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nothing says I love you like a kick in the chest

um… at this exact moment, I decided not to blog about what I was thinking, and so the title is horribly out of place, but you can all guess about what it applies to. ha =)

so I’m back in toronto now. I’ve read through many flyers since I’ve gotten home. I’m checking up on deals and such, because I plan to do some heavy duty shopping tomorrow. I was gonna go with mommy, but she suddenly came up with a mahjong game (always on the wknds I come home! =(( ) and thus I’m left to go shop by myself. it’s sad how I don’t know enough girls nowaday to call up and say “let’s go shopping”. this is what happens when you hang out with boy nerds in the computer lab on friday nights.

speaking of which, last friday me and the boys stayed at DC until pretty much close trying to get our 240 written assignment done. we all took a dinner break at around 7ish where everyone left for food and came back. wes apprently made ham at his place and smelled of freshly cooked pork.

wes: I even made a poem about it!
wesley tam / cooks ham / with jamie yuan*
tim: from the ass he likes to ram
wes: shut up tim!!!

* I don’t think his last name is yuan. but it rhymes close to ham.

and later on in the night

tim: I can find a function to prove you’re gay in O(n) time
min: ooooh! beat it wes, beat it! constant time!!

yes. a good nerd night was had by all.

dru: it’s last year’s theme all over again. “like a virgin…”

and so it ends. midterms are finally over. now comes the catching up part from all the classes we decided were not as important to attend. of course, I went to most of them. as we speak, my stat notes from three days of classes are sitting on min’s dresser because I’m pretty sure he didn’t bother to bring them home for the wknd. which ALSO reminds me…

~*~*happy birthday simon!!!*~*~
that’s right, I didn’t forget, your birthday is on november 1st, all saints day! I hope you have a good one, I’m guessing you most likely came home for the wknd no? anyways, I really like your blog and such, so keep writing those interesting and inspiring pieces to give me something to think about. have a great year!!

and next up…

~*~*happy birthday MIN*~*~
whooooooo, it’s min’s bday on the 2nd, and I figured I might forget to blog about it, so I should write it now. a picture will accompany this post when I get back to waterloo and start using my own computer again. I have a nice one where he’s in his suit on an interview day. min has a nice photogenic smile. =) anyways, thanks for always helping me out nerd… especially the debugging! *phew* I’m pretty sure I’ll be seeing tons of you in the next few terms, so long as we don’t fail… *hugs* here’s to a good year! with good marks!

um… I think that’s about it. I can’t.. remember off the top of my head (I don’t have my outlook open! *pout*) so that’s all I have to talk about. oh! thank you to phil for giving me a ride home (again!) I really liked the mix tape, set up the ftp!! hahahaa!! and hi to ed, I hope you’re having a great wknd!! *HUGGIES* sarah cd is TEN DOLLAS at best buy on november 4th!! oooooh my god!!! =)))

and to my beautiful hubby: 25 mths tomorrow!!! *mwa* hrm, I think I’ll go give you a call in half an hour! I miss u tons bee!!

oh man, how could I forget! happy halloween everyone! I hope you’re all loaded up on the goodies! I actually ended up passing out candy tonight, but I’m quite greedy so I tried to keep as many of the nestle chocolates as possible… and now I have a few aero and kitkats left over. I’m a jerk, I know. but you can’t deprive a girl of her chocolate!!!

so on the shopping list for tomorrow:
- hair ties. a MUST.
- body soap.
- shirts (dressy preferred)
- boots. still hunting.
- looking into a blazer suit. hrm.
- RAM. for sure. I definetly want some this wknd.

and before I bolt, a word of wise to anyone living on their own. please please PLEASE be careful, living in your own house or in your family’s house. this is just insanely scary:
Four sought in armed home invasion: Two students sexually assaulted in early morning incident

take cares!

so close… yet so far

after failing my midterm (which falls under the title of this post) and then passing by adding the bell marks, I celebrated by eating sushi with ed and jeff. a good time was had by all. and then on my way back to MC I was wondering how late I would be staying here and how I would be walking either to my place or to ambrose’s all by myself and how I really wasn’t up for it because I’m a scared little wussy when it comes to wandering around by myself at night on campus. and then I saw him.

