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pics are up!

last day of work, banana boat car wash, and glasses shopping with ed. what fun!!

today I should be going to the zoo with bee, I’m so excited!!! I wants to get me a penguin!!! *waddle waddle waddle*


after the crazy friday night (see entry below) I woke ed up bright an early at 1040 and we planned out our shopping day. he showed up at 1240ish, and we visited the banana boat people slaving away at the car wash fundraiser on bayview & steeles. afterwards, we got really hungry so we gorged out at crazy sushi (soooo good!)

I also stopped by that posh ass candy store and picked up something awesome:

brilliant, no? =))

and then we went to pmall to begin our search for ed’s glasses. he found himself an awesome pair (see pictures), which made me slightly jealous and so we went to my glasses place and I ended up buying a pretty pair as well. ed’s is 50 dollars cheaper. hahaha… and he got his done right away. I hafta wait til friday (maybe earlier if daddy can hassle the guy!!!) so in total, we accomplished a lot last night! go see my pics for more fun, and more pics of grumpy bear!

that was the highlight of yesterday. ed was feeling fat, he complained like a woman. =P I hope he didn’t go home to throw up… he’s at frosh week now, going through some training and stuff. I can’t wait til I see bee!!

kay, that’s all the gibberish I’ve got for today. wtcrap, why aren’t my comments working?!?! *mutter*

it’s grumpy bear!!! =) isn’t he adorable??? he was my going away gift from jeremy yesterday, to remind me of how jeremy feels about me leaving work. thank you dude!!!!!

I’ll post up pictures shortly of my last day of work. I can’t believe it’s okay. I don’t think it’ll kick in until monday… we’ll see.

tamagotchi day

jeremy says matt is a tamagotchi, which I mold to my liking. I get to teach matt everything, and don’t hafta clean his poop as an added bonus. jeremy’s jealous that he’s the only coop without one. frankly, I think I got a defective tamagotchi anyways, so I hope jeremy can fix him within the next four months to have him do well.

we went out for all you can eat pizza lunch at pizza hut. good stuff. it came out to ten per person, and we had a great turnout. every coop came except lisa =( and we even got simone and garth to come out! how awesome!

so afterwards, we spent the rest of the afternoon just chillaxing, and saying long goodbyes to everyone. it was so sad =( I missed saying goodbye to my supervisor which I was really upset about. I left him a postie on his monitor. and then I sent out information to the new coop and wrote a good bye email to my department. I will truly miss them.

I said my goodbyes to the coops, and to sue. she misses you ed, we’ll visit them right? =)

and at 5pm, I drove out of the parking lot. chapter closed.

boys, girls and kareoke

for donna’s description, see her blog. so after dinner yesterday, ed came over and we went out to meet up with his boys at kbbq. I got introduced to people that I will never meet again in my life.
grey/white – jeremy
caramel – richard
white – simon
navy blue – ryan
black – chris
stripey – johnny
was that right? like ed remembers. “I think orange is onto us!” “abort!” hahahahaha… bryan was there toooo! =) what fun what fun! I haven’t seen him in ages. he’s gonna be living in s8, possibly in a basement room. he plans to swipe at passer bys, in hopes that they will throw food for him to devour. hahahaha….

we went to china desserts (what CRAP directions, I swear! argh!) I had some yummy fruit and tapioca thing, but vicky was all against the cubes. which… everyone was. she’s a lil strange, against the cubes and all. what have they ever done to you?? =( not liquid, and not solid. hahahah!!

after dessert, we went to mix2 for some good k. bryan and jeremy busted out the fob songs and tortured ed with their mandarin. ahhahaa… =) good times. ed finally sang a song at the end, at the expense of me singing with donna =P. and then I came home, and did some reading before sleep. so that’s it.

