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oh. my. god.
Watch Hundreds of 80s Commercials, FREE!

HOW GREAT IS THIS?!?! makes me wish I was a kid again!! *sigh*

my wknd and monday

yes. that’s a horrible title. anyways, this wknd I spent a lot of it with bee because I’ve been sick and he’s been here to take care of me. =) he also spent time with his bebes!

this is ambrose and beejai. =) bee also cooked me a damn good dinner. I mean, we cooked each other a good dinner. I made the pasta and veggies and bee made the meat (chicken breast AND steak). it was SOOO good. and it took us 20 mins. not bad!

ed also let me borrow (read: gave *right ed????*) strawberry doraemon for a while. he’s SO cute, does anyone remember how I posted about him before? sooo cute!! he spent the wknd making friends with all my aminals.

so that was the wknd. yesterday I met up with the statsnerds to do our lab that’s due today. I hope I remember to bring it. or they’ll kill me. we spent all … 4 hours on it. so much writing!! we were so lost, it was horrible. ed made us (julian and me) dinner while we slaved away, but it was a good meal consisting of chicken breast in cream of mushroom sauce and pasta with ground beef.

his roomie made himself a hetersexual chocolate cake (I was debating whether to post the picture, but then I decided to spare him the embarrassment) which came out delicious! thank you guy that lives with ed!

and then later on in the night, guess who i saw??? it begins with a b… and rhymes with “ryan”!

he came over to have drinks wif ed. or.. so I assume. I dunno what they did, I came home. anyways, I’m tired but I’ve gotta get ready for classes now so… ttyls!

will update tomorrow morning… getting back on track. see me then. sorrie ppls.

sleepy. sick. sleepy. sick. sleepy.

the week is off to a good start.

so I went and dled the new google toolbar as phil suggested and it’s so awesome because it blocks pop-ups! I love it to death! PLUS, there’s another quickhit button on it that let’s you go straight to your blogThis, because if you try and open it through your favourites it’ll read it as a pop-up =P

so weekend recap: went to class on friday and found out I did a lot of 240 assignment wrong. spent the next hour fixing it up. came home and was debating what to cook for lunch when phil asks me to go grocery shopping with him. =))) so we went and bought lots of food (48 dolla) and then unloaded my crap at home and went back to phil’s place where he whipped up a delicious steak meal for LUNCH. crap, I was so full! we then chilled around his room, watched some tv off his computer (how. cool.) and looked at his photo album =)

– highlight: I was doing the dishes after lunch and phil was talking about golfing, so when I turned around to look at him in the other room, he’s standing there holding a golf club up with a crazy grin on his face! it was SO funny!! –

that’s when ed came to pick me up and we headed back to TO to drive some ppls home. we did all the drop offs, headed back to his place and chilled for a bit and I played with his maos (“does cocoa understand the word ‘fat’?”) and then took his fam to kbbq. soooooo full!!!

got back, showered, found out my blogs worked and did a little dance, and was out by 2am.

yesterday I woke up at 10 and proceeded to do some work and reading. nothing much happened, I did some progress reports on ed that were… quite glum. =P around 7ish or 8ish we went to ambrose’sto try and fix his internet. he got it to work (it’s down again tho… sorry ed!) and then we did some super grocery shopping @ sobey’s (80 dolla!) but we had fun! =))) I got to ride the shopping cart, and ed almost through me off when we got to the ice cream section and he stopped abruptly =P

bee came over and watched a movie, out by 3am.

up at 12 today to try and get my nine hours back in, bee came to make me brekkie! yay!!! he hasn’t done that in one whole year!! and then I took another nap because I’m icky fat kid sick. and dinner rolled around and I made bee an AWESOME meal complete with veggies (which I learned to cook from phil himself), pasghetti with expired parmasan (does that REALLY go bad? =( ) and steak + chicken on the foreman grill. SOOOO full. and nestle legend yogurt to boot!


kay, installing visual studio 6 so I gotta reboot. ciaos all!

oh. my. god.
my blogs are working!!!!!! YAY!!!

