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dress down day

I’ve been on four work terms so far, three of them are in large, respected companies. when I worked at nestle I used to wear jeans and sneakers on fridays. when I worked at ericsson I used to any casual clothes any day of the week. casual days were monday to friday.

so when I came here, I had to put up with a huuuuge change. casual days are only on the last friday of every month. today is the last friday of every month. and I just learned yesterday that here, it’s not called casual fridays. it’s called dress-down days. the difference being that casual fridays you can wear running shoes. dress down days is basically: wear exactly what you wear on regular days, but with jeans. of course, this concept was not made clear to me, so I came to work on jeans and my hydrophobics sweatshirt. sweatshirts do not fall under dress-down, but casual. I am an OUTCAST.

I miss ericsson. jeremy, ted, gail, cheryl, chris, sue. =((((

I took ed to gonoe yesterday, one of my favourite japanese places. pictures will be up tomorrow, I only took three or so though. we ordered this weird roll that had all different coloured fish eggs on top. one of them was BLACK!!! wow!! it was weird, but they were NOT spider eggs =P we stuffed ourselves silly, and I was very happy I could spend some time with ed. =)

I also took the bus this morning to work. I got here on pretty good time, I was impressed. my brother damn better appreciate me not waking him up. if he ever gives me attitude again, I’ll blast him so bad.

I got paid yesterday. I apparently got deducted an insane amount of tax (300 in deductions!!) which makes me really *grr* because I’m pretty sure ericsson didn’t have me losing so much money when I worked there. but whatever, paid is paid. visa bill is done too… but I made my first late payment, which makes me =(

and the last few tidbits before I get working:

I’ve diagnosed my hunnie with the flu =(

and vince has gotten BUFF. so many muscles!!! the girls will go drooling fo sho. *wink*


I’m taking ed to a jap restaurant tonight!! I’m excited cuz I haven’t seen the boy in ages =)

I’m eating a guy mei bao (literally translated: chicken tail bun) at work. someone explain to me why it’s called chicken tail??? and don’t say because it is!!

I’ve decided to experiment and take the buses in the morning starting tomolos. I want to see if this will make my bro less grumpy, even tho he already is a stick in the mud. it’s interesting how he tries to make everything my fault because he doesn’t like the situation. like when before work started, he said “shure, I’ll drive you to work in the mornings, I’ll even drive adi if she wants!” (that was NOT sarcasm). and now he’s all queen bitch when I wake him up to drive me. since he started working late, I told him he could leave a note on my door or something telling me to take the bus. obviously if I don’t see a note, I don’t know that I shouldn’t wake him up, and apparently once I knock on the door, it’s “too late” for him to go back to bed, and I’ll be the most hated thing in his world for the rest of the morning for disturbing his sleep.

of course, without this morning “interaction”, I probably will never get to see my brother again, since he starts work before I get home and comes back at 1am or something. =(

ambrose is sick. he’s got fever and chills and nausea and hot flashes, but he refuses to believe my theory of he’s going through menopause. I hope he gets better soon. *mwa*

john just sent me some commercials to watch, I guess he’s not doing any work either =)

hurry up with the PA season! it’s already february!!! =(


alright, I’ve been lacking with the birthdays and I don’t have time to put up pictures, so you’ll just hafta use your imagination! HA!

my sweetheart lil bro whom I love to pieces. you are SUCH an inspiration to those who want to try their hardest to make dreams work. I wish you and bianca all the best, and I better see you out on the PA boat this summer!!! BE GOOD!

hey buddy, what can I say? you’ve been like a brother to me, someone who I can share all my thoughts with and someone who I can always trust that will give honest opinions. we’ve been through a lot and I can’t thank you enough for all the experience in life and love we’ve learned together. I hope you have a great birthday today, and I hope you wake up tomorrow sober enough to remember it =) here’s to our friendship!

aaaah! I love this chick, she’s got the most amazing artistic talent I’ve ever seen. her drawing of rapunzel was just… breathtaking, honestly! I will always remember her outrageous personality, her adorable smile and the way maggie presented herself with such confidence! “my shirt is fuzzy… TOUCH IT!!!” hahahaha! I love you babe, I hope you’re having an awesome birthday too! =)))

no more!!

uh, ernest’s birthday is coming up two days from now, and Ivan and Irene had their birthday earlier this month. I can’t remember anyone else’s. so, I’m gonna go check out how deep the snow is. bye peeps!


I’m looking for the hey ya charlie brown that has been taken of venisproductions. if anyone has it, pleeeease lemme know! merci buckets!


this is just insane. sent to me by my coop budy:
kids toys gone bad
it’s so unbelievable that someone would invent this!

snow day!!!

… and I’m at work. this bites! it’s DAMN cold outside, and I didn’t have time to eat brekkie so I’m munching on juiced up strawberry piggie gummies (which is a disgusting breakfast, I will admit). I uploaded all my lion dance pictures, but since I don’t know the link to the exact album, the link to my imagestation will have to do for now (on the sidebar). in the meantime, here is a picture to entertain:

this was my favourite lion at the restaurant, he looks so cuuuuute!

the end of the world! again!

I watched armageddon on cityTV last night. I remember I first watched in grade ten summer with all my abbey girls and brebeuf boys, and I think I was going out with james at the time. but kel and I loooooved this movie. we loved it so much, we saw it again together. and when kel took a vacation that summer to BC, and he wrote me on a postcard that he watched the movie again there! now kel is all grown up and I don’t really talk to him anymore, but it’s really nice to have these memories. I remember I tried to get simon to watch it, telling him it was the best movie ever. and he didn’t like it and I was really hurt. hahahaha. =) I can’t believe a movie has so many memories attached to it!

