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you’re a jerk, but you’re family

oh man, I can’t believe you’re… twenty… uh, four. I’ve put up with you for a long long time, but I love you soooooo much! I remember in elementary school you used to chase off bullies when I got shrimped, and you’d give me hugs when I’m sad, but then you’d also be mean to me and chase away all my friends so that they’d never visit me again and make me sound like a big big loser. you’re the strangest person I’ve ever known and loving you requires sooooo much patience, but I can’t HELP but love you. thank you for being the person you are and taking such good care of me. *HUGGIES*

my brother is turning 24!! =))) if you see him at the clubs new years eve, buy him a drink (besides, it’s new years eve!!!)

la la la la la laaa laa la

first off, i don’t hate you, you just never listen to me and that’s the only way I could get it out.

secondly, I have a girl dilemma on what to wear for new years eve. apparently it’s nothing dressy, so no skirts I guess. hrmmmm…

thirdly, iola! do you still want to buy my cs245 book? I don’t want it!

fourthly, I’m supposed to start building my new compie soon. I really want a mini tower only because they’re so cute and easy to transport. just PRECIOUS! hahahahaa!!! or a laptop. but… aren’t towers more fun to build?

kay that’s enough. I have stuff to do today! chris, where are you?


I think I’m pms-ing. big time.

went out tonight with the girls for some bubbo-t. soooo much fun. I love my girls. =)

went out yesterday night with jamie for chinese desserts. thaaaaank you!!!

went out monday night with rob for dinner at crazy sushi. thanks for the xmas gift! *hugs*

some beef

you might have saw this coming…

the asian fail.

that’s right… I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about. the “oh no, I failed” when you really come out with a 70. well you know what, eff you. sure, it used to be the staple in highschool where everyone would go about complaining that they failed and they’ll never get into a decent university with marks averaging 80 and yes, I’ll admit I used to do it to. but now in university I realise that teachers aren’t as lenient as they were in highschool, they don’t give a crap whether you went to class, if you know nothing, you deserve nothing.

you PAY for university education, it isn’t handed to you on a silver platter. so you know what, if you want to sleep in and skip all your classes for the entire term, that’s FINE. because you paid for this opportunity to learn and you can do with it what you want. but when it comes to an assignment and you’re crying out five hours before it’s due “I don’t know how to do question one!” then I’m SORRY, but I don’t see how I can do anything for you. the first time I’d try to help and advise you to go to class more because if you did, you’d probably have all the answers you need… but after that, it’s your own frekkin fault.

come finals, I don’t have time to comfort others. those who know me know that I’m at club dc at least twelve hours a day studying with the time they give us. so if you sit at home and do squat and play games and sleep your days away, that’s FINE. but don’t you DARE come out at the last minute and start saying “I’m going to fail” because with the time you spent saying those words, you could’ve opened your book and started reading.

it’s not my fault you have bad time management. it’s not my fault you’re unmotivated. and I’m SORRY, but I don’t have time to comfort because I’ve already created a study schedule for myself and I’m trying to keep to it. it’s NOT because I’m trying to be a bad friend and it’s NOT because I hate you. it’s because I have set my priorities and I try to keep them.

free days

those who really know me know I have a hard time schedule people in. people like clement, the poor guy, is always pissed that I have all my days planned out and I’m booked from now til I go back to waterloo (thank you for still talking to me clem…). everyone has their own schedule during the holidays, and perhaps I should’ve posted mine on the blog so everyone could see it… but I can’t see everyone I want with the limited time I have. I’ve been dying to see my badmitten girls for ages, and spend time with bryan and ed but I haven’t been able to do so because I’m strapped for time.

sometimes you hafta make decisions and pass up certain shindigs to attend other ones. normally I look at it on a queue basis, and the people that are going that I really want to spend time with. I feel bad that I can’t see the PA team during their new years eve partay, but I haven’t spent a decent night out with my highschool girls since… well, highschool. I think I deserve this. so don’t you DARE try to make me feel bad with my own decision. I’m just trying to enjoy the free time I have and I don’t regret any of my choices and there will ALWAYS be other times to spend together, whether you believe it or not. making me feel bad about my choices is extremely selfish and shallow of you, and I’m not about to tolerate that during my stressed out holiday season.

*phew* it felt good to get that out.

to PA, I hope you guys have a super fantastic new years eve partay. =)

to Hydrophobics, I wish you guys the same. =)

to my hunnie, thank you for letting me decide new years, you’re the best! =)

and so I shall end with:
schedule of winter break
dec 30 – chris
dec 31 – abbey girls
jan 1 – ambrose
jan 2 – ambrose, thomas and jen
jan 3 – laine’s xmas shindig
jan 4 – family day
jan 5 – free day before work



I remember when I first watched sound of music. I was fourteen, and so I thought that Leisl singing “I am sixteen” was so very cool and I couldn’t WAIT til I turned 16 so I could sing that song. now I’m 21 and watching it and remembering all the good times and am feeling very nostalgic. I think sound of music is one of my favourite movies. it’s funny and sweet and I loooove musicals.

