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some announcements

jeremy has a new home on the internet. he can be accessed by the link on the left where his name is. I would like everyone to go check it out, marvel as his artistic layout, give him a virtual pat on the back, and tell him to not be so bitter. ;) kidding jer, I luv you! I miss you tons!

also, dennis has asked (at least, I think he did, since he said to pass on the message) that I inform my readers that he can get Mamma Mia tickets for cheap, and at very good seats because his company kicks butt. so if anyone is interested in buying Mamma Mia tickets for the following dates, please leave a message on my comments. I would appreciate (if it’s not against the law) that perhaps you pay $30 for the tickets as oppose to $25 since he’s doing everyone such a nice favour. but then that could be considered scalping, and is that legal? well, at least treat him to a nice dinner or something. or… even a hotdog / streetmeat after the show. perhaps I should go watch it again as well? =)

Tuesday March 2 8:00 PM
Wednesday March 3 8:00 PM
Thursday March 4 8:00 PM
Friday March 5 8:00 PM
Sunday March 7 2:00 PM

Tuesday March 9 8:00 PM
Wednesday March 10 8:00 PM
Thursday March 11 8:00 PM
Friday March 12 8:00 PM
Sunday March 14 2:00 PM

I hope you see this soon dennis, in case you don’t want it to be actually posted up here… in case this whole message is a mistake and dennis isn’t willing to buy a whole lot of tickets for strangers, please don’t be disappointed if this post disappears and no mention of Mamma Mia tickets are made ever again….

a whole lotta nutin

happy early birthday jeff! it’s jeff’s birthday tomorrow. jeff is one of the coops here, he approves my timesheet hours. =) I also have a family friend, audrey, who’s birthday is on the 29th! so we’re having a get-together for dinner (read: parents are playing mj).

dragonboating season will officially start next week. =) *giddy*

and lent has been very difficult. I crave steak. oh god I want steak.

at least let me go shopping!! =(

I should be doing work. I actually have work to do. ooookay then I gotta work. byeee!

bribery at its best

a shiny nickel to anyone who can fix my forum!

AND if you know how to add categories to my blogger too, I’ll treat you to some cake dessert!! mmm!

common bonds

I have no idea how to set up my forum for hydrophobics. that install page is WHACK. they should at least provide a little “?” link where I can click so it can explain in dumb terms what the field means. because I’m OBVIOUSLY not getting it.

today is payday. and I feel that I totally deserve a new pair of shoes and some new pants, and maybe a new shirt. in other words, I want my work clothes. but the shoes are completely justifiable because the ones I have now (the only pair of black shoes that aren’t boots) aren’t very comfy and in two years time I will grow a nasty blood clot or something else that relates to wearing uncomfortable footwear eight hours a day. yes, it’s THAT serious.

I also promised phil I’d have a response for him by now. and I guess… oi. I guess I could try to do PA as well as hydrophobics. or woudl it be safer to join in on the off-season? I’m just afraid my sixty bucks will go to waste if I can’t make practices because I’m tired / will be too tired with hydrophobics.

and lastly, this post is about the gilmore girls. ever since I started work term, I thought I’d see what all this hype around gilmore girls is, and damn, I got hooked. I found out that zamir (my coop friend here) is also into the show, and the two of us spend lunch hour on thursday talking about it while john tries to get jimmy to remember last night’s episode of the OC which jimmy watched but never pays attention to. and yesterday zamir shows up at my desk with a DVD of the first half of the first season of gilmore girls. HOW. AWESOME!! I’m so happy, I didn’t have time to watch it yesterday though because I had to watch the REAL show yesterday and so I only saw the pilot but YAY!

oh, and I tortured myself on the cycling machine at the community centre for half an hour. I wanted to use the elliptical, but it was booked booked booked. =( and so were the runners. I should try and get there earlier or somtehing…

kay that’s about it.

ed: I’m not a good looking guy.
iola & jer: no, I’m pretty sure I wrote a fresh post after that one… but perhaps I didn’t click save? maybe I need to sleep more….