I don’t care what anyone says, I thought that movie was amazing. I cry everytime I watch it.

me so hungies

strawberry floffis are making my tummy queesy. ergh…. I think I should go hunt for some real food. bye ppls =)


this post will be a quickie since I’m trying to clean my room and be productive today. um, adi n I were supposed to check out goodlife, but I guess she’s busy.

anyways, the new and improved hydrophobics website is now up and running. it can be found here:


yes, it’s own domain name too! how awesome. plus I even got a photo gallery to work. I’m sorry the template for the gallery is so lame, but I’m still fiddling with it and trying to learn how to make it spiffy. in the mean time, feedback is welcome. =) hahaha, I’m sure phil might mention that it looks suspiciously like the PA site. that’s cuz I suck at designing pages.

alrite then. now for a quick recap, yesterday I went to new world restaurant to yum cha with mommy and daddy and watch the lion dance. wheee! I like lion dances =) then I went to sauga to see my hubby. we made tacos! hahaha it was so much fun! and then we watched movies and took a nap and then had dinner with his family. super big hotpot! they even had taro! how cool!! taro at hotpot! anyways, we watched mo gan do II, which was not as good as the first. I kept pointing out edison. I think bee got bored. =P

kay, that’s about it. off I go to clean again. you’d be surprised at how much NOTHING has changed in my room since I started cleaning this morning…. or … maybe not.

lacking apple pies

email cru was discussing sushi and buffets today. we were all listing out places to eat sushi and which places are good, which places are bad, which ones are expensive, etc etc etc. combined, the email cru is a giant bank of knowledge!! well, all that talk about food was making me super hungry, and jimmy came around to take orders for mcdonalds. so I put myself down for two apples pies and gave him a loonie (I didn’t find out until later that it actually costs 1.30 or something). so when he came back from mcdonalds and set the bag on the table, I took a peek in. he watched me, extremely confused. my first glance didn’t catch any apple pies, so I thought that perhaps I should dig under the filets and fries. I peeked in again and started batting things aside, while jimmy stared.

jimmy: what are you looking for?
me: … what??
jimmy: was I supposed to get you something?
me: apple pies!! *extremely sad tone*
jimmy: I said I’d get you apple pies??
me: remember, we were talking about food and I gave you a loonie and you said the pies were two for a dollar??
jimmy: OOOH!!!
me: you remember??
jimmy: no, but now I know where this loonie came from!

the jerk! =((( now tee is apple-pie-less. although jeff says “don’t eat their potato pies!”, and so maybe I saved myself a loonie? *shrugs*

also this morning, dru asked me about lottery wins. he asked whether my immediate family was allowed to win the lottery. so I explained to him the rules.

dru: oh so your family could still win? just with more hassle?
me: basically yes. why did you win the lottery? did you win and not tell me??
dru: nono i was thinking you should disown yourself from the family so they can win. but now you cleared things up, you don’t need to disown yourself
me: hahahahaaa thanks! always looking out for me eh? hahaha!
dru: and your mom… i mean your family

HAHAHAHAAA… dru is hilarious =)))) that made me laugh!

kay, that’s all the interesting stuff I have to say for now.
I owe iola, donna and rob an email from work… and I’m getting to it, honest I am! kay then, ciaos!


this summer calls for heat, heat and more heat. sunny days will be followed by water shortages and sweltering temperatures. BRING IT ON! becaaaaause….

MKV, here I come!

that’s right, I got myself a spot in MKV for the summer. I’m living with three gwai chicks that i don’t know, but I don’t care because it’s
1. close to class
2. all utils paid for
3. got RESNET!
4. loaded with A/C!

oh sweet sweet residence =) I am in a good mood. I was panicking last night when I found out my contract would for sure be terminated, and my MKV acceptance offer was due today. I had to do so much calling around to housing offices to get my offer due date postponed to monday. and now all is good.

I was so excited my mind was going a mile a second, and I kept typing all these thoughts out to ambrose, a giant stream of conciousness if you will. and he responded with:

tee = RandNumGen(0,100000)

hahahaha! I love you hubby!! =))))

oh, some bad news: my company is in the process of creating an email filter. which means I gotta lay low on the EC near the end of the term. i’m not sure what sort of things they’re filtering, but with the amount of email coming in from everyone, I have a feeling I’m easy target.

and that’s all I have to say!

happy chinese new year!
chinese zodiac, provided by wes

I’m outta here =)


*rubs hands together* new hydrophobics site is coming along nicely. I finally got the gallery to work (YES! –o-o–), and am in the process of uploading pictures. I would normally be sleeping by now, but I am waiting for a phone call from the hubby, so I’ll try and be productive while I’m up.

the picture of the week =P is from the PA retreat. I really like this one despite the fact that we’re all wearing the same shirts and that natasha and michelle look like the want to DIE in the background because it’s a very happy photo and I like to see my baby smiling. =D

I also posted my PA retreat pics below, they were all taken on the sunday, so none of the cool pictures were taken (like from the games and such). oh, I also forgot to mention that chill lost his phone in the snow. =((( I hope he bought himself a new one!

there are also pics from the annual sparrow embassy alumni gathering. every year the old highschool gang get together and have a fantastic potluck dinner. this year, we held it at jen’s. she’s got the cutest cat in the world, too bad matt kept kicking it in the face. and no, sorry, I have no shots of that.

and so on my leaving note…. happy chinese new year everyone! gong hai fat choi (I feel so lame typing that out…)

OH! does any girl have an obgyn they can recommend to me that’s in north york? I can probably find a few downtown, but I’m too lazy for the travel… thanks!

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