheers to the both of you, I wish you many joys in your old age. ahhahaa =)


I’ve started my econ assignment 6. which is why I didn’t hit the gym yesterday. I’m also trying to grow my dill plant at home. I desperately want a dill plant. I also want an oregano plant, but I opted to buy a camomile one instead, so that I could make tea. or… I think that was what was going through my head at the time. now I don’t think it’s possible. =( that’s about all I did.

yeeeah, so I’m pretty bummed. I really blame the weather.

hahaha, I can totally imagine [pabl0] being an hk supastar. but I wouldn’t want him to be one, because we all know that superstars sell out sooner or later. wait, pablo, can you sing?? =)

the end of a wonderful wknd

I’m reluctant to post this morning, because that means the birthday post is bumped down. so for those of you who would like to see pictures old and new of march birthdays, please scroll down.

this includes: sam, adi, war, mich, jen, jay, soobs

and so friday night I was sitting at home trying to finish zamir’s first season of gilmore girls dvd because I’ve had them for a month and I really should return them (secretly, I would like to keep them, but that would be WRONG). I am on the last episode of the dvd, which is the second last episode of the season. anyways, I was watching these and burning cds and download movies when my cellie rings and it’s ED! =) wow and yay! but he’s asking me to play badmitten at lee’s which on any other day would’ve been nice but I was planning on a very easy night seeing how I had db the next day and whatnot. I had already passed on the big birthday bash downtown (see last post), because of the PA practice, so I was reluctant to go to lee’s. and then while I was deciding, bryan calls me! I asked if he wanted to join for badmitten, which he politely declined, and then we ended up making arrangements to go eat maxim cake. sorry ed! =(

night with bryan was very fun. I learned that edison chen got beat up by some boys after they taunted him with hip hop news. I realise this is slightly old news, but I only heard it on friday and I had such a good laugh. =)

saturday was PA practice. I again woke phil up much earlier this time (12pm!) and he was able to leave the house on time to pick everyone up and we got to practice EARLY!

phil: I have to go brush my teeth. here, use my computer
me: k, am I online?
phil: no, you hafta click on this, and then it will automatically connect and you can go surf
me: k, go brush your teeth.
phil: wait, I don’t think it’s working. *clicks refresh a gazillion times*
me: um, phil? really, it’s not necessary, I can just sit here. go get ready!
phil: no, I can fix this. maybe … *click click click*
me: phil dammit, we’re going to be late! GO!
phil: no!!!

it’s a good thing I got to phil’s early.

15 laps around the track and 1 hr boat practice (in which we all had to paddle individually) later, phil and I went to fantaxia by the loblaws at don mills n finch to grab some food. I then came home and vegged my evening away watching tarzan and the princess bride =)

sunday my sweetie came to see me. we spent the afternoon watching movies including anna in kung-fu land and mallrats and other misc tv shows. we cooked our own dinner and basically spent some good quality time together. sunday was good =)

all in all, I’ve had a very good wknd. and now I really should do work, because I took a half hour break in btwn this post to talk to my hunnie on the phone, and now I should be doing something that’s at least REMOTELY work related.

six years in the making

being true to my blogging nature, this post will not have anything to do with my weekend. that will come tomorrow. this post is to celebrate the many birthdays of march, msot of which are from highschool friends, and some even from elementary school friends. I missed a very important birthday bash this weekend. my highschool friends had a big party downtown, and I didn’t show. I know I have lousy excuses but being extremely tired and sore from my running routine and the party being downtown with no means of transportation for tee which including coming home at an early hour so she wouldn’t be dead for db practice the next day didn’t look too promising. I’m really sorry I missed out.

I’ve known these boys since grade ten, and I’ve known jen even longer. it’s amazing to know that I will always have a friendship with them, and I feel very blessed to know each of them. each of you made me who I am today, and I want to thank you for all the memories we shared.

march 3rd: sam

I have a very incriminating picture of sam in grade 11 when we were at fairview mall after hours and I can’t even remember how the situation happened, but all of a sudden sam was carrying si in his arms infront of jips (before it closed down and became some hair salon). this picture was scanned a long time ago, but somehow it got deleted and I don’t have a soft copy handy =(

so instead, here is a very short video of sam from the big birthday bash last year (at a k bar) where he attempts to be britney spears.

get it!

march 10: adi

I also have an incriminating picture of adi when we were younger, which only exists as a hardcopy now. she was sitting on my bed with my bigass winnie the pooh pretending to steal his hunny with her tongue sticking out and a blue totoro sitting on her head. I had a lot of toys in my room for her to look stupid with. =)

so again, you’ll just have to settle for a NICE picture =P I would’ve put up a baby one seeing I’ve known adi my whole life, but that would require me to be in the picture too, and that’s just not acceptable.

adi and me at the loretto abbey prom.

march 11: tinlok

hahahah so I haven’t known tinlok since highschool, but he’s been a really great friend and nerd ever since I’ve known him in waterloo. always ready for a good laugh. =D that’s him on the right. kekekekeeee~~~!!!!

march 17: joie

sadly, all my pictures of joie are on hardcopy. you’ll hafta believe me when I say she’s a pretty girl =)

march 19: war

I don’t think I have a whole lot of incriminating pictures of warren. he’s the most mature of the boys (which doesn’t say a whole lot, but it’s… better than nothing I guess). I’m sure if I hunted harder I would be able to find more pictures, but this one will have to do in the meantime. he’s included in a few of the other pictures and videos below. =)

march 22: michie

I remember one time back in elementary school we all believed michie’s birthday was on the 21st. even she thought it was. and one day she came to school and announced that her birthday was actually the 22nd, although i can’t remember where she got her information from. ever since then, I’ve always had a slight confusion about her birthday and I hope that I got it right this time. =)

me and mich at adi’s birthday dinner in OAC right before crashing up the LAT semi formal. =)

march 23: shooey

this was taken at james’ bbq last summer where I couldn’t eat anything except soup, which isn’t even bbq food. =( but jen and I were super early for the party (james wasn’t even home yet) and we sat around playing with his doggies.

and by popular demand, my favourite favourite picture of me and jen:

me and jen from the OAC semi formal. we attempted to take another one of these shots this new years, but I screwed it up. hahaha!

march 23: jay

somehow I have ten times as many funny pictures of jay than I do everyone else. how is that possible?! I remember jay and I used to write each other letters in highschool about how messed up our lives are. I still have the tape he made me (entitled “thinking music”).

jay doing the matrix move at adi’s pool in the summer of OAC. look! there’s war in the background!

and lastly, who wants to hear jay sing chinese?
click here if you said yes!

march 26: soobs

I haven’t heard from him since the end of highschool, but he was a great guy and very funny. this is from the LAT prom. =)

I think that’s it. I can’t believe so many birthdays have passed, and so many years of us still being friends. these boys were family, and I know they’ll stick around for many more years to come.

everytime I see them, they just don’t look like the changed at all. *hugs*

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