I was walking towards the DC doors (the ones that face WCRI) and there was my hubby, walking his bike on the other side of the street with some guy who I can only assume is tom because he was too short to be alex. I knew it was him the second I saw him… and by then I was too far to call out to him. I decided it would be too embarrassing to shout out his name, make him cross the street to say hi to me while leaving his friend standing there and then run back because I couldn’t accompany him home. so I just stood there and watched him cross into the parking lot and disappear behind the trees.

it’s quite a sad feeling, seeing something like this. I can’t quite explain it. a part of me really wishes that he might have noticed me, but another part argues that I should stop being such a self-centered girl and get that cs assignment done. perhaps another time when I don’ thave so much work, my boyfriend will actually walk ME home (to his place or mine) instead of “I brought my bike, so I’ll see you there”.

oh christ, I just had the most painful feeling in my chest ever. and it wasn’t an emotional feeling.. right behind my left rib cage, I felt a a horrible squishy feeling, like something was squeezing away at my insides. it hurt so badly that I had to keel myself forwards and take gasping breaths. for some reason, I instinctively pressed on the area, as if that would make it go away. I’m still feeling small bits of it now as I type, but it’s more bearable now. oi.

all work and no play makes tee something something

my day in a nutshell:
went to 245. was quite lost the entire class.
went to 3rd flr lab to code.
went to 245 tut. the conversation goes:

TA: should I be worried that less and less people come to class?
min: it’s like a personal tutorial
TA: people should be worried. I get angry when you don’t show up to tutorials, and I mark your assignments!
I proceeded to shout my student number out loud since I show up to tutorial every week

after 245 tut, ltun and I went to 6th flr secret lab to code. redid my entire assignment. at around 4 or 5 it got really noisy. all the foreign non-asian nerds apparently know about the secret lab. I sent a talk to ltun complaining about how noisy it was.

me: and they’ve got food!
ltun: really? where??
me: the guy beside me. it’s like a party and we’re not invited!
ltun: at least we have brownies. we won’t share.
me: … I ate them all. sour key?
ltun: doooh. okay.
after a while
me: kay, we shoudl really get back to work. how do you get out of this thing?
ltun: how about
ltun: exit?
ltun: okay bye!
ltun: exit
ltun: quit
ltun: end
ltun: finish
ltun: q
ltun: /quit
ltun: /end
me: ….
ltun: done
me: hahahaaa!
me: go away
ltun: /talk
ltun: dammit!
ltun: ^C

hahahah it was hilarious. by the time he was typing “q”, we were both cracking up so badly.

I also ended up playing badmitten today. at around 715 I left the lab. I figured that would give me a good half an hour at ambrose’s before phil came to pick me up… so off I go to ambrose’s. when I get to his house I notice that no lights were on. panic. as I walked up the steps, I noticed that his bike wasn’t there. PANIC. and when I tried the door, it was locked. oh. crap. luckily, kingston was home and let me in, but all my stuff was in ambrose’s room so I had no badmitten things. I sat around playing super mario world with kingston until my hubby came back and then went out to meet phil.

ltun joined later, and we played many matches together. he also squared a girl in her face, and she was afraid of him after that. we played with her two more times afterwards, including our last game where we were up against said girl and ed. as usual, ed did a lot of taunting and so he and ltun went a little reckless. you should’ve seen the poor girl ducking around as though she was playing dodgeball and not badmitten. she was scared out of her life. =(((

kay, now that I’m home and waiting for the shower to free up, I’m gonna try and fix my random number generator. in THEORY, my code should work, so… let’s just hope that it’s this one error and then everything should be good after that. *crosses fingers*

coming up for the week:

cs algorithms coding assignment
accounting quiz
accounting assignment question 3
cs logics assignment
stats lab
cs c++ assignment
account assignment submittal

always a busy week.

and this saturday is my 25 month anniversary with my hubby. he’s the sweetest man ever. and even tho I’m going home this wknd, I plan to take him out for dinner on sunday. you hear that bee? I’m taking you out for dinner on sundaaaaay!! =)) *mwa*

I’m still a studeeeeeeeent!!