I will blog about today tomorrow, because I have stuff to do, and this post is rediculously long (why are they all getting so long?!?!)

so gnites all!

oh delilah, I have a problem!

scene: ed and I are driving home after practice (more on that below). and we’re listening to delilah. and she’s answering phone calls.
girl: hi delilah! I have a problem.
delilah: what’s your problem dear?
girl: well, I’m 14 years old. and I like a boy.
delilah: okay…
girl: he’s 19 years old. and he likes me too.
delilah: oh no.
girl: no, it’s okay. we’re not dating yet or anything
delilah: I’m not “jo mama”, but I’m A mama, and if my daughter was 14 and liked a boy that was 19 and he liked her back but they weren’t dating, I still wouldn’t be too reassured
girl: well, I mean we talked about it. but he said that if we were to start dating, we’d have to wait 4 years. until I’m 18 y’know? so then I’ll be “legal”.

us: …
ed: oh my god, I think I just got stupider from listening to her talk!

it was just a very STRANGE call. “so then I’ll be LEGAL”??? what the hell!??!?! was I really that dumb when I was 14 years old?!

PA practice aka Ed, Shut up!

so ed thinks he’s a big hot shot on the boat now and is telling our coach frankie how to teach a team. which is just WRONG, and honestly makes me a little irked. I joined a team to learn from others, yes. but if you’re a paddler, the best you should do is give opinions and let the coach teach the team how he wants. otherwise, go start your own team. I’m sorry ed, but that’s honestly my opinion. that’s why I keep telling you to shut up on the boat. because I want to learn what frankie has to teach. and ed should just pay attention in the boat =P

I got to pace yesterday with natasha. it was a COLD practice. oh! I got my carbon shaft paddle =) granted it was ambrose’s birthday gift which went completely to waste (slightly bitter, to be honest). but eh. I could’ve always done with the hydrophobics, the only issue was that it was short. I really didn’t need a carbon shaft. I wonder if ambrose had bought the first paddle himself, would he really be as keen to giving it up as he was with this one?

I’m in a mood of bitterness today as you can tell. I’m irked about my unfinished work report, about not getting to spend enough time with my boyfriend and about it being my last day of work and I have to leave jeremy with the new guy that I don’t think they’ll click very well. we had a website meeting yesterday. and matthew fell asleep as jeremy was going through our website with our entire group present. and then, my supervisor caught him. it was horrific, honestly. I could SEE him asleep because he sat across from me (I don’t know WHY he decided to sit away from jeremy and me, I just don’t know) and when my supervisor turned around to talk to our group, the first thing he saw was matthew with his eyes closed and his mouth open. for FIVE SECONDS he just watched him. and then matthew did a sleepy nod, and my supervisor went back to talking and matthew opened his eyes. aaaargh!!! >_< such a bad first impression! well, that’s it! I’m done with coop. done done done. I’m gonna miss everyone here. I’m gonna miss the nerd crew emails that we used to send (wth?! 60 emails?!?) and I’m gonna miss all my phone calls with ed. this was a great term dude, I’m really glad I got to know you better!!! please keep being a good boy, and… yeah, I guess you can use ambrose as a role model. but ONLY as a role model!!! you’ve been a great friend, and everyone here at ericsson will miss you! hahahahaa!! (sue said you’re hot! how’s THAT for a compliment!) you’ve been nothing but good, and I can’t wait til next term for more stupid fun! yay!! choo chooooo!!! so on a leaving note:
it feels like something heating up, can I leave wit chu?
I dun know but I’m thinkin bout really leavin wit chu!
– jt
I knew this song would get big!!! YES!

really quick update cuz I still need to get cracking on that work report *ergh!*

I hate my work. really I do

when I went to tenrens with the girls two nights ago, donna told us all about her wasaga trip, and how when she came home, she noticed that joe had another growth spurt in her absence. now, if you know donna’s family, you’ll know why this is interesting. not to say her family is all short, but joe is exceptionally tall.
jen: but neither of your parents are tall…
tee: wow! I wonder where he got his genes from!
donna: … gap.
jen: … what??
tee: gap… “jeans”??
donna: yeah, that was a pun. believe me, I don’t want to advertise my work!
jen: yes, as you wear your GAP t-shirt…
donna: noooooo *covers the logo with her arms*
jen: okay, HUGGING the shirt that says GAP
donna: NOOOOOOOO!!!

yes, a fun time was had by all.

hydrophobics, banana boat, and td! oh my!

