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look who I found!!!
ish allen!!

omg, I just felt like the worst girlfriend in the world. I was looking at the finish line videos of all the people who ran in the nike run to see my boyfriend, and I had to play it five times before I finally caught him. it’s not my fault!! he was behind all these other people!! but like, the first four times I was staring I was like “what the hell?! I’m such a retard, how come I can’t even recognize my own boyfriend?!?!?”

currently uploading pictures onto imagestation (the new ones will again be under 2003 summer). I just had to change my webcam shot too. I know lately they haven’ tbeen webcam shots, but I’ve been making awesome use of my digicam so enh. besides, I love this picture!!

I just got back from my 1.5 hr lunch with the coops. =) fun!
boy am I an idiot!! I forgot to write about my lunch with jamie yesterday!!! jamie came out all the way from waterloo to get his hepA shot, and since he was here he came and took me out for lunch and gave me my birthday gift! he got me a birthday bear! =))) (pics to be up soon) and ringalos and strawberry pocky sticks and strawberry gummy candy! omg, it was so cool!!! *HUGGIES* thank you jamie! and that card was so awesome! =))) *poke poke poke* you’re the best!!!!

hahaha a first note:
ed’s blog :: ed’s dream blog
pink with kittens, how cute!! I found it off of dave’s page (I find everything off of dave’s page…)

anyways… yesterday I ran ONE km. that’s right, ONE. I’m DAMN proud of myself. ambrose was … kinda proud. hahaha =P I’m gonna work my way up to ten. but it’ll just take forever. I’m slowing ed down! hahahahaa!! we have a hallways survey to do this morning so I won’t have a lot of time to write up this blog, sorry if it’s incoherent. anyways, yesterday I went running. that’s about all I ahve to say. oh, and we went to this park with a CRAZY slide. I didn’t get to take a picture of it tho =( but I DID get to take pictures of all the other things at the park, all those bouncy things like the see saw, the see saw for losers, the fore-some see saw, the stick-shift car, and the po-po motorcycle. hahahaa I’ll have them up tonite I hope. thank you ed for the funfilled day!
3 days until I get to see ambrose! yay! =) should I go to all-you-can-eat prime ribs on saturday? soooooo stuffing!! >_< aiya!
kay, that’s it for my useless post. I hope bryan got his awesome ikea chair. and chris! you haven’t told me where you’re working yet (other than ottawa)

I wrote something out, but then it didn’t publish and I don’t know where it went to! aiya…
anyways, just came on to tell everyone about my nothing day yesterday. that’s right. I did nothing. and I’m proud. it was fun. =) oh, I wanted to tell you all that I added some pics to the summer album of my imagestation. there’s two pics from james’ bbq, and some badmitten pics with ed, and some pics of jeremy looking really strange. hahahaa!! and I made my birthday album too. and if you haven’t looked at the CN tower / Run TO pics I suggest you do so because they’re so cool. =) anyways, that’s it. gonna go now, bye!

erm, quick note, don’t try to click the links below for the emails, because they’re not working. I’ll fix em when I get home and can change the images to bmps. sollies…

first note: for those wanting to browse my pictures, I’ve added an imagestation link to my list on the left. no birthday pics up yet… hopefully tonite!
so I had an awesome awesome birthday! =)))) bright and early in the morning alise comes to my desk to drop off an awesome mix of music she made for me! yay!! then my coworkers took me out to lunch today, we went to le biftheque. thank you coworkers for treating me!! soooooo full!! aiya! and then when I got back from lunch I found out the coops had decorated my workstation! I’ve got pink and purple streamers and yellow and white smilie face balloons everywhere! they even decorated my chair and my mouse and my monitor. it looks SO nice! thank you guys, thank you jeremy!!! =)))) and THEN, to top it all off, bee sent me flowers at work!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! I was soooooo happy, they’re gorgeous flowers! I had pink lilies and this pretty blue flower and DAISIES! aaah!!! I love you bee!! *mwa mwa mwa* and lastly, the coops printed me off a poster of some dragonboaters and signed it as my birthday card. hahahah thank you rob!
wheee! what an awesome day. and when I got off work bee came to pick me up and we went out with my family for ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI @ Nagoya. omg, I was soooooo full!!!! we ate SO much salmon sashimi, and then I had lots of soft shell crab rolls. they also had avacado salmon rolls, eel rolls, beef noodle soup, skewered beef & chicken, tempura, and so so so so so much more!! SOOOO full. bee is a beast! hahahahaa he just kept going and going! =) and after we finally left, I went home and still had a birthday cake to eat! aaaah!! crazy! but yeah, that was my awesome awesome day. yay yay yay yay yay!! *HUGS* thank you everyone! =)
laine woke me up with her phone call last night to wish me happy birthday, and ed, adi and donna’s blog say happy birthday to me on them (I dunno if anyone else’s does, I haven’t done my daily surf yet). chris, simon and alex stopped by my blog to wish me happy birthday, and ivan commented on my page! how cool! michie and jeff left me icq msgs… and I got email greetings from the following: andrew, ed, bee, jamie, matt, min, stevie, ville, and wayne. kay. I’ve really got some work to do… so um… yeah! thanks again everyone, you guys are awesome!!! *HUGGIES* yay!! best birthday ever!!!

best birthday ever!!!
I love you bee!!!!!!!!!!

hi!!! kay I also forgot to mention that I went to laine’s for dinner on friday. she made us lamb with garlic mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables and spinach salad. SOOOO good. and her new apartment is awesome! and her roommate is soooo nice!! and I spent this morning uploading all the pictures from yesterday (be warned, there are 80…) CLICK ME CLICK ME CLICK ME!!
bryan called me last nite at like, 12 smth … I was asleep… I can’t remember what we talked about. something about a fridge. and… uh… his christmas card…. ergh…

~*~*happy birfday bryan*~*~
hi!! omg, you’re 19! and you didn’t get to visit a lcbo?? =((( that’s okay, you don’t need the alki anyways! *hugs* it’s been a long time eh? thanks so much for the phone call yesterday, even though it woke me up and I’m really sleepy at work now >_< you be a good boy now, and I'll figure out a day to come see you!!

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