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in this corner, weighing ****** with a height of 5’2, we have 20 year old tetleytee. *applause* and in the other corner, collectively weighing well over a thousand pounds with an average height of 4’7 we have a giant mass of shin-punching kiddies *boos*. this is a mortal kombat with the reward being the first on the block to own a copy of the new harry potter order of the phoenix. who will come out victorious? stay tuned, the battle begins 12 midnight, tonite!!!
so very hyped….

=): ed and I went to play badmitten yesterday at his courts
=(: he was 40 minutes late
=): he paid for our wraps and badmitten fee
=(: he made me stupider *aliens!*
=): I got to see some sort of falcon. hahaa, I beat out all the birdwatchers!
=): I got to see a kittie after that. she was so cuuuuute
=(: ed said the falcon swooped down and ate the kittie when my back was turned
=): tee drove to work today all by her lonesome
=): I got here 20 minutes early
=(: they’re testing the fire alarms this morning. like now.
aaaaaaand, I played my personal WORST game of badmitten last night. hahahaa!! I was laughing soooo much that I couldn’t think straight. ed should learn to play more like ltun, and that way less pressure for me to play WELL would be put on me. by the end of it, the two boys were LOBBING me shots in hopes that I would hit something (“I’ll play front! wait, I have to hit stuff?!?!”). and when I got a point, the other guy would clap. hahahaaaaa!!! yeah, I suck that bad. but I made the game very enjoyable I think. either way, it was fun. and we went around exploring the building. we found a bocci court. the sign posted said “No Gambling. No Swearing.” I wish I had my camera… all in all, a good day. minus the FORTY MINUTE wait. and the stupid talk about stupid aliens. stupid dopey bear. alrite, gotta get some work done *does the sailors wave* hahahahaaa bye dudes!
ps. toronto db races this weekend!!! you know you all want to come! =))) pleeeeeeeeeease???

I love you ken k k s smith!!!
happy birthday, you bet your sweet bippy! =))) *HUGS*

jeremy and I get no work done: piggie
yesterday was course selection day. I’m now taking msci311, counting entirely on wes cuz he said it’s easier than 211. course selections took all day (haha!!) we were waiting for andrew to pick his courses, he was the last one. and that was about as productive as my day got yesterday haha. tomorrow I’m playing badmitten with ed. and I have nothing interesting to say. oh… chung is a weenie. hahahaa =) hope the boys areliving it up in loo, doing some hardcore studying and not getting TOO drunk *poke poke poke* kay back to work I go. expecting emails from ed!

… this is just amazinging interesting beyond words and I heard it’s GENUINE? what??
and lastly… I feel so bad this guy *cries*

I’d just like to say that I’m soooooo hurt that a certain sumone completely bailed on me for the day and did some mad shopping without me. SHOPPING. without ME. you ALWAYS go shopping with me. that’s what we do everytime you come back!! and you were going to caaaaaaall me and you didn’t tell me and I’m sooooo hurt. wo bu shi huan ni! (yeah, I know you understand that!!)
took daddy out for dinner at le bifteck. veeeery yummie ribs. mmmmm… it was such a nice place too =) I recommend to anyone looking for some good meat. anyways… BOO URNS on jamie. boo boo boo. *cries*

italics says hi to bry!!

first fishies, nowthe incredibles!!! yaaaaay!

1. sorry to jamie who wanted to come to the GUESS warehouse sale. but they didnt’ have any men’s shirts anyways. just jeans. =P
2. thanks to stevie who gave me directions just before he left work so that we didn’t get lost
3. thanks to ed for taking me and shopping with me. I still think you should’ve got the flappy shirt with the pleather. “I’m not a size 30!!!”
4. thanks to ed’s sister for pointing out the super cool 12 dollar jean shirt dress =)))
5. =( to ed cuz he didn’t know I cut my hair. actually, no one mentioned anything about my haircut here. boo!!
6. hope everyone has an awesome friday! jamie and andrew be careful on the drive home!!!

heading to the GUESS warehouse sale with ed tonite!! =)))
so the story goes…
tee: tee’s gonna be in the office til 6:30. I’m heading to the GUESS warehouse sale tonight, but I gotta wait for my friend to come from downtown to pick me up. anyone else sticking around? I’ve been bored all afternoon!
andrew: i’m always in office till around 6… you and your sale…. haha
tee: dude, 60 – 80% off!! you can’t say no! =)
wes: i wanna go… but i dont get off till late… tee… buy me everything…i’ll give u a LCDTV
ltun: tee…forget him…get me everything. I have a way better deal 4 you.
I’ll get you glow in the dark strings badminton racquet, net and birdie plus I’ll put a smiley on your strings.
tee: hahaha SOLD!!!
wes: =*(
andrew: I can trade you illegal chinese immigrants. A whole family of 10. They work really hard for a bowl of rice!
tee: sooo tempting! hahahahaa….. do they clean? =))
matt: i’d take the immigrants there’s a lot you can do with immigrants… they probably made the clothes! they’ll know which ones to buy and which ones not too
hahahaa!! that totally made my day =))

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