I could’ve sworn I put a post out yesterday after that one below, but it’s gone. so maybe I didn’t write it. or maybe I’m going crazy.

on another note, I’ve turned into ed. and it sucks. no offense ed. I’d rather not elaborate as it makes me quite sad.

and so I have nothing else to say. sorry. =( maybe laters, i actually have stuff to do today.


I’m gonna post discussion topics up every now and then to see how active / lazy my target audience is. hahaha =) so today’s discussion is CHIPS. I was at galati’s yesterday looking for… uh, snack food, and ruffles were on sale (2 for $4 for those big bags). but they didn’t have my favourite flavour: the works. so now I’m wondering what everyone else has as their favourite chip flavour for the following brands (of course, the majority of them are owned by frito-lay, but we’ll ignore that).

ruffles: the works
lays: barbeque
pringles: pizza
ms vickies: jalepeno
other: kettlechips honey dijon

I’m just curious to know so that the next time I go chip hunting I can try something new =)


for those with icq, I hope none of you clicked that mass link.
info on the icq worm

even nerdier

I’m seriously looking into getting an xpc. they’re soooo cute!
ST61G4 runs on P4 with Radeon card
SK43G runs on AMD
I really want one that has a TV out (that is a MUST). but trying to weigh the pros and cons of getting one, is it worth it?

don’t forget, I still hafta pay up at LEAST 100 for PA and 88 for hydrophobics. holy crap!

ec, where the fun never ends

chan: hey min, don’t u start with me…. or I’ll tell T what u said to me on the wknd…
me: hey, outta curiousity, hwy does everyone say MIN says bad things about me. why doesn’t anyone ever say WES says bad things about me? cuz… you know, they both do it equally…
min: I beg to differ! Wes is the true J*RK, I just get dragged into it cuz I laugh at his comments.
me: … yes, you keep digging that hole min.
min: Wes told me you

back is sore!

aaai! stupid ergo machine. I signed up for a one month membership at the community centre over the wknd since the db season is fast approaching, and I couldn’t run on their “indoor track”, so I went on the rower and the elliptical. maybe I should use that stair machine too, will it help for CN Tower? =)


so this morning as I was walking towards work, I spotted john a few ways infront of me. despite the fact that john and i haven’t been having good conversations as of recently, I thought it’d be nice to catch up with him and walk to work together. I planned out all these things I could say in my head like “how was your wknd?” and “what’s on tv for tonight?” and “are you mad at me cuz you never talk to me anymore”. but when I caught up with him (about 1/3 of the walk to OLGC), I said hi and he said hi and it was just… silence. it was like walking to work normally, except there’s a guy walking right beside you. It was indeed an awkward 3 minute walk to our building, and another 1 minute up the elevator and onto our floor towards our desk since we sit in the SAME DEPARTMENT. I wonder if I should go talk to him, or if that would make it worse?

the wknd

onto a more joyeous subject:here’s a recap of my wknd. friday night I went out with bryan to demetri’s (dammit, I forgot to upload the picture…. it’ll be up tonight). hilarity ensues: something about jackass and sea cucumbers, bryan being gay and going out with his brother (I’m so sorry!), living la vie de mocha, and the carride home =) it was really nice talking to him again. I found out that one of his happy breads went missing “but vicky’s still there…” hahahaha. he also came into my house to look at chinchilla “he doesn’t like a lot of things eh?” =P *huggies* thanks for spending time with me on your busy reading daaaays! tee wants to build a computer soon =) whenever you’re free!