I had a hydrophobics db practice yesterday. I’ll allow everyone to imagine my giddy excitement of paddling with my family team again. I really love them =) dan picked me up after work and we started our trip to practice, getting stuck in traffic and showing up at 650 with enough time to grab a pfd and pick a boat. thomas and heather came a little late, but the lighter the boat, the better the glide!

and to make practice even better, banana boat (PA offspring) was on the water too! so that meant I got to see those people, and Ed was there cuz he was paddling with the TD team (where he whored chill in, that bastard. I’m not your pimp anymore, jerk. and stay the hell away from simon. and ambrose.) ed has grown … noticably larger since I’ve last seen him. it’s quite creepy. I wonder how much he weighs. I wonder how much is muscle. hrm. anyways, hydrophobics did pyramid pieces, which I absolutely LOVE, so I had so much fun (while tiring myself out). we had a lack of water on the boat (not a good thing), and the last water bottle left got some nasty black water leaked into it. which thomas drank. and then spat out. the poor boy =(

jenny brought chocolate to share with the team after practice. two pieces for everyone (what a GREAT practice!) so I thought I’d share some with ed. I took a bite out of my piece of chocolate, and brought it over to ed, expecting him to take a bite. well, he bit, and then SUCKED THE WHOLE THING INTO HIS MOUTH. my two pieces of chocolate was GONE. I almost cried!! how dare you deprive me of chocolate! =*( so I ran back to jenny whining like a baby and she gave me more. HA! many hugs from thomas (as usual) and the rest of the gang because we haven’t met up in a long long time. thomas mentioned something about wasaga @ dosen’s, so I’m all debating about it (donna must be going crazy to hear the word “wasaga” again). dosen’s family owns a cottage around wasaga, so we usually go invade his cottage and get some good fun in.

PA practice tonight. crap, this blog took ten minutes to write. work report!!! ed, everyone @ work is all excited that you’re coming to pick me up. so… if we have time, come in and say hi to jer, alise & sue. they want to meet you again. in the light. =P

let’s play the “what time will matthew get in today” game!

I know it’s still early (it’s only 8am), but I’m very skeptical that he will show on time. so anyways…

yesterday I had my coop evaluation. and it went surprisingly well. I got an outstanding (yay!!) and told my super I “hope” to have my work report done by today. which might have happened if iola and donna didn’t show @ my door. =P hahaha, now don’t get me wrong, I was so super happy that my girls came to visit me and took me out for some girl time @ tenrens with the ever-lovable jen. but damn that work report! crap! I need it done ASAP!!

those are basically the highlights of my yesterday. I watched endurance, and as the plot came out, I kept thinking of the one word christina uses to describe big brother 4: scandalous!! hahahaha… so apparently the boy on the blue time (aaron) liked the girl on the yellow team (… I can’t remember her name, she’s a biatch anyways). and so when the blue team won the right to vote any two teams off the island the yellow girl (the pretty one) realised that she might get picked because the boy is bitter since she told aaron she liked him and told everyone else she didn’t. yellow girl goes up to the boy and says oh, well whatever everyone’s been saying, it’s not true, cuz I do like you, I’m not saying it just to stay on the island. and then they show her in the confession booth and she says “I want to win. so if that means playing with his heart to make him not pick yellow then I’ll do that”. and this POOR BOY, seriously, he’s confused and upset and… when the yellow team found out they got picked (along with the green), the girl was just talking so loudly when he was around saying “I thought you liked me! if you liked me why are you sending me away? you’re a jerk! I hate you!!” it was just rotten. and crappy yellow team won and the green team got booted and so they have to face each other again.