I’m alive! well… sort of… kind of… enh

despite the fact that my blog is down, I’m still posting onto my website in hopes that when my page gets back running, you won’t be extremely mad that I’ve been doing NOTHING.

so lemme give a rundown about my issues with the website at the moment. blogger and doteasy (my domain host) aren’t getting along very well ever since blogger made some new insane changes that are supposed to benefit all. well then. I contacted doteasy, and they said it’s not their problem. so I contacted blogger, and I’m still sitting around waiting for a response. bah!

to keep myself busy, I’ve been finding strange and interesting things to blog about. for example, the pandas below. or how I smell like a car air freshener (also below). plus, I found this very interesting read: gangstories.com. the website appeared on the blogger of note, and so you know those things are usually great reads. I suggest you all go take a look. but not before you finish reading my entry! because this next bit is a very important event in my school life!

obituary to my knapsack

during my second volunteering term at HSC in 99 (is that right bry?), I found a knapsack at thrifty’s (now bluenotes). It was baby blue and black with four compartments, and the best thing about it was that it was twenty dollars. I fell in love.

but there’s a reason why knapsacks are sold for twenty dollars. they fall apart. I don’t remember how or when this happened, but I know for sure that it was the first of the many problems with my poor knapsack. somehow, the left strap got tugged on just a tad to much, and it fell completely off my bag. but this knapsack was only one year old! I wasn’t going to let it go to waste like that. so I did some awesome fix up skills and jammed a safety pin in. in your face, red green!

and then not so long after, I accidentally stepped on the strap clip and it broke off the right strap. again, I wasn’t going to let my bag die off so quickly and tied a knot to keep the strap pieces together.

the left side saw the same fate last year when one of those big heavy MC doors closed on the clip. that one got tied together to. ha!

the two fix ups (safety pin and knotting) lasted quite some time. it wasn’t until two weeks ago when the thing completely died on me (that ungrateful bastard). I was running to catch my 240 class and as I flew out from the MC stairwell, my left bag strap got caught on the door handle, and I heard a big RIP (I suppose that would be my own fault for not wearing a knapsack on BOTH shoulders, but enh). I paused and blinked, and turned to look at my bag. two gigantic holes had appeared, and my left strap was struggling to stay connected to it’s home. sh!t. but as I took a few steps forward, nothing fell out and nothing broke off. hrm, this could last me until I get a new bag. but deep inside I knew I was making excuses to keep my knapsack for as long as I could.

the next day as I walked across the DC-MC bridge, I heard a CLUNK. the girl behind me pointed at my cellphone which had fallen out of my bag, through one of the two holes created the day before.

double sh!t. I started packing the phone in a different compartment after that. so… one big hole, not a huge problem. min: let’s start a buy-a-new-bag-for-tee fund. hahahaa! but I remained confident that my old bag could deliver!! until… badmitten. as I ran down the stairs at CIF to get into the gym, I hopped the last two stairs and hit the floor and heard a RIP. okay, so the bag is hurting a little… and then the thing flew off my shoulder and hit the floor with a thud. my bag died.

and being the stubborn girl that I am, I tried to haul my bag around for ONE more day, like hauling a carcass around after it’s dead. the fact that only one shoulder strap worked gave me a really hard time as I tried to bike off to class. It kept slipping off because it was so full and almost threw me off my bike a few times. so then I decided that it was either give up biking, or give up the bag.

I went to UW shop and threw down 74 dollars for my new knapsack. I think the logo itself costs 30. crazy expensive!!

it’s even got an extra zipper for expansion (read: nerding out essentials).

and it also came with a free pencil case. but SHHHH! it’s a secret!

so… thats the end of my story. I still love my bag, but I guess it’s time to move on. =( thanks for all the good times!

shiats. I know what’s wrong. I’m behind a firewall. now that I know the problem, let’s see if I can fix this (read: “let’s see if I can find someone to fix this”)

god I’m tired.

panda cam!!!
I spent ten minutes watching the mommy panda sleep with the baby panda. SO cuteee!!!

24 September
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada

vince! what the hell are you doing up so late at night?!? >_< for your viewing pleasure, something I got from qwe:

kay. class time!

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