saturday I went out to lunch with daddy at Asian Legend, this shanghai place with really really good dumplings. and then we spent an hour at a family friend’s house trying to fix their bathroom electrical outlets, and then I went to go see my hunnie. =) I love spending time with ambrose, because we never run out of interesting things to talk about. we’ve recently been debating about whether we’d want our children to be smarter than us (dammit, everyone’s smarter than me, I don’t want my kids to be smarter!). we then went to dan’s house where timmy’s birthday party had just finished and we had our dragonboat meeting. well, we didn’t actually have it at five, when we got there because a good chunk of the team arrived at 630. so we sat around watching amadeus (which I didn’t quite understand, but maybe because we never finished the movie) and when the meeting started we talked for a very long time about our team goals and such. Hydrophobics is ranked 43 in all of Ontario! preeeetty nify huh? and da boat is ranked 113 =) (PA would’ve probably ranked higher since they did so many different regattas except they registered under PA as oppose to da boat, which is the one that was ranked). so after much fussing and discussing, we may have pool practices! yaaaay =) another highlight of the evening was simon’s pizza making abilities. while we were having our meeting, simon went off with dosen to make an extra pizza to feed all of us. he added orange juice to it, so the pizza was tangy, it was pretty genius! and we also had a piece-together cake for heather *awww* all pictures can be seen at the hydrophobics photo gallery. I’m also trying to set up a forum, but we’ll see how that goes.

and suuuuuunday, I signed up at the community centre, and worked out for about an hour, and then I went to baton rouge with my family. the restaurant has great ribs, but too much meat and not enough veggies. and service wasn’t that great, but maybe it was cuz they were very busy. it’s a great place with really good food, but I wouldn’t go there very often because the bill comes out to be a little high. =(

so that’s my wknd. and now I’m at work so I should really be doing… you know, stuff. back to my project!


I really should get that wishlist blog going… anyways, should I should I should I? =))) all prices USD btw (and omg, my sewing machine is sold out! nooo!)

Newport News: Wide-leg jeans – $19.99
Newport News: Bell-sleeve sweater – $15 – $17
Newport News: Wide-tab pants – $19.99
PacSun: Tilt Girls Jeans 22″ flare – $36.50
Gap: Long and Lean Jeans – $68 (donna, do you sell these? how much are they here?)
Jansport: Shadow sport handbag (black & lt. blue) – $7.61
kate spade: sam handbag (cranberry) – $170 =(
PacSun: Lilu handbag – $20.50
JMarco: Two Toned Leather Purse – $78

kaaaay no more for now because joan of arcadia is on tv. bryan, give my home phone a ring whenever you’re ready to go if you’re still up for dessert! *HUGGIES* =)))


yay, I get to see bryan tonight =)

like the new picture? I took it in the summer last year. I miss the beautiful sight of green leaves, of rainstorms under the blazing sun. I really liked this picture, and putting it up on my page makes it look a lot more like summer! I’m all psyched for the new DB season ahead!

I wants it

I’ve been doing a lot of internet surfing here on my scratched up computer monitor (I accidentally put a giant scratch it in when rubbing it clean with a kleenex and now it’s got that annoying colourful shine. right in the middle. of. my. screen.) at work, and I found some stuff I wants. and no, it’s not a 7800usd necklace from tiffany’s (althooooough…)

first on the list:

the singer izek sewing machine. it has 80+ different stitches which you can choose off of a GAMEBOY. and I would really like a sewing machine (or, at least to have my own one fixed *sniffles*) because I am a crafty person and could probably
a) sew my own clothes from it
b) sew SOMETHING from it
c) sew your next christmas/birthday gift from it (don’t be scared!)

second up:

the iPod mini, in pink (of course). I know it’s probably not worth it in comparison to the bigger iPod, but it’s so damn pretty and small that you just can’t say no!!

and just in case:

my delicious tiffany’s necklace. it’s platinum with a lariat, and a diamond heart pendant. and it’s goooorgeous. =)

some jerks

to the person who called me on the phone tonite (who’s name is NOT bryan):
you were extremely rude and self-centred. I don’t care how long I’ve known you, but you made me feel like the biggest loser when you hung up the phone on me while I was mid-sentence TALKING to you because of a conversation YOU initiated. this isn’t the first time you’ve made me feel dumb around you and it hurts every time you do this. maybe THIS is why we never talk anymore.

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