anyways, that’s enough of kid reality tv for me. today we have a department potluck lunch. I brought fruit. I spent yesterday chopping up cantelope and yellow watermelon. yep, that’s all I brought. frankly, I think I put more effort and money into my part of the lunch than anyone else did (maybe not jeremy, he hasta bake some dessert!).

so I’m gonna go crack down on that report. ciaos ppl! wish me luuuuck!

ps. hydrophobic practice today! SCORE!!! =)))

so um, it’s 840am and matthew isn’t here yet. ted (my supervisor) is getting REALLY irked. did I mention he came in yesterday at 920?!?! wth?! I’m getting quite irked myself… *sigh*

my mommy loves me, really she does…

so the new coops came in today. correction, MY new coop, as well as tanmay’s and lisa’s came in today. the rest of the start on wednesday. so my new coop, Matthew, is a fourth year CS student. tanmay’s coop is Debbie, and Lisa has Cheryl, who I know from highschool! she’s also friends with wes, small world!

I spent most of the day taking matt around the building. we took many walks over to alise’s area (I think we visited her three times at least), and twice to christina’s area. we did some sit down teaching where I tried to show him the cockpit, but when I looked over sometimes he’d have his eyes half closed and his mouth hanging open. that’s right, I caught him sleeping. hahaha… on the first day, he’s on a roll! he hasn’t learned the power of extended blinking!

and then all the coops went downstairs for lunch. it was one of those get-to-know-everyone things. and as usual, I brought a lunch. dad left it on the kitchen table for me this morning. I open it at work and all I see is… white rice. I try and poke around to look underneath it and all I see is… OLD white rice. and then I panic.

“oh my god, did I upset my mommy? why did she give me white rice for lunch? JUST white rice?? is she mad at me!?!?”

and so I bring my delicious lunch downstairs and usually the coops compliment my meals and say my mommy is an awesome cook cuz I always have the best lunches, and the following conversation ensued:

them: so what’s for lunch today?
me: … white rice?
them: … … and?
me: … that’s it. just white rice.
them: … *extremely sympathetic look* oh.

it sucked. so I bought a soup and toughed it out, I ate white rice with soup. crap I felt like a loser, but I figured if this is what mommy packed for me, I’m gonna eat it. it wasn’t until I got home that we figured out daddy just grabbed the wrong container out of the fridge. I was supposed to get a delicious meal of vegetarian delights and instead I get TWO DAY OLD SLIGHTLY OVERCOOKED WHITE RICE. crap.

so that’s my rant for today. sorry ed, no emails. if you get into the office early, I can talk for half an hour before the new coop comes in?

hi bee! you’re abum for not calling yesterday… but I forgive you now. miss you tons. dosen says he’s “a solid europian with more package than you can handle”. just thought you’d like to know. but I still love you more! =)))

gnites everyone! hope ed and bee had a fun db practice. I’m soooo bored for the week!! ed, when are you free?! PIZZA!

I just realised this. ed commented about it on friday, and I just realised that he’s wrong!

he wrote:
Bare : To bring forth or produce; to yield; as, to bear apples; to bear children; to bear interest.

but… he used two different forms of the word “bare/bear”. so he just confused me even more!

home sweet home!

2003 08 24: White Water Rafting!

action shots of the rapids were taken on the disposal waterproof cam have yet to be developed, so they’re just sitting around and probably won’t get in for another week at least.

rafting was awesome. camping was awesome. it was just a great great great trip. granted we weren’t really camping cuz there was running water and flushing toilets and hot showers and meals cooked for us, but I had to live in a tent with only a bag full of clothes to work with, so that was pretty roughin it in itself. hahaha =)

so I got picked up from work at like, 3pm, and by the time we got onto the campsite at esprit in davidson, quebec, it was 1030. so by the time with pitched the tent (in complete darkness!) and got ourselves ready for bed, it was 12am. ergh. and we had to wake up to eat breakkie at 7! aiya!! sleep was pretty good, I wasn’t used to the hard ground, but I was comfy warm under the sleeping bag and rolled around, as usual. good sleep with bee tho =) woke up at 7, got ready for the day, and had breakkie with all of bee’s company ppl. 42 people from honeywell & friends were going rafting! how cool!!

