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LAB 60 Cheer:

“Our program is number one,
and coding all night long is lots of fun.
Try to break our program and you’ll soon find,
it’s easier than singing “sin sin cos sin sin”.”

– min

hahahahhahaaaaa this totally made my morning! *huggies* lab 60 is the best!!!

check it out!

dru, the post below is for you and your group.

cowboybone stopped by my site after I started subbing from him =) he’s got really really interesting stories to read (especially those about relationships). go read when you get the chance!
Hello tetleytee! Now this is the cutest site I’ve seen in months! Okay, well, granted, I haven’t been surfing blogs as much as I thought I would be, but still. If anyone gave me a pie-to-the-face like that, there’d be fisticuffs. :)

dear cs246 TA:

if our code for any given test case does not provide the proper output when the specified input is given, this is because cs246 group 61 came into our group partner’s room in the middle of the night and maliciously switched our codes… unless our code functions better than theirs, in which case please disregard this message.

thank you.

cs246 group 60

I wrote a post yesterday at the MC lab… but it didn’t go through. no wait, that WAS the post from the lab. damn. alrite, so I’m updating now. I have been doing nothing this past week except coding. the cs246 final group project is to make an enhanced txt based calculator. you can store variable names with values and can use the sin cos tan log functions. currently we’re in the “break your code” phase.

tonight is also the PA sympony dinner which I cannot attend due to said code. this makes me very sad because everyone is going and I haven’t seen them all in a while. *cry*

I’m also quite hungry at the moment. I have a christmas to-buy list at the moment, and currently it’s sitting at 245 dollars for immediate family only (no cousins yet). and I currently have 95 dollars in my TD account. can we say screwed? I also need to get my CIBC account fixed or I will just CRY knowing I have a thousand dollars sitting there that I cannot use and thus must get stingy ass gifts for family. this sucks.

alrite, that’s all the rants I have, oh CRAP —

~*~*happy birthday ltun goh!*~*~
I didn’t forget I didn’t forget!! I hope you’re having fun out in toronto, it’s very well deserved! *HUGGIES* thank u for always being so understanding, and for always helping out with work and for making class more enjoying (“omg, theresa… don’t look to your right!!!” hahahahaha) you’re the sweetest guy ever! =)))))

damn, I cant post a pic of elton cuz I have no new one on the compie, unless I reuse. that one down below four posts. and that’s just lame. alrite, code, or the birthday boy will be >_< when he comes back!


sorry people, I’ll update tonight but I’m at the lab right now coding my c++ assignment… so bye!


I just saw a trailer for You Got Served, and I don’t know why, but I’m damn keen on watching it now. except I know this is probably one of those movies that bee wouldn’t want to spend money on. =(

I also watched a trailer for 50 first dates (adam sandler and drew barrymore) which is quite funny. but dunno if I’d go watch it in theatres. I might, there are a lot of little marine aminals in it!

and I saw the new trailer for harry potter: prisoner of azkaban. I’m SOOOO excited to see it, except I miss the old dumbledore! okay, I think I’ve done enough web surfing for today, time to do 240!


wings and pie

random 1: I have LIGHT in my room. FINALLY! *cheer!*

random 2: here’s an interesting article I was reading about autism in savants. it’s long, but really neat, from wired: The Key to Genius

so… now to the actual story. yesterday night, the cs cru gathered together for what most likely be their last jam OUTSIDE of dc lib. I was quite proud that we were able to plan and pull it off in one whole afternoon. it just started out in the morning with me and matt saying “you know, we’ve been trying to go for wings all term now…” and in the end, everyone went. =) except wayne, that party pooper =(

we went to philthy’s for their half off wings… and we had a DAMN good meal (as good a meal you can get with just wings and carrot sticks). I even attempted a hot wing =) and while we were there, lis and I decided to scheme something up against the soon-to-be birthday boy, ltun.

(I think that’s the cutest picture of ltun i’ve ever taken!). so after everyone got all full on wings – tim is a BEAST, he just doesn’t stop eating! – ppl at philthy’s came over to sing happy happy birthday to ltun. and then –

that’s right, lis and I gave him a pie in the face. it was pretty square on too… I’m really sorry ltun goh! *HUGGIES* we made it up to him by paying his bill… there are more pictures of course, but I figure this one is good enough to show what happened, I don’t want to be posting pictures of him wiping away the whipped cream and such…

man, we are so getting it for our birthdays…


blogger was down yesterday so my post got deleted and I have no time to rewrite it this morning cuz I have class in 45. soooooo… you can just imagine that this post has some actual… good story to it.

dum de dum de dum….

yay! pictures and hugs!

I took the webcam picture yesterday. it’s my mao, nohohon. he’s studying because he wants to go to school too. I took him to class today too, where matt proceeded to beat him up. not matt chan matt, another not-so-nice-as-matt-chan matt. I had to keep mao hidden from matt for the rest of the class. I miss matt chan.

I also baked cookies yesterday, but only half of them came out good. the other half was undercooked. not like, YUM undercooked, but like slightly cooked on the outside and just plain cookie dough with chocolate chunks all gooey everywhere undercooked. it was strange. but I fed them all to ambrose’s roomies except alex, who was asleep the second abby left for queens. I saved him too cookies though (technically, vikram saved him two cookies or else he would’ve finished it off in seconds). so no pictures of the cookies =(

but I DO have pictures of ltun’s gift. it’s basically the nalgene bottle I won, but I think he deserved it much more than me.

I made him a pretty pretty card too! it’s a good thing I found him in the library, or else I wouldn’t have been able to give it to him today!

I’m sure adi likes this picture. =) kay, I have work to do! bye!

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