I hate how every time I come back to school I have to fill out this rediculous form. well, this term needles hall is making me print this form out online. and then they’re making me fill it out and bring it in. so here I am surfing the osap website for a OSAP Schedule 2 and I CAN’T FIND IT. and it’s due in early november! what the crap!!! if someone has time, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to find this form for me. the one that says I’m still a student and I don’t want to be charged interest or start paying back my student loan. please please please!!

I miss my lo gung

okay, so maybe I shouldn’t have gotten mad at him and insisted on being taken home instead of staying with him. but when you keep getting pushed aside over one video game to the next, you get really agitated. especially when you just failed a very important midterm and really need the comfort. some people can just suck it up and keep moving. I can’t. I’m a whiner.

anyways, so now I’m home, missing my hubby. I’m a loser I know. but I think I’ve gotten too fed up with the race. against VIDEO GAMES of all things. sports, understandable. video games?! I think I just need some time to chill, not enough tee time makes me extremely lost in my own life. and since no one else is gonna watch me, I might as well look after myself.

I just got totalled on that cs240 midterm. completely. I left an entire seven mark question blank. I just sat there flipping through the two blank pages. and after I left, I honestly wanted to cry. kay, so I didn’t do all the studying I could over the wknd, what with the stair climb and assignments and such. but dammit, I tried. I tried DAMN hard. so when all your efforts only get you so far, what do you do?

except I don’t really have time to cry over this. at least, not yet. I’ve got another assignment to do (this time it’s code) and it’s for friday. so suck it up, only two more months to go.
edit: nothing warms you more than a talk with your hubby. thank you for caring bee. *mwa* still feeling like crap, but this assignment looks like it can be tackled now.

tonight is free night

I spent all of yesterday night running back and forth from ambrose’s and min’s. back and forth and back again at twelve in the morning. even though they live two houses apart, it’s still quite scary if you’re by yourself and there’s no one around because all life in waterloo stops by 10pm.

I’m so stressed about this midterm. how the heck did that guy score 93?! that’s insane!! I wish I could do that!!

I also have a work report eval meeting today at 1130. I have to meet with the lady that read through my report and beat it to a bloody pulp to find out what needs changing. and basically, it’s everything. I’ll take a picture of all the pretty markups in my old report later. reading it over makes me feel like (quote min) engrish is my second language. it’s quite sad… I think she just gave up with the report marking and said “screw it, there’s no way you’re passing this”. *sigh* just one more thing to do.

but YAY I’m going to olgc! =))) hurrah!! something good to look forward to! =)

jeremy: I think I should be here for the wknd of the 8th. which one is that? the wknd after this one coming right? two wks from now? should we see if we can rally everyone together? =))

chris: france?! when are you going to france? send me postcards!!!!

kay I have to go to my work report thing and then study more for my midterm (aiya!) ciaos ppl.

some people just don’t know better

random before I start: good luck to ed on his MT. I know you’ll pass!!

so I was taking a break from my studying 240 @ dc just now and writing down things I’d like to later throw on my wish-list (work in progress, hopefully to be released this wk because I’m a greedy bastard). and then I thought I’d try to be less materialistic and asked myself what else I wanted that didn’t involve monetary value. and the immediate answer that popped into my head was cecilia zhang. for those who don’t know what’s going on in the world of TO, cecilia is a nine-year-old child that was taken from her bedside last sunday night. her parents have been completely devestated and sit around in hopeful wait for their daughter’s safe return. it’s so heartbreaking. I read up on the toronto star daily now just to see what progress they have in finding her.

while I was here friday night, tim stopped by to see what I was reading about and I showed him the story. this led to the discussion at our table while working on our 240 assignment:

tim: sex criminals should have no mercy. what they do is just wrong. especially to little children. an eye for an eye. you mess up kids in my city, I’ll make you a eunich. if I was in charge, I’d have every sex criminal locked up in solitary confinement in boxes they could hardly move in with no light and a loud annoying beeping noise that played all the time. “eeee eeeeee eeeeeeeee”
min: but when they get out, they’d be even crazier!
tim: that’s why they’d never come out. I don’t want them in my city.