lemme mention now, I loved the bathrooms there. they were CLEAN, and they were FLUSHING. the only complaint is that there were two stalls and one sink. for all the girls. all. the. girls. which meant looooong lineups and crampy bathroom movements while trying to jam a contact into your eye. not too pleasant. but again, flushing toilets, so I’ll keep my complaints to a minimum. hah, sucks to “roughing” it!

esprit made us an awesome breakkie buffet of spinach quiche and scrambled eggs, toasted bagels, cereal, OJ & milk. buffet!! ambrose was so happy. hahaha =) and then it was off to the rapids. our tour guide was carolyn, she’s really nice! and we had SO much fun! =) the rapids were aweeeesome! the river itself was kinda murky because they used it to send logs down when the area was big into white pine. it was great, on the bus ride there the guide was telling us about this mini town we were driving through called fort couloge (sp?). it looked like such a cute little town. and then the guide told us that it used to be where native people lived and then missionaries came and settled over and tried to conform the natives. and so one night the natives went on a burning rampage and burnt down the missionary and killed them all and buried them out on an island in the middle of the ottawa river called Missionary Island. which we then drove by, as well as a big white cross which marked the burning grounds. creepy!!

so anyways, many rapids and fun ensued. carolyn was very impressed that we had four people on the boat that were dragonboat paddlers, three with good form (I still believe dennis should reach further, but that’s only cuz he sat infront of me). after the first set of rapids, we went to have lunch. it was soooo good, they made us quesideas (sp again…) with nachos and salsa and sour cream. SOOOO good. ambrose had like, 13 quesidea slices! hahaha =))) and then we went back on the rapids for a second set, and THAT was even better!! the waves were better, and yet no one from our boat fell in!! yeah to dragonboating skills!! afterwards, there was a section in the river where we were allowed to go swimming for a bit =) the water was sooooo warm! it was so nice!!

got back to the campsite and we decided that we had some time before dinner to test out the kayaking! how cool!! kayaking equipment was FREE! this place is awesome, I swear you should all book with them, they’re SO nice! so I went out kayaking for the first time in my life, but no one took any pictures of me =((( so disappointed *pouts* so I went around for a bit until my shoulders got tired from working against the wind and then I went to take a shower.

then we had a delicious dinner… steak with corn and potatoes and a delicious salad. the steak was overcooked, but that didn’t matter because for dessert we had…. *drumroll* CHOCOLATE FONDUE. oooooh my god. ambrose burst out laughing with the lady put the plate on our table and my eyes went HUGE and I started flailing my hands (how many of you can picture this???) I was such a pig. =) and it was so good!

went to sleep early that night, and almost missed breakkie the next day! we packed up our stuff and drove out to laurentien trails for some horseback riding!! I loved my horsie! his name was willie, and he was 5 years old. he’s so little! and he liked to eat stuff =P and he was so slow! hahahaha, I was thinking “is he okay? why is my horse so slow?! is he sick??” and bernice’s horse grabbed a GIGANTIC mouthful of flowers at one point, it looked like it was eating a mini tree! it was so funny!!! oh, and my horse kept stopping to do its business in the middle of the trail. I had a strange horse. but it loved it just the same =)

and then we came home. and now I’m unpacking and relaxing in my beautiful luxourious house with internet and cable. ahhahahaa… seriously, if you guys ever go camping, book it with these people at esprit, they’re SO awesome!!!

kay, got to unpack! ciaos!

guess who’s back from her awesome trip? =))))
I’ll blog more later, much to be done to settle back at home! *hugs*

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