I also watched wizard of oz recently, and somehow I sat there and honestly I don’t remember if I’ve ever seen it before. even ambrose remembered some scenes that I didn’t know about. I did, however, know some of the words to some of the songs, and so I impressed him equally. my parents watched with us, and they commented that all the main actors (lion, tin man, scarecrow) and the actress that played dorothy have all passed away, as the movie was made in 1949. such a classic created so long ago, with such grand special effects for its time. it was truly amazing.

and that’s all the interesting things I have to say. I wonder what everyone else had as a good movie memory… what was your favourite childhood movie?


an econ102 txtbook, the newer the better. tee needs to start her DE course. =P she’s also thinking on a revamp for the page, but she likes the layout very much. what to do!

boxing day shoppings

so yes , as I promised, I went out shopping on boxing day. I didn’t buy a whole lot of stuff, but I had lots of fun. ambrose and I went downtown to fight off the hordes of people. I ended up buying the exact same sweater I bought ser because I really liked it (I know I sound like a loser), and then my hunnie and I wandered queen street checking out stores, and I found this shop called Spoof. it’s got some really nice clothes, and I saw this sweater in the window that looked absolutely fantabulous. so we walked in and I hunted around for it and ambrose said “it costs 48 dollars, 30% off”. I figured “whatever, I really like it!” and then ambrose whispered to me that the store was run by chinese people, and that the clothes are most likely shipped in from china and if we went to hk to buy the exact same sweater it would still cost 48 dollars…. in hong kong money (for those who don’t know conversion rates, one dollar cdn is about 5 dollars hk). as always, my baby was right, but he let me buy my sweater anyways cuz he knew I really wanted it. oh man, when I go back to hk again, I’m tearing up the markets!!

those are the only things I bought. pictures will be up soon (I know I keep saying that….) my parents also had a big big dinner yesterday in which a looooot of people came. we had so many families here, and then a surprise visit from our family friends (rickie and his parents) since they were visiting TO. my mom was so happy to have so many people in her house, it was great to see her smiling so much =)

I hope adi’s feeling better, she’s nasty sick. ew!

tonight I’m supposed to have dinner with a friend, but I can’t seem to find him. what bad planning skills we have!

and did I mention that my beautiful wonderful bestest sweetheart boyfriend got me tickets to go see mamma mia for christmas? we get to go watch it on the 2nd, and even better, thomas and jen cheng are coming with us!! SCORE!! =)))) I am a super super happy camper! alrite, this rant is a nothing rant, so I’m gonna go. byeeeee!!

mindless tv watching

I never caught the american idol hype until round two came along, and so I missed everything there was to do about kelly clarkson. I also watched canadian idol as often as possible, but probably less frequent once mikey got booted. anyways, I sat my butt infront of the tv tonight and watched the two hour showing of world idol, and I must say, there are a lot of good talents out there. I really like the australian guy, I thought he was amazing! I guess our canadian talent was quite good, but to be honest he doesn’t beat out the aussie. imho, I think it’s basically a battle btwn kelly clarkson and the aussie (whose name I can’t remember, or else I would refer to him by name… no wait, I think his name is Guy).

I like how they also used ben mulroney in the show even if he wasn’t really there. at first I thought “wow, they actually picked ben mulroney to be the host of world idol??” but in the end, it’s just really got video and sound editing to make it seem like he was actually the host. everyone watching ctv might have believed it… until they flipped over to fox. mwahahahaa!

hrm, on a side note — ambrose and I had an email conversation once where he used “imho”. at the time, I had no idea what it meant and thought he was calling me a ho. and no, I didn’t get angry at him. I was just extremely confused.

so that’s all the interesting things I have to say. tomorrow is boxing day shopping (yay!) and I plan to throw down cash (if I have any left) so… yay me!!

“the sun has gone to bed and so must I… good byeeeeee”
wow, I love sound of music.


merry christmas yo!

yep, that’s all the interesting news I have for you all. thank you family for the delicious dinner! =)))) *huggies*

isn’t nerd cru supposed to have some sort of gathering? I’m waiting!!! hahahahaa!! take cares ppl, have a safe christmas! =)

quick recap

1. tee is not a happy camper. f-ing waterloo.
2. bowling with PA company. muchos fun. =) thank u phil!!!
3. finished xmas shopping yesterday (adi & ser)
4. found out I DIDN’T finish xmas shopping just now (thanks a frekkin lot staples.ca >_< ) must hit up a store soon.
5. going to see my hunnie today. =)
6. got to see james n company monday night. good times =)
7. I broke a nail at bowling. owie =(
8. wrapped ken’s xmas gifts for him. lazy bum.
9. gave ed his xmas gift =)))
10. averaging out tee’s mood…. =| (she’s not in xmas spirit…)

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