on a strange note, it was quite funny (perhaps the idea of seeing tim in charge of the city, and seeing what strange crazy ideas he’d put in place). but on the other note, you could tell he was quite serious. if that were my little girl, I’d secretly wish the same thing as well. but yes, above all, I’d want my daughters safe return. I can’t begin to imagine the pain cecilia’s mom must be going through, and I hope whoever has her daughter will bring her back unharmed.

It’s also scary because her family lives right in my area. well, she lives down the street from donna I believe. I know my area isn’t the safest place in the world (especially compared to mississauga, but only because there’s… really nothing out there to begin with), but I’ve always liked to believe that when I grew up, I could raise my family there. now I’m not so sure. I think every parent in that area is beginning to think if it’s safe enough to live in anymore.

so when my wish-list comes up, I plan to put a spot on it that says I wish I had Cecilia Zhang. so I can bring her back home.

PA vs the CN Tower

what a shitty title. it’s late and I’m tired. so today was the CN Tower stair climb for united way. I tried hard to rally up the team to join with me, but seeing how it’s smack in the middle of midterms, I can understand if they didn’t feel up to the challenge (I have my super midterm on tuesday, and I’m… nowhere close to passing). in the end, PA was represented by Phil, Frankie, Natasha, Ed and myself.

our meeting time was set as 8am outside planet hollywood. ed and I planned to get up at 6 to drive out to toronto in time for the meet up. and thank goodness there was that whole daylight savings turn your clock an hour back thing, cuz I slept at 2am (which, by daylight savings time is 1am). and I woke up to the buzz of my cellphone when phil txted me: remember to set your clocks an hour back because of daylight savings I picked up my phone in a groggy state to read it, and then looked at who it was from, and then looked at what time it was sent. 7am. oh. seven. SEVEN! holy crap!! I looked at my alarm clock and it was 650am. I apparently forgot to set my alarm in my sleepy state saturday night.

so I called ed, told him we were supremely late, and we rushed ourselves outta the house. I txted phil back: ur txt should have said don’t forget to WAKE THE HELL UP. ed and I r gonna b late >_< . ed and I were out of waterloo by 745am. we got to planet hollywood by 840am, and meet up with everyone (phil changed the meeting time to 830 just for us!) and proceeded to the CN tower. when we got there, they told us we needed to sign the waiver and that was back at the atrium. of course, when they said atrium, they really meant UNION STATION. so we walked all the way over there, waited in various lines for half an hour to a) get our coats checked, b) sign the waiver, and c) submit our pledge money. and then we played the waiting game.

we stood in line from the PATH to get from Union Stn to the CN Tower for three hours. THREE FREKKIN HOURS. how rediculous!! by the time we actually got into the tower, it was 1230!! but anyways, the whole highlight of the day was the fact that I made it up those tower steps in a time of 22 mins! I only stopped once, at fl 130 because the air got really hot and it was hard to breath. but I lost everyone after fl 50 (ed and phil took off in a race to the top – which phil won by 7 secs but they’re both awesome for scoring 18 mins, and natasha and frankie fell back) and so I went it out alone.

all in all, I’m extremely proud of my efforts, and celebrated by ordering a large chunky fries and then splitting 20 pieces of chicken nuggets and fries with ed on the way back. I think I deserved it…

so laaaate

it’s 145am and I’m waiting for some sign that my hubby is either in waterloo or still home in sauga. I’m getting quite worried.

and I’m slightly disappointed that chris has yet to leave any drunk remarks. but perhaps he’s still out getting pissed, so… I’ll be patient and check tomorrow.

and $#%&*! I’m quite pissed to have gotten my monthly the night before the cn tower stair climb. grr I say!!!!!

I’m lovin it

both wang leehom

and eason chan:

along with joey yung:

have songs for mikkie d’s. read about it here

I just thought it was slightly strange, is all.

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